Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett


Stands for: Day

Sound: “d”

God: Heimdall

Colour: Yellow

Element: Fire

Astrology: Moon (waxing/waning)

Energy: Masculine

Health: Psycho-neurological problems

Key Words: Stability, Transformation, Sunrise, Polarity


Galdr (Runic Chant)

​dagaz dagaz dagaz



du da di de do

dh dh dh dh dh

odh edh idh adh udh

od ed id ad ud






Dagaz Old Germanic name: Daaz, Daguz, Dagaz

Dagaz Old Norwegian name: Dagr

Dagaz Anglo-Saxon name: Daeg

Dagaz Old Celtic name: Dusgadh

Dagaz Old Icelandic name: Dagr


Dagaz Overall Meaning: In general, Dagaz comes around as a very positive Rune. It speaks of transformation as the result of accumulated life experience. You are stepping into the next period in your life. The Rune brings pleasant changes, everything seems to fall into place for you. It can even signify that your big wish is finally coming true.


The meaning of Rune Dagaz is closely connected to true desires of the heart. But why is it so important to understand them?


It’s important because the desires coming from the heart are closely connected to the true nature of the person. And if you are following your TRUE path, you will notice that everything falls into place on its own. It seems like everyone is trying to help you, all the events unfold easily on their own and no matter what you do, you get things right.


But of course, things will not just fall on your head without you doing some work. And here is what Dagaz can offer: The Rune will help you build the willpower necessary to

work towards the accomplishment of your goals.


Rune Dagaz is that generator of changes that come when you start working on a goal, as any growth brings transformation.


Sometimes the transformation that this Rune brings upon you is so sudden and radical that it will take a great deal of willpower and acknowledgement to accept the essence of what is going on with your and your life. You are becoming a very different person but this is only natural if you think about everything you have been through to get to where you are at.


Here comes back that conversation on life experience that I briefly mentioned in the overall meaning of the Rune. When we work on a goal, we start seeing different perspectives, may meet different people or even travel to a different country. All this changes the outlook on life through our NEW experiences.


Lastly, Dagaz is the Rune of polarity. It unites any polar opposites, such as life and death, darkness and light into one whole concept that goes far beyond this mundane separation based on dogma and personal experiences.


All this is Rune Dagaz.

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


The day is the Lord’s message, dear to men,

the renowned light of the Measurer, a mirth and troth

to the prosperous and the wretched, useful to all.



Dagaz does not have a reversed position but it doesn’t simplify the meaning of this Rune. Ancient Scandinavian symbols are never plain or one-sided. Sometimes to understand a deeper meaning, one needs to spend some time analyzing and feeling the Rune.


Dagaz Rune Advice: you can’t just sit and wait around for your life to change. Start influencing the situation, events and people. You are much more powerful than you think. Dream big and act bold, that’s what Rune Dagaz is all about.

Fun Fact: there is a legend about ancient use of Rune Dagaz that says that völvas (meaning seeress) used this Rune to become invisible by disappearing between worlds.

Dagaz elder futhark rune meaning free pdf


Changes! Change is the first word associated with any Ritual work that involves Dagaz. The Germanic symbol allows to transform reality, attract desired changes and literally make miracles when you though nothing will help.

But of course, keep in mind, you need to work with this Rune closely for a while andf know how to perform rituals using Germanic Runes.

Dagaz Rune also does not favour weakness, so if you are a person that just prefers to go with a flow your entire life and now suddenly you want to use this Rune to change something, it most likely will not even answer to your call. This is a very active and dynamic Rune and will work best for people with similar energy.


Use Rune Dagaz in meditation for the following:

·      If you are searching for a shift or change in your spiritual development, Dagaz will help you to obtain rebirth and transformation.

·      Dagaz can also help you to replace darkness with light, if you feel like you can’t really see it and life becomes quite gloomy.

·      To understand what your heart truly desires.

Use Rune Dagaz in rituals on its own or in a Bindrune for the following issues:

·      To obtain protection from harmful energy.

·      To change the outlook on life, your own or someone else’s.

·      For material or career growth and success.

·      For manifestation of your goals.


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Dagaz can be worn as a protection amulet, as it has a good ability to filter out the energy, letting through only the energy that is good or right for you.

Dagaz is a great amulet for career-oriented people, or in general, if you are working on some project, or working on your financial goals.

The Rune does not really need to be a part of any Bindrune, Dagaz works great on its own as a catalyzer for desired changes and wishes, on a condition that you are ready to act upon those.




Much like with anything else, Dagaz is a great health Rune. What can it tell about your health? Well, of course, these are changes for the better.


If you are currently going through illness, Dagaz predicts recovery that will happen fast.


If you are just doing health diagnostic with Runes, Dagaz clearly says that there is no need to look for problems where there are none.


Dagaz + Ingwaz is probably the best health combination you can get as it predicts a long time and great health throughout.





Dagaz is a very positive Rune. If you are going through relationship challenges and feel like your relationship is failing, Dagaz will help you see the light and a possible solution to save your union.


If this is the case, you can use Dagaz for meditation or in a ritual for manifestation of your goal, just be sure to phrase your statement of intent correctly.


Sometimes Dagaz can indicate that you are trying too hard to search for your “ideal” half.

But this depends on the surrounding Runes.


In general, if you are single, Dagaz predicts new connections and possibility of Romance.


While if you are already in a committed relationship or have a family, Dagaz signifies the time when something good and life-changing is about to happen. Look at the surrounding Runes for clues.


Dagaz + Gebo combination symbolizes a connection or meeting a partner that will really become your soul mate.


Dagaz + Othila combination can actually predicts getting back with your ex! And the relationship will be better this time than in the past.


Dagaz + Berkana combination points on either existing pregnancy or one that is already around the corner.

Whatever your question is, Dagaz is kind of a “yes-yes” Rune. If you are inquiring about feelings, your partner is definitely in love with you. If you are asking about intentions, they are most positive, anything from moving in together to getting married.