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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings







Modern meaning of Fehu is prosperity, money, and property. It is the Rune of creation & destruction, energy and fertility. It is a true Rune of abundance through EFFORT and perseverance. It will not tolerate lazy and reckless behavour as well as greed.

The Wild Ox

Uruz is the Mother Rune of Manifestation. It can create an environment to bring fortunate circumstances and help overcome obstacles. The Rune creates movement if the situation got stagnant and you feel stuck.



Ansuz is one of the three Runes used in the meditation ALU chant that is similar to the sound of Om in its energy. Ansuz is often used with other Runes as a part of the Bindrune to amplify the qualities of any other Rune it is used with in combination.


The Ancestral God





The Wagon

As Raidho is all about movement, this Rune can be used to get things going or expedite them. It can help one to achieve their goals faster and with fewer obstacles and interruptions. Raidho, in a sense, may act as a Wheel of Fortune to turn things around for you. However, remember that this is the Rune of Order and it strictly follows the sense of Justice.


The Torch

Rune Kenaz is all about knowledge. It allows you to learn something new, perfect what you are already doing and even uncover the truth in dark situations. Therefore, keep this Rune close when studying or even using creative skills and need to tap into your soul for true inspiration.






Probably one of the most joyful and positive Runes of the Germanic alphabet, Wunjo brings forth the energy of pure happiness and hope, when you feel light, knowing all your troubles are now left behind. It is the Rune of pleasure, joy and everything good that is found in Odin.

The Gift

Gebo is the Rune of partnerships, friendship and things coming together. It’s the Rune of giving and receiving. The Rune calls upon joining forces with others to accomplish your goal. The Rune will help you to establish connections and strengthen the existing ones. It will help in any kinds of contracts and partnerships, establishing understanding and balance.




In Asatru Hagalaz is called the Mother Rune as it embodies the forces of creation and destruction within itself. It is therefore the Rune of transformation and balance. It also earned this name due to its numerical value and shape (see carousel) when placed in a solid figure. When so done, any Rune can be derived from it.


The Need


Nauthiz often seems to be connected to “fate” but it does not actually mean that destiny is at play. It means that the “need” to do something exists and through this Rune you can achieve an action plan and necessary wisdom to face the fate.





The Thorn

Thurisaz is an old name of Thorr, it symbolizes the forces of lightning and thunder represented with Mjollnir, the hammer of Thorr. It is an extremely powerful Rune that should be used with a great deal of caution and only by one who is knowledgeable on how to control and channel Energy properly.


The Ice

Isa is the Rune of pause and slow expansion. The Rune asks to “crystallize”/preserve what you have, to save both on material and spiritual levels. That said, this is not the Rune of endings. One day the ice will melt and you will break free from the stagnation moving forward with renewed energy and clear intentions. 


The Year/ The Harvest

When Jera comes in mind, the first thing many think about is the Time. This Rune is the one connected the most to the powers on cycles and time. One thing I always remind is that time is a man-made concept.

 For this reason, I want to highlight that Jera rules over the CYCLES OF NATURE and the changes of the SEASONS.



The Yew Tree

Rune Eihwaz takes a very interesting position in the Aett. It was placed between Jera (which signifies time) and Perthro (which talks about the “open womb” that is a metaphor to things finally starting to come to birth). Eihwaz is the moment “in between” where you are rather suspended and for a reason. 




If someone knows anything about the Runes, they know the Rune Algiz and its association with protection from all kinds of negative energies. The Rune of course is much more than that.


Algiz means being a warrior and having the internal strength backed up by the powers of the Universe and Ancestors to protect yourself and others.




Perthro is the Rune when you are ready for action. You have gone through the periods of waiting (Isa), collecting knowledge (Eihwaz) and patience. You can now move towards your goal and you will succeed. 


The most important thing now is knowing your goal, having discipline and enough knowledge. 

The Dice Cup



The Sun


Just as Sowilo completes the Aett, it also brings the situation to its logical conclusion. An ability to see the situation from different angles and understand it on a deeper level gives birth to true wisdom and a wise person is always the winner.



The Sky Gods

Tiwaz is a very powerful, bright and dynamic Rune with highly strong masculine energy (the strongest in the whole Elder Futhark, as a matter of fact). The reason for that is because Tiwaz is the Rune of warriors and their spiritual guides. It is the symbol of a battleship, both spiritual and earthy.



The Horse

Ehwaz can result in a sudden shift or change in events. But this shouldn’t be too surprising or scary. This shift is the result of long processes that have been built up block by block, resulting you in feeling lack there is no growth happening. Now you will be able to reap the fruits of your actions and look confidently into the future.




Birch Goddess

Berkana is the 18th Rune of Germanic Elder Futhark and the second Rune of the Final 3rd Aett of Týr. Berkana is translated as Birch but in reality, the graphical representation of Berkana is that of a female breast which is not surprising to those who know that the Rune has a strong connection to female energy, growth and fertility.




Rune Mannaz is all about a human being as a whole, their individuality and personality. The answers and meanings of Mannaz will be searched within, in your subconsciousness. Mannaz is NOT about Ego. It is about the right relationship with the world that results in the right relationship with yourself.


The Water

The main meaning of the Rune Laguz is intuition. The Rune really asks you to seek the answers inside, by letting go of prejudice and fear and allowing yourself to merge with the Multiverse. You will be able to see how wise the advice of YOUR OWN intuition is.

Learn how to trust yourself but do not confuse intuition with fantasy.



The Day

In general, Dagaz comes around as a very positive Rune. It speaks of transformation as the result of accumulated life experience. You are stepping into the next period in your life. The Rune brings pleasant changes, everything seems to fall into place for you. It can even signify that your big wish is finally coming true.



The Ing God

The Rune symbolizes an arrival of a period when everything is coming together for you. All your new beginnings are being saturated with the energy of growth and development, leading to success and abundance. You are striving for progress and the Universe sees and recognizes your efforts.




Othala is the Rune that advises to go back to where you came from, not literally... The Rune tells you to listen to your heart and remind yourself of your ideals and morals are. It is the Rune of the ancestors and strong family ties. Your decisions and results are now based on your life experience and lessons. And yes, at times, this is the Rune of destiny in the sense that you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Have faith.

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