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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett

tiwaz elder futhark meaning



​Tiwaz tiwaz tiwaz


Tu ta ti te to

Tur tar tir ter tor

Ot et it at ut


(Galdr Source: "Futhark The Handbook of Rune Magic" by Edred Thorsson)



​Old Germanic name: Tys, Tiwaz

Old Norwegian name: Tiwar

Anglo-Saxon name: Tir, Tiw

Old Celtic name: Tyr

Old Icelandic name: Tyr

rune tiwaz elder futhark symbol

Tiwaz is one of the most known Runes of Elder Futhark. From ancient times it has been a symbol of war, strength and victory. Its symbol looks like an arrow and is said to precede the Latin letter "T". The Rune is under the patronage of God Týr a powerful member of the Æsir who would be approached by those wishing to win a complicated and bloody battle. The symbol is still seen tattooed on people who take part in wars (including Ukrainians currently engaged in a war with Russia).

rune tiwaz elder futhark meaning



Tiwaz is the Seventeenth Rune of Germanic Elder Futhark and the first Rune of the final third Aett. You will find different variations of this Rune, with the most common ones being Tiwaz, Teiwaz and Tyr.


Tiwaz is a very powerful, bright and dynamic Rune with highly strong masculine energy (the strongest in the whole Elder Futhark, as a matter of fact). The reason for that is because Tiwaz is the Rune of warriors and their spiritual guides. It is the symbol of a battleship, both spiritual and earthy.


The Rune is represented by Tyr – the God of war. This is what gives the Rune the Spirit of a Warrior.


Rune Tiwaz gives guidance and keeps you on track if the path is right for you and helps to make the right choice if you are making wrong turns. It gives you confidence in your goals and the internal strength needed to reach them. Despite what may seem to be aggressive energy, Tiwaz creates internal harmony. It is that feeling when you know you are on the right track and you feel calm and confident in your actions.


It is an extremely fair Rune. Tiwaz represents stability, order and LAW. It is also the Rune of moral compass and internal strength to stand by what you believe in.



The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


Tir is a certain token, it keeps its troth well

with noble men. It is always on its journey

over the clouds of night, never wandering.


Despite me talking about the Masculine energy of this Rune quite a lot, it does not in any way mean that the Rune should be used only by men.

All of us are the balance of feminine and masculine energies. And in both men and women, balance can be shifted more towards one spectrum. This is what makes some men more sensitive and have deeper emotions than others, and some women to be riskier and bolder than others. And this is totally normal.

But there are times when any one of us needs to dip into the masculine energy more to reach our goals. And this is where Tiwaz comes in.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the way Tiwaz looks. The Rune Tiwaz symbol is an arrow pointing up. Not left, right or down, only up. What does it mean? It means that the action represented by this Rune is a one-way street. The Rune does not imply or acknowledge turning around and giving up. You keep going no matter what.

Rune Tiwaz Reversed Meaning:

When looking at Rune Tiwaz reversed, a person represented by this Rune can describe a warrior that has spent all battle time hiding in the bushes and only came out when victory was near to scream “We won the battle!” It is the person that lacks courage, morals and strength, that is lazy and arrogant but still wants to HAVE IT ALL without lifting a finger.

Such a person is often notorious for “stealing” victories, showing up just at the right time to pretend to take a part in a project that is already nearly completed. This person can literally steal your idea, project, career or husband.

Tiwaz Rune Advice: be bold and persistent. Luck is on your side. Don’t listen to naysayers and just keep on going.

rune tiwaz elder futhark free pdf
rune tiwaz in meditation and ritual magic meaning



Tiwaz has been the very well-known Rune since the time of the Viking Age. The Rune was drawn on the body of the mighty warriors before going into battle. It was also carved on a weapon to achieve victory.

Tiwaz calls you to work on your Ego and how to put Spiritual growth and development ahead of the egotistical human nature.

It is the Rune of battle and sometimes, we are fighting with ourselves. Using Tiwaz in your meditation for the Rune will help to bring back order and balance.

Tiwaz is often used in Ritual work when truth, order and justice need to be established. It may be used to help you win legal proceedings. That said, the Rune is not of any help to liars and cheaters. If you did harm and are now trying to get away with it, this Rune at the very best won’t even bother paying attention to your request and at worst, will turn things not in your favour.

However, if you are being subjected to unfairness and are struggling to prove your innocence or institute justice, Tiwaz will be of great help to you.

Use Tiwaz + Ansuz as a Bindrune if you need things to expedite quickly and for victory through justice.


rune tiwaz amulet meaning
rune tiwaz amulet meaning

Tiwaz is not the type of Rune you would wear for protection or as a talisman on a daily basis, as it is more of a victory symbol. And the victory is not the one that comes on its own, you have to fight for it, getting rid of competitors and pushing through any obstacles.


Tiwaz would be a great amulet to wear for those fighting for human rights and trying to institute justice. Whether you are a part of a non-profit organization, fundraising or simply taking a part in these kinds of events as a civilian and want to be heard, Tiwaz is your Rune.


Another group that would benefit from Tiwaz is those who are in a competitive sport, as it is the place where you really need to show yourself and deserve your victory.

The other reason to wear Tiwaz amulet is if you work closely with Tyr and want to connect with the God on a deeper level. Tyr is an ancient God of sky and war and to wear such a talisman will help to take on some of his powerful qualities.

sowilo elder futhark meaning health



If you are thinking about using Runes to correct your health or treatment situation, make sure to include Tiwaz in your Bindrune.


In health questions, Tiwaz represents good and strong health and if you don’t have any current concerns advises you to stop looking for problems where there are none.


If you are going through treatments right now, the presence of Tiwaz in a Rune reading predicts a chance for a quick recovery. Most importantly, don’t give up!


At times, Tiwaz can point to a health situation, where you will be officially agreeing to come kind of treatment or medical procedure. In such a case, you may be signing some consent forms or agreements.


However, if Tiwaz is reversed, as with any document or contract, make sure to read them through, and know your rights and ALL sides of the story. Not everything medicine has to offer is beneficial. It is as much of a business nowadays, as everything else.

rune tiwaz elder futhark meaning in love and relationship


The appearance of Tiwaz in a relationship or love reading represents a time when there is a strong influence of masculine energy on feelings and relationship situations as a whole. The dominance of Tiwaz energy is very strong, even with other Runes nearby.


Tiwaz can also simply point to a man that is a partner, lover or husband or if the reading is for a man, the Rune can represent the querent.  


If you are going through relationship struggles, Tiwaz can provide you with the courage to speak up and stand up for yourself, protect your ideals and not allow anyone to walk over you.


In general, it predicts a positive outcome and the end of any problems and misunderstandings. It is a time of passion, a strong connection between the partners and a happy future ahead.


Reversed Tiwaz Relationship Meaning:


On the other hand, the Rune gives a warning not to be self-absorbed and use aggression to get what you want in a relationship. Do not use others as means to an end.


You also need to think ahead and not live in the moment. When doing something, don’t forget to take into consideration your partner’s feelings. If you are committing adultery, be ready for a payback day, as Tiwaz often points to an unavoidable confrontation.


Tiwaz favours those who are decent and honest and who know the morals and ideals of both your own and your partner’s, and at the necessary time will make the right choice to preserve the self-worth of both.


Tiwaz + Thurisaz in a relationship reading can point to divorce while the reversed Tiwaz + Thurisaz combination means a lost legal battle in a divorce situation.


Reversed Tiwaz + Isa can mean a prolonged legal battle and an inability to find a common ground. If legal aspects are not part of the problem, then the combination means that this relationship has reached a dead end. The partners have simply fallen out of love and can’t find reasons to continue to be with each other.


Reversed Tiwaz + Perthro speaks of a rather open relationship, where going exclusive is not a goal or not of importance.

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rune tiwaz in money and career meaning



In work-related questions, Tiwaz gives unlimited possibilities and avenues to explore. A person described by Tiwaz either has enough money and power to get what they want, or this is what they are striving for in life.


Tiwaz can point to a new job offer or a contract. If you are being offered to work on some project, make sure to put things in writing and keep the copies of conversations.


Tiwaz + Fehu means that you have a good potential for financial growth but risk-taking won’t be a part of the process.


Tiwaz + Sowilo is a good career combination for a person that is striving to be a leader, manager or director.


If Tiwaz is surrounded by negative Runes it means you are having a hard time dealing with the obstacles that prevent you from growing financially or in your career. You should take them into an account before going through with your plans. In any case, pushing the situation is not good advice for you at this time. Try to seek alternative ways and advice from knowledgeable and wise people.


Reversed Tiwaz in money questions points to a situation when you are willing to take risks, gamble and put everything at stake.


Another meaning can be legal issues and breaking of the law. Remember that Tiwaz is all about justice. If you receive this Rune, it is better to set your affairs in order, and get everything crystal clear and in writing.


Reversed Tiwaz + Hagalaz make quite a negative Rune combo. Your competitors are definitely far ahead of you and the luck right not is not in your favour.

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Tiwaz is not the best choice for a Runic Tattoo, even if you are confident, risky and have the devil may care type of personality.


Tiwaz is about going into battle head-on, it is about facing challenges, and dealing with competitors and rivals.


Tiwaz Runic symbol on your body will always attract such situations to test you and help you win and yet, you need to ask yourself if this is the lifestyle you want to have.

Tiwaz symbol (along with Algiz and Othala) is still being used in tattoos by those engaged in wars and military conflicts. It has been noted to be used by Ukrainian soldiers and portrayed as a Neo-Nazi tattoo by Russian media. I am glad more people are learning about Norse Runes not to fall in the trap of media misinformation. 

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In Tarot, Tiwaz can be compared to the Justice card.


It can certainly mean legal matters, contracts and paperwork for the reader.

But the Rune, much like the Justice card, is much more than that.


It is about establishing balance and order. You reap what you saw.

rune tiwaz teiwaz elder futhark meaning

You may call it the Law of Karma but since Karma is not the concept of Northern tradition, we will call it the Law of Nature.


Interestingly enough, Tiwaz can also represent victory, even though success and victory were already big past of the previous Rune (Sowilo).


The Rune advises to be bold and keep pushing but also think of a needed tactic. Sometimes the castle is taken by force, and at other times with a lost lasting siege. While Tiwaz would suggest using force, patience is one of the most important elements of victory. Know when you take two steps back before taking one large step forward.

Tiwaz as the Rune of the Day: today you will have a lot of energy, not even knowing what to spend it on. Everything will be coming together for you; your goals will be accomplished and dreams will be coming true. Use the energy of this Rune to get what you want today.

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