Freya's 1st Aett

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett



Fehu fehu fehu
Fu fa fi fe fo
Of ef if af uf

(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)



Fehu Old Germanic name: Fe (Fehu)

Fehu Old Norwegian name: Fehhu

Fehu Anglo-Saxon name: Feo, Feoh

Fehu Old Celtic name: Feum

Fehu Old Icelandic name: Fé

rune fehu symbol

The main message of Rune Fehu is acquiring of something new or a consolidation of the resources already in your possession. This does not only apply to finances or monetary possessions but to any area of life you are inquiring about, be in love life or health matters. But the answer it gives will always be connected to the material world and decisions  made with clear mind rather than heart.

fehu elder futhark rune meaning


Modern meaning of Fehu is prosperity, money, and property. It is the Rune of creation & destruction, energy and fertility. It is the true Rune of abundance through EFFORT and perseverance. It will not tolerate lazy and reckless behavior, as well as greed.

Rune Fehu will aid with obtaining a favorable outcome of a project, task, any new beginning. It gives a power to obtain something new, as well as helps to preserve what you already have. It will help in a situation where you are at competition or opposition.

You can use this Rune when making a purchase, going for a job interview or in general, when dealing with any financial matters. This Rune is also connected to the well-being of the soul, it aids in creative projects where you express yourself and use your talents.