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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett



​ingwaz ingwaz ingwaz


ung ang ing eng ong

ong eng ing ang ung


(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Inguz Old Germanic name: Enguz

​Inguz Old Norwegian name: Ung, Yngvi, Ingvarr

​Inguz Anglo-Saxon name: Ing

​Inguz Old Celtic name: Innte

​Inguz Old Icelandic name: Ing


Ingwaz Overall Meaning: The Rune symbolizes an arrival of a period when everything is coming together for you. All your new beginnings are being saturated with the energy of growth and development, leading to success and abundance. You are striving for progress and the Universe sees and recognizes your efforts.

rune ingwaz elder futhark meaning


Ingwaz, Inguz or Ing is the 22nd Rune of Germanic Elder Futhark and the 6th Rune of the Aett of Týr. You will see me using all three names interchangeably.


Esoteric interpretation of Ingwaz is the Germanic earth god who works with Nerthus, the Earth Mother. The Ing-Nerthus cult was very strong among the peoples of the North Sea.


The Old English Rune Poem says:


Ing was at first

among the East-Danes

seen by men,

until he went eastward

over the wave,

his wain rolled after him:

thus the Heardings

named the hero.


Freyr was also known as Yngvi, the old Norwegian name for Ingwaz. You can now understand where the Rune draws the fertility elements from.

The meaning of Ingwaz, that in most situations is positive due to the fact that this Rune is not read reversed, always brings some changes to a situation. The negative aspects of Ing Rune can really only be highlighted by the neighboring Runes.


The Rune brings a period of happiness and faith. All your obstacles will now be replaced with opportunities.


The Rune means that you are no longer walking in circles, you now have a clear destination and a plan for how to get where you want to be. It is time to let go of the old patterns, behaviors and people to make room for the new. Quality is now more important than quantity.


It is the time for action, you can be bold and courageous, even when taking on an opportunity in an unknown area.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


Ing was first among the Eastern Danes

seen by men, until he soon afterwards

departed over the ways, a wagon running after him.

Thus, bold men named this hero.

Interesting to highlight: while Ingwaz does not have a reversed position, it has sort of a shadow aspect to it. Sometimes a person is unable to let go of the past and move on in life. You do a reading, you predict a new opportunity, for example at work. But a person is too scared to quit their job and take a new one because they don’t want to work with new people, or the job seems to be too hard. And they get stuck at their old job for years, missing the chance presented to them by the Ing Rune.

Rune Ingwaz Advice: get rid of everything and everyone who is dragging you down and is holding you back. Look at the world around and everything it has to offer, as your time is coming. You need to strive for success and growth.



Use Ingwaz in Rituals as part of the Bindrune or on its own for the following:

·      Love and sex magic;

·      Fertility Rituals;

·      To bring a task or a project to successful completion.

Ingwaz is too positive of a Rune and also deals more with fertility matters than anything else. For this reason, it is not suitable for protection or cleansing.

The Rune can also be used to establish contact with the Source and improve your psychic abilities. Just keep in mind that this Germanic symbol is not only about giving you energy; it also takes a great deal of energy back.


Use Ingwaz in Meditation to achieve the following:

·      Centering and consolidating the energy;

·      Gathering your thoughts together;

·      Achieving a calm state of mind through a passive form of meditation.

rune ingwaz meaning in meditation and ritual
rune ingwaz amulet meaning
rune ingwaz amulet meaning


Rune can be worn by the avid gardeners as an amulet or you can make a talisman with the carved Ing Rune to keep in your garden to promote growth and fertility.


Ingwaz is a great amulet for men, especially if they want to improve masculine energy flow and increase strength, stamina, and confidence.

rune ingwaz in health questions meaning



In health-related questions, Ingwaz is always a positive sign. The meaning of Ing Rune is almost always healing and recovery from an illness and disappearance of symptoms. The exception to this would be a situation when Ingwaz is surrounded by really negative Runes for health.


For example, Ingwaz + Thurisaz combination can predicts the possibility of receiving trauma and warns to be careful in the near future, such as avoiding driving fast, playing risky sports or lifting heavy objects.


While we talked about the use of Rune Ingwaz in jewelry and amulets, you can also wear it to improve your memory, especially if you are studying something.

rune ingwaz meaning in love and relationship



Ingwaz symbolizes the consort of the Goddess, represented by the Berkana Rune.


If you were going through relationship struggles or conflicts, Ingwaz represents the time when the situation is coming to its logical conclusion. You will find out everything you need; you will make a decision and you will have to leave behind what is dragging you down.


Normally, Ingwaz is not the Rune of separation though, so you will be able to resolve your conflicts and move on from them together.


If you are asking about the future of your relationship, Ingwaz suggests moving on to the next step, whatever this is for you at the moment.


If you asked the Runes a pregnancy-related question and received Rune Ingwaz, it can not only provide you with a positive answer to the question but also suggest that you may be pregnant with a son.


Ingwaz + Gebo combination for a single person predicts a new relationship.


Ingwaz + Wunjo combination predicts that if you had any conflicts or misunderstandings, they will now be resolved.


Lastly, if you are inquiring about the nature of your partner and what they are truly like in a relationship, Ingwaz means that your partner brings honesty and love. They will not cheat behind your back or lie to you. They will always tell you the way things are straight in the face, no matter the consequences.

rune ingwaz meaning in career and money



The Rune Ingwaz asks you the following question: have you built a strong foundation for yourself? Have you set your goals clearly and are you working on achieving them? If the answer to those questions is yes, then be sure new horizons will open to you.


Based on everything discussed so far, we can confidently say that the meaning of Inguz Rune for career and work is good opportunities being presented to the asker. It can also point to the completion of a project and the beginning of a new one. Often it can predict not just a transfer to a new position but a complete change of workplace.

If you are asking whether you should change your job or career path, the answer is certainly “yes”.


Inguz + Fehu combination points to a job that requires a lot of responsibility with finances.


Inguz + Raidho combination suggests a job that would require some travel.


Inguz + Gebo combination points to a job that requires working with people a lot.

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rune ingwaz viking and norse tattoo meaning



When discussing Inguz Rune for a tattoo, we can expect an interesting conversation. On one hand, this Rune does not have a reversed position, so can seem like a perfect candidate for a tattoo.


On the other hand, one should understand the deep meaning behind the Ing Rune and its message. As we discussed, Ingwaz talks about the completion of one stage of your life and moving on to the new. It is also responsible for a massive release of energy potential for you to spend on these new possibilities.


And this is something to think about: changes like this are always pleasant but can you spend your whole life like this? Do you know the time when you finally leave something behind and are eager to jump into the new? But then comes a calm period when the rhythm changes and becomes more customary for day-to-day events.


Now, imagine if all these changes and shifts will be happening to you more than to a regular person? Are you ready to always leave behind the life you become accustomed to and keep on jumping into the new? Some people are and for them, Ingwaz is a great tattoo companion.

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When Ingwaz shows up in a reading, it points to the period in your life when your energy potential is at its peak. The Rune makes it the best time to see progress in anything you have recently started and also gives you a chance to start something new.


If you were inquiring about a particular problem, Ingwaz advises that it will soon be solved and this should not be the reason for your worries.


Ingwaz can be compared to the Tarot Wheel of Fortune when it is at its highest peak of “Fortune.” Just like The Wheel of Fortune, the Rune is mostly seen as positive, unless surrounded by deeply negative and destructive Runes, such as Thurisaz or Hagalaz.


Ingwaz always brings changes and usually these are very positive changes for the better. But it is hard to say in which area of your life you should expect them, so look at the nearby Runes for guidance. Here are a few examples:


Ingwaz + Berkana combination can predict the birth of a child is near (not pregnancy but birth)


Ingwaz + Fehu combination points on a successful purchase or change of residence (due to purchase)


Ingwaz + Gebo combination predicts you meeting someone new who will become a close friend or a partner.


Inguz as the Rune of the Day:


As the Rune of the day, Inguz can predict a very important shift in some situation that is important to you right now. Something that’s been dragging on for a while is finally coming to a conclusion and closure. You will finally feel relief and an impulse to seek new things.


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