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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

Uruz Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett



Uruz uruz uruz




(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Uruz Old Germanic name: Uraz

​Uruz Old Norwegian name: Urur, Urokke

​Uruz Anglo-Saxon name: Ur

​Uruz Old Icelandic name: Uhr

uruz elder futhark rune meaning

The main message of Rune Uruz is that something always comes to an end but the end is also a beginning of something new. When Uruz appears in your life, it comes with massive energy that creates movement and the worst thing you can do is try to obstruct it. The most important thing right now is to allow the force to create and shape your new reality.

uruz elder futhark rune meaning


Uruz stands for the Wild Ox, which metaphorically symbolizes an untamed potential and drive to push forward. The Rune gives an incredible strength, dedication and power to its wearer. 

Uruz is one of the three Runes used in the meditation ALU chant that is similar to the sound of Om in its energy.

Uruz is the Mother Rune of Manifestation. It can create an environment to bring fortunate circumstances and help overcome obstacles.


The Rune creates movement if the situation got stagnant and you feel stuck. It gives this fierce, aggressive and almost unconscious drive to move forward towards the unknown no matter what.


The Old Icelandic Rune Poem says:

Shower lamentation of the clouds and ruin of the hay-harvest

and abomination of the shepherd.

This poem very well defines the forces that are at play when we think of this Rune. These are the Forces of Nature one does not have control over, such a hail, hurricane or an earthquake. A human does not have a power or control over these forces. All you can do is do go along with them, not trying to resist, and see where they carry you. 

It’s important to understand that the interpretation of Rune Uruz is not only a drive or a force, but also a transformation that is now taking place.

The Rune destroys the old: outdated models, behaviours and patterns; everything that prevents us from growing and becoming. We may feel intimidated by this because a fear of change is natural to human beings. Sometimes we are way too comfortable in our bubble and don’t wish to try new things and ways or to change our habits. That said, at times change is necessary. And during those times, this Rune is what we need.

The reversed meaning of the Rune Uruz comes from the above paragraph and talks about those who are trying to resist this Rune’s characteristics. Most people are used to trying to have control over their lives and when things don’t go as planned, we feel frustrated, upset and lost. 

The force of Uruz does not care about your plans and your comfort. When the time comes, it will destroy just as swiftly as it creates.

Why does this happen? Because what you are doing IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU and the only way out is through a complete destruction that forces you to open your eyes and have a long overdue epiphany.

Rune Advice: While there are challenges waiting ahead, the result is something worth fighting for. Push, strive, focus and work.  

uruz in meditation & rituals

Rune Isa



Uruz is the Rune of self-understanding and reflection. Use it during your meditation to hear your inner voice, to obtain wisdom and find your inner strength.

The Rune will be able to strengthen your will and fill you with inspiration and creativity. If you are doing any projects that involve these qualities, charge this Rune and keep it close while doing your work.

Uruz can help those who struggle to leave their comfort zone. If you have issues with presenting or performing, keep this Rune close to help fight this struggle. Here by fighting I don’t mean “resisting”. I am talking about gathering the strength and willpower to let yourself go while doing your best. 

Uruz is often used to move a situation from a dead or stagnant point, to make a life changing action or decision, to destroy old ties, to remove any obstacles that stand on your way to success.

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Amulet or jewelry with the Rune Uruz will give you the strength and confidence to finally make decisions and change your life. This is a very powerful talisman and usually is not something you would wear on a daily basis. Normally, this Rune is used to get things going, when you are not having enough energy to make a push and need some support. 

rune uruz elder futhark health



Uruz is a Healing Rune. It will work for both mental and physical health. If you currently need healing, place this Rune on an area that troubles you and chant Galdr. 

In general, this Rune is great for health. It is the symbol of balance and harmony and what is illness if not a disbalance the body is facing?

If you are struggling with some health issues at this time, Uruz says that by now you have done everything you could and all that is left is to let your body do its work. What’s most important here is not to lose hope and stay positive. Also, pay attention at the Runes nearby. 

Reversed Uruz means overall drop in energy and health. These are the illnesses that can throw you off for some time and will need time and strength to get over with. But it’s usually not a grave danger, just something you missed or didn’t pay attention to, or simply you’ve been living an unhealthy lifestyle for a while and are now facing consequences.  

Rune uruz in love & relationship (1).png



Uruz symbolizes a crazy and unstoppable passion, a drive for sex and even procreation.


In a Love/Relationship Rune reading, Uruz is a very good Rune to get as it will dissolve any uncertainties or doubts a person has regarding their partner because it indicates that a person has very solid intentions and will not give the relationship a second thought.


Uruz + Berkana would make a good Bindrune if you are trying to get pregnant. In a love reading, this combination will indicate a good time to try for a baby.

Perthro + Uruz mean that a couple has a very good chemistry and in general are very compatible.


Uruz + Reversed Perthro (Perthro facing left looking at Uruz) mean that while a couple has a good chemistry, this is about all there is for this relationship and when the passion is gone, there won’t be anything left, unless they try to see more in each other.


It is worth to discuss separately reversed Uruz meaning in love and relationship, as it covers some very important aspects.

Reversed Uruz in love & relationship indicates a time and necessity to let go of the old and really “clear up the space” to be able to let new feelings and emotions into your love life.


Have you ever dated a person that keeps on talking about their ex or previous relationships? It is very difficult to date a person like that because you will never be able to build a life with them. They will be always comparing and making you feel miserable. 


Reversed Uruz + Isa combination indicates a period in your relationship when you may feel like you are falling out of love and there is a growing distance between partners. 


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rune uruz money and career



In a Rune Reading, if you are inquiring about a promotion or a job opportunity, Uruz is a “yes” Rune but you will need to work on getting there. This is not a “luck” Rune, where you simply get a good chance and grab it. It is the Rune of hard work, determination and discipline. 

The Rune will also help you to think outside the box and come up with clever and innovative solutions and ideas.

It will help in financial matters those people who have a hard time to finish something up.

Pair Uruz + Fehu in a Bindrune to increase the strength of your intent. In a reading, the combination says that the project or idea is financially profitable but don’t try to look for shortcuts. 

Uruz + Othala also indicate a positive outcome in a career or financial situation.

Reversed Uruz in money or career questions indicates the time when you experience lack of motivation or drive. You may not have enough of INTERNAL resources to deal with the situation or to push through the obstacles. 


It may be the time to ask for professional help or opinion or simply seek support. 

uruz rune meaning free pdf
rune uruz viking style tattoo



Uruz is a very powerful Rune, folks. Its energy is strong and swift and not meant to work for a continuous period of time because it has the aggressive qualities in it that are meant to be used ONLY when there is a need for them. Otherwise, you put yourself at a high risk to destroy what you are trying to build.

Therefore, it is my recommendation NOT to use this Rune in a tattoo. Uruz that goes out of control is like a tornado that destroys everything on its way. It can be safely used in a Bindrune as its energy is more contained and works through other Runes.

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In a reading Uruz can mean personal success, often one that does not depend on a person. Uruz is a power one cannot control. It is an unconscious drive to create and manifest. It can also indicate that you may need to act with a certain degree if aggression and persistence. Applied correctly, you can achieve great results.

Uruz is the Rune of ending and beginning of new. Hence, the most important advice is to leave behind the past, to allow the Force of the Rune to get rid of the old and step into the new.

What you need to understand is that you can’t avoid the changes and the transformation that follows it. 

The strength this Rune represents is NOT similar in its nature to the Strength Tarot card. The Strength Card of Major Arcana Tarot symbolizes the INTERNAL willpower and strength that a person needs to feel and tame, while Uruz represents EXTERNAL forces, the primal force of Nature that follows a destruction and gives a potential to create anew. 

Uruz Elder Futhark Rune Symbol Meaning First Aett

The reversed meaning of Uruz is very similar to the Tower card in Tarot. It is the time when everything has to fall apart in order to make you finally see things clearly. The Star card that follows the Tower, is an epiphany you need. You may think that this is it and you no longer see a point in anything, but you just need some time to understand that whatever is happening now is for the best. 

Uruz as Rune of the Day: Uruz predicts the important shifts and changes taking place, most often for the better. It would be wise not to try to resist the changes but embrace them.

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