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Journey of the Hero




Number: I

Element: Air

Astrology: Sun, Mercury

Zodiac: Gemini, Taurus

Mythology: Daedalus

Letter: א

I Ching: Hexagram 1 "Force" ䷀

Keywords: Creativity, Initiative



The Magician comes after the Fool when you have set yourself on a new path in life and are now ready to plan and act upon it. You are no longer clueless about what comes next and want to be in control of your destiny.


The Magician symbolizes the cunning mind, quick wits and creativity. Magician comes during a time when there are challenges and problems that you will need to face but you have everything to overcome them.


Magician holds power over the Four elements. This is what makes him so powerful. What this implies is that you have all the necessary resources to accomplish your goals.


It is the period when your conscious and subconscious minds are coming together, making you ready to take action. But Magician is not the time of blind action and you taking a leap of faith. The card suggests extensive research and planning. If you are ready to approach the situation this way, then you are set to success.


The shadow side of Magician Tarot card has two paths. First, it can point on a person whose above discussed qualities are blocked or not yet uncovered. Look at the surrounding cards. Combinations of the Magician with Cups can describe energy blockages and lost potential. In this case, the card describes a period of lost opportunities, melancholy and depression.


Another shadow side of the Magician is using these powerful qualities with ill intentions. For example, the most famous combination of the Magician card and 7 of swords describes a liar, thief and a person that is ruthlessly using you.

The Magician Robin Wood Tarot Cards Deck

The Magician Robin Wood Tarot Cards Deck




On the level of consciousness, the Magician advises that your mind is clear and precise, like never before. You have enough knowledge, wits and a gift to persuade anyone to do what you want and reach success in any task, even if you previously thought it was beyond you.

The Magician also gives you a broader and more global perspective on things. You are able to distance yourself from the situation and assess it for what it really is.


On a deeper lever, the Magician describes an ability to take responsibility, be decisive and understand a need to take destiny in your own hands. It is the time to feel your true potential and life purpose.

The Magician in Shadowscapes Tarot Cards Deck




The Magician suggests that you have a potential and are ready to use it by showing an initiative. Depending on your goal, you can reach success in your finances, career, finish a project or pass an important exam.

This is the time to overcome challenges, to push yourself to new limits, to set your goals and work on them.




The Magician gives quite mixed vibes when it comes to love life.

If you are single, looking for love or relationship, the Magician gives you the power to overcome any problems, internal or external you may have to find a partner.


In a relationship, take a look at the surrounding cards. If you are inquiring about your partner’s intentions, the Magician can come up as a trickster and a person who is solely using you as means to an end. A person described by this card is very eloquent, smart and charming. They know exactly what needs to be said and done to get you to do what they want.


But when we look at the overall love life described by the Magician, it's advice is that everything depends on you. You are capable to hold the relationship together or end it, should you make this choice.




When it comes to health questions it's important to understand whether Magician brings a positive or negative meaning to a spread.


The card can be seen as a symbol of strong life force, good physical health and stamina, as well as describe a person who is in charge of their own health situation.


When surrounded by negative cards, it can describe a doctor or healer, which in turn can point on a worsening health condition or need to seek treatment.




On it's own, the Magician is a yes card.

The Fool in Thoth Tarot Deck by Aleister Crowley


The Magician in Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck


The Fool in the Classic Tarot Deck



The Fool – The Magician: plans falling apart, risk of dementia or mental breakdown, amateur witchcraft


The High Priestess – The Magician: esoterics and witchcraft, uncovering secrets, manipulation and lack of trust, idea that is not manifesting


The Empress – The Magician: the drive to create and manifest, excitement over new idea, abundance in career and finances, wishes coming true, love


The Emperor – The Magician: self-control, organization and discipline, harsh manipulation and dictatorship, independence


The Hierophant – The Magician: guide, teacher or guru, education and development, science and research, support in relationship


The Lovers – The Magician: clear choice, partnership and negotiation, new relationship or third person involved, cheating and lies


The Chariot – The Magician: new beginning or complete change of course, travel, purchase, business involving a risk


The Strength – The Magician: incredible self-understanding and control, ability to reach any goal and overcome challenges, someone looking after you


The Hermit – The Magician: time to withdraw, think and plan, be careful and wise, personal development, taking care of yourself first


The Wheel of Fortune – The Magician: using an opportunity, gambling and taking a chance, meeting the right person, luck, cause and effect, new job


Justice – The Magician: protector or lawyer, legal negotiations, contracts or marriage, a beginning of long and challenging journey, speaking out against all


The Hanged Man – The Magician: challenges and obstacles, pending decision, lack of initiative, you are being deceived and manipulated, not a good time for a change, health concerns


Death – The Magician: end of relationship, pause of everything due to a time for a powerful transformation, onset of serious illness, words said will cause pain


Temperance – The Magician: guardian Angel, short distance travel, a chance offered, doctor or scientist, things coming together, agreement or union


The Devil – The Magician: dangerous manipulation or person, dark magic, alcohol or substance abuse, evil intentions, criminal or illegal business

The Tower – The Magician: chaos and destruction, irrational thinking or behaviour, accidents, initiative will bring problems

The Star – The Magician: perfect time for a start, planning, creative thinking, fame, dreaming high, healing has started

The Moon – The Magician: illusions and fantasies, unclear or shady intentions, psychology and esoteris, mental issues

The Sun – The Magician: new cycle in life, birth of a child, admission to educational institution or workplace.


The Judgement – The Magician: slow changes taking effect at last, power to change destiny


The World – The Magician: manifestation of dreams, end of journey, idea being recognized

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