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Journey of the Hero



Number: IV

Element: Air

Astrology: Chiron

Zodiac: Taurus

Mythology: Zeus, Odin

Letter: צ Tsade

I Ching: Hexagrams 7, 37, 38

Keywords: Order, Authority, Father, Power, Responsibility



The prediction is good and promising whether the Emperor card describes a person or situation. Emperor is not the card of fast changes, but your efforts will definitely pay off.


What does the emperor mean in tarot card reading?


The Emperor signifies the time in your life when you want stability, a clear plan and the feeling of safety and security, in any area of your life you are inquiring about. You need to be decisive and bold to reach success.


You will be able to accomplish your goals, finish a task or get the situation under control.


Shadow (reversed) side of the Emperor can be quite difficult to deal with. It signifies despotism, the inability to relax and let go of control.


It also means that there are obstacles on the way to your goals, things are not going as planned, there are delays, potentially due to other people's actions (e.g. dealing with organizations or government).


Emperor portrays a person that wants to be in the realm of safety, stability and control. It may be difficult to sway or convince them, offer a different perspective or opinion. Emperor prefers tried and true methods, events and situations that are predictable. However, they have incredible willpower and a desire to lead. Often they see their actions are a sign of goodwill and will not agree if someone calls them unreasonable or stubborn. Emperor is very intelligent, knows how to create abundance, and controls their own life.

The Emperor as Card of the Day: Today is a good day to be in charge, to take responsibility, and to count on yourself and your strength. It is a good day to put your ideas into action, to create order out of chaos. The main meaning of this card is realization and manifestation. Use a voice of reason, have arguments, and be stubborn if needed. If you encounter an Emperor today, know that he may help you with your needs but will do it on his terms and in a way, he thinks is best.


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If you are inquiring about career growth and potential, the Emperor card says that you will not have to wait for a promotion for long. You will also be learning a new skill or may even be changing your career path.

The shadow (reversed) meaning of the Emperor can be that your manager/boss prevents you from being promoted or growing in your company.



The Emperor is a favourable card for finances. With the Emperor card present, you will not be concerned about your financial stability. The Emperor always finds a way to make money, properly allocates resources and will not engage in risky investments and schemes.

The shadow (reversed) meaning of the Emperor is financial struggles that should not last long. It may be that your financial strategy doesn't work.



With positive cards around, the Emperor is usually a good sign, signifying understanding, stability and common goals. A partner described as the Emperor is a very fatherly figure, they will take care of their family at all costs, providing all that is necessary.


The shadow (reversed) meaning of the Emperor, will mean that everything mentioned above will come with a cost. Often, a partner will not be willing to consider your opinion and you will have to play by their rules. During times of conflict, they may use aggressive strategies to get what they want. With age, the temper of the Emperor tends to worsen, they tend to become easily irritated and tired due to the number of responsibilities they put on themselves.


In health questions, the Emperor may signal the situation when you take on too much and start to feel the effects of responsibilities and stress on your health. It can also mean visiting healthcare professional and making a serious health decision.

The shadow (reversed) Emperor can signal mental health struggles, such as anxiety, distress and panic attacks. Often these come from the inability of a person in question to let go of control.


The Emperor is a YES card on its own. The decision comes with responsibility and the need to be strong and bold.


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The Emperor Tarot Card Combinations 


The Emperor + The Fool: overestimating your abilities, beginning of career journey, an unskilled manager

The Emperor + The Magician: having all necessary resources, chance to prove yourself, growth in any area, manipulation

The Emperor + The High Priestess: powerful woman leader, a mistress

The Emperor + The Empress: powerful couple, healthy balance in relationship, family business

The Emperor + The Hierophant: authority, abiding by the rules, dealing with the government, strong morals

The Emperor + The Lovers: making a responsible choice

The Emperor + The Chariot: the need for movement and change will take over the desire for stability

The Emperor + The Strength: a desire for power, riot, getting over yourself to make a decision

The Emperor + The Hermit: a need for a wise decision, family problems

The Emperor + Wheel of Fortune: a tipping point, success

The Emperor + Justice: contract, being just, abiding or forcing one to abide by the rules

The Emperor + The Hanged Man: inability to move forward due to the limiting mindset

The Emperor + Death: life-changing events, the structure that is falling, creating a new order or foundation

The Emperor + Temperance: a protective figure, taking care of someone, a desire to help

The Emperor + The Devil: the shadow side of the Emperor

The Emperor + The Tower: loss of job, foundation falling apart

The Emperor + The Star: hard-earned victory, a desire to show yourself

The Emperor + The Moon: uncertainties, powerlessness

The Emperor + The Sun: father and child bond, successful business

The Emperor + The Judgement: obtaining power, influential decision,

The Emperor + The World: endless possibilities, results you hoped for

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