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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning



Wunjo wunjo wunjo

Wu wa wi we wo

Wun wan win wen won

Wo we wi wa wu




Wunjo Old Germanic name: Uuinne

Wunjo Old Norwegian name: Wunju, Vend

Wunjo Anglo-Saxon name: Wynn

Wunjo Old Celtic name: Winja

Wunjo Old Icelandic name: Vin

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning

Rune Wunjo Overall Meaning: Wunjo is the most positive, bright and joyful rune. Its appearance in the rune cast guarantees well-being, luck, prosperity and is able to smooth out the meaning even of the most negative Runes. The appearance of the symbol means you are now being favoured by the Gods and can approach them for help.

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning



It is the Rune of pleasure, joy and everything good that is found in Odin. Other variations of his name are Wodan/Wotan/Woden and his original name depicts him as a perfect lover and peacemaker. For some reason it has been largely forgotten that Odin can also help the deepest wishes come true and that he is also the God of fertility and abundance. Nowadays he is mostly associated with battles and war.


Probably one of the most joyful and positive Runes of the Germanic alphabet, Wunjo brings forth the energy of pure happiness and hope, when you feel light, knowing all your troubles are now left behind.

Wunjo is really that Rune that you can call for aid. It is almost like raising a “flag”, calling for help and it will answer. When you are stuck, Wunjo will show you the light and help find the right solution.

Wunjo can be used in any area of your life to turn the events into a positive direction. Use it for invocation of partnership and harmony, to strengthen bonds and connections and in general, for a sense of happiness and well-being.

Edred Thorsson in his book “Futhark” mentions that since Germanic people had a strong sense of fellowship and were “clano-centric”, Wunjo is the rune that binds its members together for harmonious existence. In Ritual Work, it can be added to bind Runes unto a single harmonious force that will work towards a certain goal.

Reversed Rune Wunjo Meaning:


Reversed Wunjo signifies slow or haltered progress due to unforeseen circumstances. It can happen that you are moving closer and closer to your goal and suddenly everything just goes sideways.

It is important to pay attention not only at the nearby Runes but also on their position in the rune cast.

When reversed Wunjo comes up, it is advised to show strength and boldness; it is not the time to be naïve, weak or make foolish decisions.


Rune Advice: the tide has turned and luck is now on your side. You can finally relax and take a breather. Believe in yourself and have an open mind.

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning in meditation and rituals


Wunjo may be used in magic to obtain happiness, good health for yourself and others. It can also be used to remove energetical blocks and obstacles.

Use in meditation to heal and obtain peace of mind and internal happiness.

Wunjo as a part of a Bindrune can help to bring all the Runes together and ensure success.

It is important that you know your goal of wish clearly when working with Wunjo. Make sure you really want what you are asking for. People make this mistake all the time.

Rune Wunjo as a Talisman:

The amulet with this symbol fills its owner with harmony. For people who are insecure, going through trauma or emotional pain, the amulet will help to sort out thoughts and desires, feelings and reason. It will give relief from internal fears and help to find peace. It will also help those seeking healing due to a period of grief. You may combine it with Othala if you are struggling to heal due to passing of a loved one.

The use of the symbol as a home amulet will help to create a harmonious atmosphere. It will rid your home of discords, misunderstanding and arguments, maintaining love, peace and harmony.

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning in health questions
wunjo elder futhark rune meaning in love and relationship


In love and relationship, Wunjo describes very strong and passionate feelings towards a partner (especially with Uruz). For those getting married or moving in together, it predicts a long life together, filled with lots of happy moments and pleasures.

You can ask Wunjo to bring peace and balance in your love life. Keep Wunjo close when getting married, going on a date or even going into labour. In love Rituals, Bindrune with Laguz will bring an unconditional feeling of Love between partners, while combining it with Uruz will result in a strong passion between you and your lover. In general, it is a very positive Rune to draw when asking relationship-related questions.

Wunjo + Thurisaz combination means that this sense of hope, love and joy you once had is falling apart; you are entering a stage in your relationship when everything will either be completely destroyed and you will part your ways, or you will reborn from the ashes and your relationship will be even stronger.

Reversed Rune Wunjo in Love & Relationship:

Reversed Wunjo Rune usually signifies disappointments in your partner, arguments, lack of common ground, doubts in each other and your future together.

Reversed Wunjo + Isa can mean distancing between partners and a feeling of losing a connection. In such case, one will need to make a sacrifice and work harder to mend this lost connection and bring the joy back.

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wunjo elder futhark rune meaning in money and career



In work-related questions Wunjo says that a person enjoys their career path. Or that they are trying in every way to find a job that would bring them joy and sense of satisfaction, because they are convinced that this is the only way to reach really significant career peaks, and in general for them\ work is important not only in terms of finances.

A person described by this Rune likes enjoys a positive work environment, where they can express themselves through creativity and innovative ideas (especially when combined with Kenaz).

If you are inquiring about finances, Wunjo predicts a good financial growth or a payout. If combined with Fehu or Odal, it means that financial incentive is important for a person to feel inspired and creative and there should be no shame in that. We were placed in a material world for a reason, to express ourselves and to grow materially as much as spiritually.

Reversed Wunjo in Work & Career


Reversed Wunjo in work-related questions points of a dissatisfaction with your current career path. It may be that what you are doing does not suit your personality. For example, people described by this Rune don’t like tedious jobs that require a lot of repetitive tasks.

wunjo elder futhark rune meaning in viking style  tattoo



Rune Wunjo is a very bright and positive symbol, so I understand why some may want to have it as a tattoo.


The Rune has a reversed position where its meaning takes quite a negative form.

​It is NOT recommended to tattoo Wunjo on arms and legs.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful Rune, choose places like chest, back or neck where its position will always remain upright. In this case, the Rune may help to ease certain life situations, have a positive outlook in life and avoid obstacles.

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wunjo elder futhark rune meaningImage by Ksenia Yakovleva


In general, it is hard for Wunjo to be a bearer of bad news as it is an extremely positive and light Rune. It signifies that your troubles are coming to an end. Sometimes Wunjo is compared to the Sun Card of Tarot, however, I believe its characteristics are more similar to the Wheel of Fortune. Similar to Wunjo, the Wheel of Fortune is the only Tarot card that rarely has a negative meaning.

When Wunjo comes up, it tells you to just be happy, to live your life to the fullest and take the best out of it at this time. Look at the Runes nearby to see in which area you should await happy news. With Fehu, it is awaited financial relief, while with Ehwaz, happy news will come in your love life.

When Runes of a rather dark nature are beside it, Wunjo will soften their negative aspects but just as the Wheel of Fortune, it will signify that you are now at the other side of the Wheel and life circumstances are not in your favour.


Reversed Wunjo in Divination:

As I have discussed previously, reversed Wunjo is the time when your plans suddenly go awry due to the circumstances you may have no control over. Once again, this can be compared to the negative side of the Wheel of Fortune card in Tarot, when you have been at the top of the wheel long enough and are now suddenly seeing a downfall.

Know that this is okay. In life you need to see low to be able to appreciate the high.

Reversed Wunjo + Reversed or Upright Thurisaz would describe such situation.

In any case, this is not a dead-end situation and the only thing that makes it so unfavourable is the element of surprise.

Reversed Wunjo + Raidho combination predicts a travel that will be surrounded by problems, delays or obstacles.

Reversed Wunjo + Nauthiz says that you may be creating problems yourself due to lack of patience; your need may be great but using situations and people as means to an end will not work in your favour.



Wunjo answers for Respiratory System and Breathing. If you use it for any health matters related to this, make sure that you don’t do anything to further hard your breathing (for example, smoking or vaping). Otherwise, you can use it even to expedite recovery from cold or a flu.


Reversed Wunjo in health questions asks you to pay a close attention to your health and life style, even if nothing currently bothers you. Review your sleep schedule, eating habits, drink enough water and don’t fill your body with toxins.

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