Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning



Wunjo wunjo wunjo

Wu wa wi we wo

Wun wan win wen won

Wo we wi wa wu




Wunjo Old Germanic name: Uuinne

Wunjo Old Norwegian name: Wunju, Vend

Wunjo Anglo-Saxon name: Wynn

Wunjo Old Celtic name: Winja

Wunjo Old Icelandic name: Vin

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning

Rune Wunjo Overall Meaning: Wunjo is the most positive, bright and joyful rune. Its appearance in the rune cast guarantees well-being, luck, prosperity and is able to smooth out the meaning even of the most negative Runes. The appearance of the symbol means you are now being favoured by the Gods and can approach them for help.

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning



It is the Rune of pleasure, joy and everything good that is found in Odin. Other variations of his name are Wodan/Wotan/Woden and his original name depicts him as a perfect lover and peacemaker. For some reason it has been largely forgotten that Odin can also help the deepest wishes come true and that he is also the God of fertility and abundance. Nowadays he is mostly associated with battles and war.


Probably one of the most joyful and positive Runes of the Germanic alphabet, Wunjo brings forth the energy of pure happiness and hope, when you feel light, knowing all your troubles are now left behind.

Wunjo is really that Rune that you can call for aid. It is almost like raising a “flag”, calling for help and it will answer. When you are stuck, Wunjo will show you the light and help find the right solution.

Wunjo can be used in any area of your life to turn the events into a positive direction. Use it for invocation of partnership and harmony, to strengthen bonds and connections and in general, for a sense of happiness and well-being.

Edred Thorsson in his book “Futhark” mentions that since Germanic people had a strong sense of fellowship and were “clano-centric”, Wunjo is the rune that binds its members together for harmonious existence. In Ritual Work, it can be added to bind Runes unto a single harmonious force that will work towards a certain goal.