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Journey of the Hero

The Hierophant Tarot  card meaning


Number: V

Element: Earth

Astrology: Jupiter

Zodiac: Taurus

Mythology: Zeus

Letter: חֵית‏ ‎Heth & ו Vau

I Ching: Hexagrams

Keywords: Institution, Blessings, Rules, Morals, Marriage, Education



It is a great sign to receive this card in a reading. Not only it is a card of institution and tradition, but it is also a card of blessings of the Universe. It is a card of Faith, morality and virtue, qualities pure and precious that are not to be doubted or argued.


What does the upright Hierophant card mean in a tarot reading?


In a Tarot reading, the Hierophant points to the following things: education, institution (hospital, charity or simply your employer), ceremony, questions of morality and ethics and, of course, religion. So no matter what subject you are inquiring about, the Hierophant almost always speaks of the need to learn or educate, to give something an official status, and to seek a deeper meaning.


The shadow (reversed) meaning of Hierophant largely depends on the relationship of a person with the rules of the Institution in question and their moral compass. It can mean falling into a trap of a never-ending search for the right "Guru", as well as becoming a member of a sect.


Lastly, it can mean breaking free, taking an unorthodox path (not always a bad thing, but look at the cards around) or acting unethically. The behaviour also depends on the surrounding environment and the life area in question. You may simply be breaking the rules of the organization you work for or making an immoral act in your marriage.

the hierophant robin wood tarot deck card meaning

The Hierophant in Robin Wood Tarot Deck

the hierophant shadowscapes tarot deck card meaning

The Hierophant in Shadowscapes Tarot Deck


A person described by this card will not be everyone's cup of tea. They are old school and moral and live by the same principles through their entire life. They may not consider others' point of view, if it significantly differs from theirs. However, they are just and will not do anything out of spite or to deliberately harm. They love to educate and take care of others and may work in professions such as teaching, law and healthcare.


The Hierophant as Card of the Day: Whatever you do today, do it with integrity and clear consciousness. It is not the day to cheat, lie or complain. It is also a great chance to start something with deep meaning or purpose or simply take a course or a seminar to improve your knowledge and qualifications. If you are waiting to hear about a job or school, this week is the one. If you are going through struggles, you have what you need not only to get through but also to help and inspire others.

the hierophant thoth tarot card meaning

The Hierophant in Thoth Tarot Deck


The Hierophant predicts you moving towards your career goals confidently and surely. The organization you work for has its own set of rules that have been followed almost religiously for a very long time. It will not tolerate well innovators and seekers of change and progress. Keep this in mind if you want to climb a career ladder.

The shadow (reversed) side of Hierophant card suggests that you lack qualifications or skills, and you may need to take certain courses to move up the career ladder. It can also mean that your employer is not interested in your career growth and is holding you back.


The Hierophant is not the best card for businessmen, regardless of its position. This card is connected to the idea of abiding by the rules and laws. You may need to deal with the government, pay the fees or change your plans or strategy to continue with your business. Aside from that, the Hierophant is not a "bad" money card and the possibility of receiving good earnings is still there.

We have already touched on the shadow (reversed) side of the Hierophant in money and business, but if it is surrounded by rather "dark" cards (or if you read cards reversed), then we can add on the problems in your situation associated with disobeying the structure, Look at the surrounding cards to clarify where you have made a wrong turn.

the hierophant the golden dawn tarot card meaning

The Hierophant in the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck

the hierophant tarot journey into egypt card meaning

The Hierophant Tarot: "Journey into Egypt"



The Hierophant is one of the most sought-after cards when inquiring about the next step of the relationship. The reason for that is that it often signifies the official part of a relationship and can predict marriage. However, even if you aren't close to even plan a wedding just yet, the Hierophant always implies that the relationship needs to move to the next stage, whatever it means to you.


The partner described by this card may seem old-fashioned for our modern world. They live by their rules and morals and are heavily guided by them when choosing a partner or moving to the next step in a relationship. They will not rush into anything until they have followed all the necessary steps and are certain they made the right choice.


The shadow (reversed) position of Hierophant in love life may indicate that the partners are not really on the same page concerning the flow of this relationship. One partner may be ready to get married, while the other is nearly not yet there. In the absence of the card of feelings (such as Cups), the Hierophant may mean that two partners are being guided by the sense of duty and feeling of being with the person because they are a right fit, rather than following their heart. The prognosis of such a relationship isn't necessarily bad. It all depends on what is important to you in life.

the hierophant visconti.jpg

The Hierophant in Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck

The Hierophant Major Arcana Card Combinations

The Hierophant+ The Fool: unorthodox behaviour

The Hierophant + The Magician: the feeling of importance, a priest, power within the organization

The Hierophant + The High Priestess: deep morals, initiation into a sacred order or organization, a priestess of the order, a female leader of an organization

The Hierophant + The Empress: pregnancy, can be labour

Hierophant + The Emperor: strictly abiding by the rules, difficult boss

The Hierophant + The Lovers: making a choice, feeling split between mind and heart

The Hierophant + The Chariot: an ability to set boundaries and rules and follow them

The Hierophant + The Strength: an ability to sort out priorities, a need to create healthy boundaries

The Hierophant + The Hermit: feeling like an outcast, can mean cheating

The Hierophant + Wheel of Fortune: very fortunate situation, blessings of the Universe

The Hierophant + Justice: legal wedding, strict rules within marriage

The Hierophant + The Hanged Man: the stagnant old mentality that is hurting the situation in question, a need to review and let go of the old ways

The Hierophant + Death: a need to purge and transform the situation

The Hierophant + Temperance: finding the right, moral and just solution in any situation

The Hierophant + The Devil: a sect, dark organized magical cult, turning morals and religious beliefs into despotism

The Hierophant + The Tower: loss of foundation, crisis, moral collapse

The Hierophant + The Star: seeing things clearly, an epiphany

The Hierophant + The Moon: lack of direction

The Hierophant + The Sun: a child born in marriage, counting blessings

The Hierophant + The Judgement: belief system that will support you in life, the time of realization

The Hierophant + The World: an end of a project, broadening of horizons

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