Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Heimdall's 2nd Aett

The Yew Tree

✨Stands for: Yew Tree

✨Sound: “e” or “i”

✨God: Odin

✨Colour: Navy Blue

✨Element: All

✨Astrology: Scorpio, Venus

✨Energy: Masculine & Feminine are at balance

✨Health: Vision, Bones, Balance

✨Key Words: Yew Tree, Communication, Strength, Knowledge

Galdr (Runic Chant)

Eihwaz eihwaz eihwaz

e e e e e e e e e 

iwu iwa iwi iwe iwo

iwo iwe iwi iwa iwu

e e e e e e e e 



Old Germanic name: Ezck, Ihwaz

Old Norwegian name:Ihwar

Anglo-Saxon name: Yr 

Old Celtic name: Eihwaz

Old Icelandic name: Eo



Rune Eihwaz is associated with a Yew tree because it represents the Norse God Odin hanging on a Tree. We all know that Odin spent 9 days on Yggdrasil Tree to learn the occult through communication with the ancestors.


The Yggdrasil or the World Tree serves as a link between the 9 Worlds and aids in astral travel, allowing the consciousness to travel between higher and lower realms.


So, what does the Rune Eihwaz mean?


Rune Eihwaz takes a very interesting position in the Aett. It was placed between Jera (which signifies time) and Perthro (which talks about the “open womb” that is a metaphor to things finally starting to come to birth). Eihwaz is the moment “in between” where you are rather suspended and for a reason. 


It is not a similar feeling we have with Isa, when you are asked to wait and avoid action. Here it is the time given to you to regenerate, recuperate forces and, most importantly, work on what you are missing. And when it comes to Eihwaz, it is often what you need to LEARN and what you need to RELEASE in order to move forward towards Perthro. 


Rune Eihwaz does NOT have a reversed meaning. Moreover, it is always a positive Rune, so you can safely use it as your Norse Rune or Viking style tattoo. 


Rune Advice: Go for it, you will most certainly will be able to remove any obstacles on your way. You will have enough strength to reach your goal. Use analysis, thinking, planning and get appropriate information and knowledge in order to choose a right path and make wise decisions. 


Eihwaz would be the Rune of choice for astral travel due to its connection to the Yggdrasil Tree that serves as the link between the 9 Worlds.


This Rune would also be a good one to use in a Tree Meditation, where you connect to the core of the earth by imagining the roots growing down from your spine a through the earth.


Rune Eihwaz is most often associated with protection, as a talisman, however it does not give you the same qualities as would a true protection Rune, such as Algiz. You will be working on YOUR OWN resources and not those of the Rune. 


It will help you to see things clearly and make a right decision. 


In health matters, Rune Eihwaz will once again asks to come back to its meaning of “hanging”. 


You may feel that right now that you are not getting better. The Rune suggests reviewing your treatment plan and perhaps change your method and approach. Maybe it will be a wise idea to seek a second opinion or even change a practitioner to get more knowledge. 


You may also need to review your lifestyle and see how you can make improvements. 


Everything considered, you have a good chance of recovery.

Be mindful of the following combinations that signify a temporary worsening of the situation:


Eihwaz + Thurisaz: there may be a sudden drop of your well-being. It is important to act on it quickly with an understanding that things will get better.


Eihwaz + Hagalaz: things can be worsened and it’s crucial that you don’t fall into despair. 


While I know it may sound scary to some but know that Rune Eihwaz releases one from the fear of dying, as the Rune itself is a balance of life and death. 


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In love and relationship questions, Rune Eihwaz will mean a period when you may be experiencing small day-to-day misunderstandings and arguments that will not really cause long-term consequences.


If you are looking for a relationship right now, then Eihwaz will ask you to wait a little longer but you WILL meet that right person. Sometimes, the wait is really worth it. 


If you are unsure about your partner being the right person for you, then Eihwaz is a “yes” Rune. 


Eihwaz + Laguz will ask you to think and act from the heart rather that your head. 


Eihwaz + Uruz will be a very powerful combination, signifying an intense passion and lust.


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Eihwaz is usually a positive Rune with regards to career matters but if you are awaiting a promotion or in general want to expand, then the road may be longer than you are anticipating. 


As I mentioned a lot for this Rune, knowledge and communication are a key. See what knowledge you are missing? Maybe there is a course you need to take that will improve your skills and, in turn, your chances to get noticed. Especially this is important if Eihwaz comes up in a combination with the Rune Kenaz.


Eihwaz + Isa will mean that the pause is even longer than you are hoping for. Use this time to access what you are missing and work on those gaps. 


Eihwaz + Jera will be a good combination, as they are followed by Perthro in the Aett. They will mean that you are ALREADY on the right track and need to continue with your path. 


Eihwaz + Fehu is a very favourable combination with regards to your “money matters”. It may be a good time to learn more about investment, passive income or simply, how you can expand your finances.



You can use Eihwaz in your tattoos safely. This Rune also does not have a reversed position, so it can’t have a significantly bad influence on your life.

That said, this Rune won’t offer much influence at all, if you ask me. So, if you are anticipating some mystical events and transformation, they won’t come under the energy of this Rune.

Eihwaz is too much in tune with your PERSONAL power. It can aid in guiding it, strengthening what you already have. So, think about what you have to offer first.

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Rune Eihwaz is not to be read upside down, so if you ever come across its “reversed” meaning, you can safely ignore it. 


What’s more important is that it is ALWAYS a positive Rune. Even surrounded by the “negative Runes”, Eihwaz acts as a compass that tells you: “It’s okay. You are getting there. Keep going, keep pushing.”


And take a good look at the Runes around, as they will give you a good guidance with regards to the following questions:


·      What knowledge am I missing?

·      What can help me to remove the obstacles?

·      What ARE the obstacles that prevent me from getting to my goal?

·      What do I need to pay a closer attention to?

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