✨Stands for “Joy”


✨Sound: “w”, “v”


✨God: Odin


✨Colour: Yellow


✨Element: Water/Ice


Astrology: Leo


Energy: Masculine


Health: Respiratory System


Key Words:  Joy, Pleasure, Hope, Harmony


GALDR (Runic chant) 

Wunjo wunjo wunjo

Wu wa wi we wo

Wun wan win wen won

Wo we wi wa wu




Probably one of the most joyful and positive Runes of the Germanic alphabet, Wunjo brings forth the energy of pure happiness and hope, when you feel light, knowing all your troubles are now left behind. It is the Rune of pleasure, joy and everything good that is found in Odin. Other variations of his name are Wodan/Wotan/Woden and his original name depicts him as a perfect lover and peacemaker. 


Wunjo is really that Rune that you can call for aid. It is almost like raising a “flag”, calling for help and it will answer. When you are stuck, Wunjo will show you the light and help find the right solution.

Wunjo can be used in any area of your life to turn the events into a positive direction. Use it for invocation of partnership and harmony, to strengthen bonds and connections and in general, for a sense of happiness and well-being.


Edred Thorsson in his book “Futhark” mentions that since Germanic people had a strong sense of fellowship and were “clano-centric”, Wunjo is the rune that binds its members together for harmonious existence. In Ritual Work, it can be added to bind Runes unto a single harmonious force that will work towards a certain goal.



Wunjo answers for Respiratory System and Breathing. If you use it for any health matters related to this, make sure that you don’t do anything to further hard your breathing (for example, smoking or vaping). Otherwise, you can use it even to expedite recovery from cold or a flu/


You can ask Wunjo to bring peace and balance in your love life. Keep Wunjo close when getting married, going on a date or even going into labour. In love Rituals, Bindrune with Laguz will bring an unconditional feeling of Love between partners, while combining it with Uruz will result in a strong passion between you and your lover. In general, it is a very positive Rune to draw when asking relationship-related questions.

However, with Runes such as Isa, it can mean distancing between partners and a feeling of losing a connection. In such case, one will need to make a sacrifice and work harder to mend this lost connection and bring the joy back. With Thurisaz, it means that this sense of hope, love and joy you ones had is falling apart and you are entering a stage in your relationship when everything is either completely destroyed and you will part, or you will reborn from the ashes and your relationship will be even stronger. 


Rune Wunjo is a very bright and positive symbol, so I understand why some may want to have it as a tattoo.


The Rune has a reversed position where its meaning takes quite a negative form.

It is highly NOT recommended to tattoo Wunjo on arms and legs.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful Rune, choose places like chest, back or neck where its position will always remain upright.



In general, it is hard for Wunjo to be a bearer of bad news as it is an extremely positive and light Rune. It signifies that your troubles are coming to an end. Sometimes Wunjo is compared to the Sun Card of Tarot, however, I believe its characteristics are more similar to the Wheel of Fortune. Similar to Wunjo, the Wheel of Fortune is the only Tarot card that rarely has a negative meaning. 

When Wunjo comes up, it tells you to just be happy, to live your life to the fullest and take the best out of it at this time. Look at the Runes nearby to see in which area you should await happy news. With Fehu, it is awaited financial relief, while with Mannaz, happy news will come in your love life.

When Runes of a rather dark nature are beside it, Wunjo will soften their negative aspects but just as the Wheel of Fortune, it will signify that you are now at the other side of the Wheel and life circumstances are not in your favour.