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FIVE EASY TAROT CARDS RELATIONSHIP SPREADS to Incorporate Into Your Reading With a Client.

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

You know me guys by now already. I speak and write from my own experiences.

I always analyze what works and what doesn’t in my practice.

I try other people’s spreads and advice to see if they work for me. And I hope you do the same because it’s amazing how much we can all learn from each other.

For this week’s blog post I have prepared for you 5 TAROT CARDS RELATIONSHIP SPREADS to solve all your relationship problems!

I always strive to create new spreads and honestly, don’t think you need to be an experienced Tarot reader to create a spread.

Most of my spreads are made to suit my clients’ needs.

I tend to assess what spreads are working well to go deeper into the problem and be able to draw good advice for my clients.

I have a lot of spreads, guys, I’m telling you.

I tend to ask my clients ahead of time what issues they’d like to address in a reading and I prepare my spreads accordingly.

I have different binders with Relationship, Career, Personal Development and, of course, general “problem” spreads that can be used for any situation.

The spreads I have prepared for you today will work both for a single person looking for love and a couple facing relationship difficulties.

I hope you will use them in your practice! As always, feel free to change a position based on your or your client's needs.

Woman holding tarot cards deck with the name of the blog overplayed five tarot relationships spreads

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5 relationship tarot spreads to incorporate in a reading

Relationship Tarot Readings: Basic Guidelines -How to Read Tarot Cards for Relationships

Some Tarot readers, especially beginner ones, are afraid to do relationship readings, fearing they will have to deliver bad news. However, there should be nothing scary in trying to analyze a relationship situation. And don't be afraid of the messages you may get.

Tarot helps us identify a potential course of events should the querent (the asker) listen to or dismiss your advice. We do not force our opinion onto our clients nor state that the situation is set in stone. There are many paths and variations and we are here to guide our clients through them. But at the end of the day, it is up to them to make a choice.

A few more points to mention:

  • You can use the entire deck or just Major Arcana cards.

  • One "bad" card doesn't mean the entire situation is a dead end. Look at the cards as a whole, they have a story to tell. A tower card can mean the end but it can also mean liberation.

  • To make a better judgement, try to feel the cards and tap into your intuition.


As Tarot readers, we are used to the fact that the vast majority of our readings are about love and relationships.

Sometimes, it is not very easy to tell your client that in the next foreseeable future, love will not be the focus of their life.

I do, however, encourage you to always look deeper and try to give your clients valuable lessons and advice they can work on in the meantime so that when they finally meet the one, they are a better version of themselves.

I suggest you start this spread by pulling only the first card in the beginning as the spread can go two ways.

If the answer to the first question is a clear “no”, then this spread will end on the second card and you will move on to the next one to assess the situation on a deeper level.

If you see that the first card is quite a positive one, go ahead with the rest of the spread.

As you see in the first question, I have included 3 possible time frames.

By now you should know that the worst question in Tarot is “when?”.

And while it is not impossible to answer it, understand that time is a man-made concept. There is no such thing as time in the Universe.

For this reason, if you need to answer a time-sensitive question, always try to use a time frame and try not to go beyond a year mark.

Why? Because there is always the Law of Free Will. The circumstances may change due to the choices made by the querent.


It is important to help your client understand what circumstances are preventing them from meeting a partner.

Yes, often you will meet clients that think that if they are sitting home and are not even willing to do a bare minimum of installing a dating app, they will somehow magically get a husband.

Well, unfortunately, sometimes we need to explain to our clients that unless their husband will happen to be a plumber or uber eats delivery guy, they are out of luck.

Try to use this spread to shed some light on their situation.

I know we hate giving our clients the news that they will not be meeting their love for some time.

But instead of leaving them hanging, we can guide them on what they can do in the meantime, and how they can grow and become.

That way, your client will leave much more empowered because now they will HAVE A PLAN.

Always strive to create a plan for your client, even if your sessions are not coaching-like because this is what Tarot help truly is about.


The next series of spreads will be used if your client is currently in a relationship but is facing some challenges or simply, wants more depth.


I personally don’t like to ask clients anything about their life, including their relationship situation.

I trust the cards. And for this reason, despite what my clients tell me, I always start by checking what the two people really are like.

Not what they tell me about themselves but what the CARDS tell me about them.

And I’m not implying that clients are lying.

But often, we can’t even describe our own feelings, let alone look inside the soul of our lovers to understand how they feel in a relationship.

For this, I use a simple spread like that.

I can sometimes do 2 spreads, one per partner, or just for the person, my client is inquiring about.

This spread allows me to clearly understand the intentions of the partners towards each other, how they feel in the relationship and if their feelings and thoughts ALIGN WITH THEIR ACTIONS.

And oh my God, you guys. I can’t tell you how many times they‘re not.

Very often this simple spread clearly tells me that although the two people have feelings for each other...their actions are a complete mess.

From this spread, I can now go into greater detail to see what the problems are and how we can improve the situation.


This is also a quick relationship spread to find out how the partner feels about their significant other.

I would say that this spread is good for a couple that has just recently met.

If your client is inquiring about whether or not their partner sees them as a potential boyfriend/girlfriend if they are not really exclusive just yet.

And always play around with the spread too.

if the client wants to know more information on a specific card, do a quick clarification spread. this is my most used one:

  1. This is what it is about

  2. This is what it’s not about

  3. It deals with this issue/person

  4. And this is the advice or outcome

It is usually done around one specific card.


This is my go-to spread!

It combines the two parts of the third spread plus gives more insight into the relationship issues.

It is the clearest picture of the relationship as it allows you to see both sides of the story as well as how to remedy the situation.

I find that only after a spread like this I can move on to a situation 5 Cards Spread or a Celtic Cross.

After all, if the partners can't understand each other’s feelings and intentions, it is hardly useful to talk about their future together.

Sometimes, a slight adjustment in the perspective will change the course of the entire relationship.

Tarot Relationship Spread
Tarot Relationship Spread

You will be able to see very clearly from this Tarot spread the energy flow and the blockages people are experiencing.

You will find out if the partners are on the same page with their plans and intentions and how they can improve what’s not working out for them.


I hope you found these useful and will incorporate them in your readings with clients.

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