Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

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Uruz Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett



Uruz uruz uruz




(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Uruz Old Germanic name: Uraz

​Uruz Old Norwegian name: Urur, Urokke

​Uruz Anglo-Saxon name: Ur

​Uruz Old Icelandic name: Uhr

uruz elder futhark rune meaning

The main message of Rune Uruz is that something always comes to an end but the end is also a beginning of something new. When Uruz appears in your life, it comes with massive energy that creates movement and the worst thing you can do is try to obstruct it. The most important thing right now is to allow the force to create and shape your new reality.

uruz elder futhark rune meaning


Uruz stands for the Wild Ox, which metaphorically symbolizes an untamed potential and drive to push forward. The Rune gives an incredible strength, dedication and power to its wearer. 

Uruz is one of the three Runes used in the meditation ALU chant that is similar to the sound of Om in its energy.

Uruz is the Mother Rune of Manifestation. It can create an environment to bring fortunate circumstances and help overcome obstacles.


The Rune creates movement if the situation got stagnant and you feel stuck. It gives this fierce, aggressive and almost unconscious drive to move forward towards the unknown no matter what.


The Old Icelandic Rune Poem says:

Shower lamentation of the clouds and ruin of the hay-harvest

and abomination of the shepherd.

This poem very well defines the forces that are at play when we think of this Rune. These are the Forces of Nature one does not have control over, such a hail, hurricane or an earthquake. A human does not have a power or control over these forces. All you can do is do go along with them, not trying to resist, and see where they carry you. 

It’s important to understand that the interpretation of Rune Uruz is not only a drive or a force, but also a transformation that is now taking place.

The Rune destroys the old: outdated models, behaviours and patterns; everything that prevents us from growing and becoming. We may feel intimidated by this because a fear of change is natural to human beings. Sometimes we are way too comfortable in our bubble and don’t wish to try new things and ways or to change our habits. That said, at times change is necessary. And during those times, this Rune is what we need.

The reversed meaning of the Rune Uruz comes from the above paragraph and talks about those who are trying to resist this Rune’s characteristics. Most people are used to trying to have control over their lives and when things don’t go as planned, we feel frustrated, upset and lost. 

The force of Uruz does not care about your plans and your comfort. When the time comes, it will destroy just as swiftly as it creates.

Why does this happen? Because what you are doing IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU and the only way out is through a complete destruction that forces you to open your eyes and have a long overdue epiphany.

Rune Advice: While there are challenges waiting ahead, the result is something worth fighting for. Push, strive, focus and work.