Freya's 1st Aett

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett



Stands for: “Cattle”

Sound: “f”

Gods: Vanir Gods (Frey, Freja, Njord)

Colour: Green

Element: Earth & Fire


Astrology: Aries


Energy: Feminine


Health: Upper Respiratory System, Joints & Bones


Key Words: Cattle, Wealth, Abundance

Fehu Galdr (Runic Chant)

Fehu fehu fehu
Fu fa fi fe fo
Of ef if af uf



Fehu Old Germanic name: Fe (Fehu)

Fehu Old Norwegian name: Fehhu

Fehu Anglo-Saxon name: Feo, Feoh

Fehu Old Celtic name: Feum

Fehu Old Icelandic name: Fé

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett


Modern meaning of Fehu is prosperity, money, and property. It is the Rune of creation & destruction, energy and fertility. It is a true Rune of abundance through EFFORT and perseverance. It will not tolerate lazy and reckless behavior, as well as greed.

Rune Fehu will aid with obtaining a favorable outcome of a project, task, any new beginning. It gives a power to obtain as well as helps to preserve what you already have. It will help in a situation where you are at competition or opposition.

You can use this Rune when making a purchase, going for a job interview or in general, when dealing with any financial matters. This Rune is also connected to the well-being of the soul, it aids in creative projects where you express yourself and use your talents.

One more point that should be mentioned about interpretation of Fehu is what a person is going to do with their wealth or in general, their material possessions.

There is a reason why this Rune means “cattle”. It does not directly mean money or house. Cattle is not only a possession but also a continuous source of production. This metaphor asks a person to take a closer look at what they are doing to expand and grow. Many people lose all the money when they win a lottery or receive an inheritance. It is an ability to amplify that is important.

Fehu IS read reversed, so be mindful when doing any Viking or Ásátru style Runic tattoo that includes Fehu.

Rune Advice: you need to stop dreaming and get back on Earth. Start on working on your goals and do what it takes to get where you want to be.

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett Meditation and Ritual Magic

Fehu is of course a great Rune to use in monetary and abundance Rituals or simply to wear as a powerful talisman.


Fehu is usually used to attract wealth and success, to get a promotion and achieve abundance. Wear it as a talisman daily to simply attract money and remove any blockages or obstacles that prevent you from achieving financial success. The Rune will also fill you with ideas and inspirations to improve your financial situation. 

Fehu + Uruz will work great as a Bindrune if you are looking for inspiration in your work (especially if it is both your hoppy & your source of income) as it not only gives the inspiration but through those Runes creation persists.

In meditation, Fehu asks you to seek answers to the following questions:

  • What is more important to you: your material or divine state?

  • How can you expand on a material level?

  • Do you know not only how to earn but also how to keep your earnings?

Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett Health


Despite strong material association, Fehu is actually the Rune of fertility due to the presence of the Forces of Creation that act through this Rune. 


Otherwise, the health meaning of Fehu is quite straightforward: 


  • Upright Fehu is a very positive Rune that means a quick and successful recovery and, in general, a good health.

  • Reversed Fehu, in turn, means worsening of the health situation or possible return of old illnesses. 


Pay a closer attention to the upper respiratory system, joints and bones. 


Reversed Fehu + Thurisaz is a very powerful combination that requires you to pay attention and be warned of potential traumas, so be mindful.

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Fehu Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett love and relationship

Even though Fehu does not directly deal with love and relationship matters, as mentioned above, Fehu represents abundance and fertility. The abundance comes in many forms and for some, it is the family that is the most fulfilling part of life.


In a love or relationship reading, Fehu will almost always be a positive Rune. It will signify the beginning of something new in your relationship but most often on a material place (such as buying a house or moving in together).


Fehu says that it is the time to make a move or think of the next step in your relationship. It may be the time to get the courage and finally message the person you have feelings for or even propose, if you are already at that stage of your union. 


In general, it is the Rune of a very good potential when it comes to love life.


Fehu + Gebo bring some good and joyful news, can mean proposal or marriage


Fehu is read reversed and you should pay a close attention at the nearby Runes. For example,


Reversed Fehu + Isa require you to pay attention at what is going on in your relationship because it may be at its breaking point. 


Reversed Fehu + Tiwaz can indicate a divorce that will also drag down with legal procedures which can be quite costly. If you in a process of a divorce, see how you can avoid this and seek settlement.