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What TAROT CARDS CAN and CANNOT TELL. Questions to ask during a Tarot reading.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

When will I get married? Am I pregnant yet? Can you tell me lottery numbers since you are “psychic”?

Let’s be real, every Tarot reader or anyone using divination with clients has been asked these questions.

Some of them we can easily rephrase to get an answer, others we may have to decline to answer at all.

Why does this happen?

I know that most people that come to a Tarot reading are not having the best time of their life. It’s pretty understandable. People don’t look for a psychic to tell them that all is good, and they just want to share their happy story.

People come with a problem and it is our job to make sure the client leaves with not only an answer but also a plan.

This is why I call my readings Intuitive Coaching. It is my job to help my clients acknowledge their current life situation and help them come up with a solution that is best for them.

I do my best to answer ALL questions I am asked, and I always find a way to modify the “unanswerable” questions so that they make sense to me and my client.

In this Blog post I will tell you what questions you should ask a Tarot reader and what questions Tarot can’t answer. I will also give you options for how to modify those questions to get an answer.

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In the end of this Blog I will answer one of the commonly asked questions: why my Tarot reading didn’t come true, so if this is the only thing you are interested in, scroll to the very bottom of the post ( but I suggest you read all of it of course).

This Blog post will be equally useful to Tarot readers to know how to give quality readings and to Tarot CLIENTS that are looking to get a reading to know how to prepare ahead to get the most out of your session.

What types of questions you can ask a Tarot reader and what kind of answer you should anticipate getting?

I will start by answering another question first: are there right and wrong answers in Tarot?

Not really, no. There are no right or wrong answers in Tarot. But there are wrong questions that lead to “poor quality” answers. This means that your question is one of the most important components to a reading.

First, I want you to understand what the purpose of Tarot is.

Tarot cards give us a direction, they are a guide to the reality and our future. Those who are “afraid” of Tarot thinking it is a sin or a witchcraft don’t understand this ancient art of divination. Tarot is aimed to help one understand the deepest desires, motives and intentions of the heart that shape our decisions and actions.

Tarot cards help to understand ourselves, our feelings and tap into the subconsciousness for answers.

“Norse te ipsum” is a famous phrase written on the Temple of Apollo in Delphi that translates from Ancient Greek as “Know yourself.”

This is the path Tarot cards put us on and guide us throughout our lives, helping us to understand our goals and passions and see and appreciate the beauty and magic of being alive as a Human Being.

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So, what Tarot cards can tell and, most importantly, how Tarot Cards can help?

Questions you can ask a Tarot reader should, first at foremost, relate to the current state of events, the reasons behind the situation and the means of resolving any issues associate with it.

The cards will give you the prognosis and the trend at which at situation is developing. What the roots of the problem are and what decision to make that is in your best interest.

· You can ask questions about day-to-day events and problems. No question is “unimportant” or “small”, as long as it MATTERS TO YOU.

· You should DEFINITELY ask personal growth and developments questions and we have wonderful spreads to help you grow and become. You can definitely use cards in your spiritual journey.

· You can ask questions and receive help in your love life or relationship matters. You can choose a Tarot reader that also specializes in relationship coaching and will help you find a way to improve your relationship situation.

· Tarot Cards can help you understand your feelings and emotions on a deeper level and will help you to work through mental health challenges you may be facing.

· You can ask questions about money and material well-being. Tarot Cards will answer the questions about your financial growth or stagnation, how to improve the situation and what you may be doing wrong that is harming your income.

· You also can ask career and business questions. Tarot Cards are very helpful to aid you in understanding if you are on the right path with regards to your career. It will help you make a choice with regards to a job or find out if you can anticipate a promotion.

Tarot Cards can also tell about your boss or colleagues and what you need to do to make things work at a workplace if you are facing challenges or unfairness.

· You can inquire about magical workings. You can ask if someone did some spell work on you, cursed you or simply wished something on you that happened to “stick” and is now affecting your well-being, resources and health.

· Questions with regards to personal Karma and past life. You may ask who you were in your past life, what mistakes you have made and what lessons you need to learn in this life based on the information from your past.

· Really any question that starts with: “Is it in my best interest to…?” or “What will be the outcome if…”

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What questions Tarot cards can’t answer?

Let’s break it down. Tarot cards can’t answer the questions about the following:

· Anything numerical. Understand this, Tarot cards are pictorial representations and while most of them are numbered, we do not use these numbers to predict your wedding date or next lottery numbers. We don’t know the phone number of your ex or his new address.

Does it mean you can’t predict time at all?

Yes, we can give you timeframes but what you need to understand is that Time is a manmade concept. There is no Time in the Universe, but this is where we go for our answers. We go to the Source.

We do occasionally use numerology to get the timeframes, we can give you seasons, and we can calculate the best dates for your wedding. That said, this is all numerology and not so much Tarot.

Solution: I like to rephrase my question and create a time frame we are working with.

For example, instead of “when will I get a job?” I would rephrase the question based on the time frame my client is interested in for the question to sound more like “will I get a job within a month (or three months, or 6 months) ?”

This makes a question very clear and you WILL get a good answer that will either tell you what your opportunity will be like or what is preventing you from getting where you want to be IN THAT TIME FRAME.

· Tarot cards will not give you a medical diagnosis. Please. I’m begging you, go see your doctor.

Can we see an illness? Yes

Can we see if things are getting worse? Yes

Can we see if things are getting better? Yes

But we are not in a position to give a medical diagnosis. We can’t see your bloodwork and we can’t prescribe you an appropriate medication or give you a treatment plan.

So, what is the use of the session where I can’t give you a plan and necessary suggestions?

I can suggest you changing a practitioner, if necessary, or seek a second opinion.

I can advise you on what to do IN ADDITION to your official medical plan.

I can help you get through the illness by providing emotional support and advice on how to stay balanced and grounded despite the challenges.

· Give an answer to a close ended Tarot “yes or no” question.

Tarot Cards don’t give a straight yes or no answer to a question. Even if it is a “yes/no” Tarot spread, it will still give a picture of what’s going on. If “yes”, then why. What will follow and how the events will unfold, what obstacles you will face and who will be there for you to help. Same goes with a “no”.

As you can see, Tarot can answer MOST of the questions about different topics and time frames: past, present and future.

Moreover, you have probably noticed that Tarot can answer questions like “What if…” and is able to help you see and CREATE an alternative future that depends on the choice you make based on the information you get from a reader.

When you turn to a professional Tarot reader you will receive a reading that is packed with information and advice. The experienced Tarot reader will be able to use or create a spread that is tailored to your situation and your needs.

Lastly, I want to answer the following question: why my Tarot reading didn’t come true? I’ve asked all the right questions but still didn’t get a promotion and my boyfriend broke up with me?

If you have read this post carefully and didn’t skip to this last part, by now you have understood what Tarot reading is.

Tarot reading works like a case study. It gives you information and lays out different scenarios, but the CHOICE IS YOURS because no one has cancelled the power of FREE WILL.

The LAW OF FREE WILL states that a person has a freedom of choice to have wishes, make decisions, set goals and strive to achieve these goals.

This is the difference between FORTUNE TELLING and DIVINATION. The true Tarot reader never tells you that the events are set in stone, this is fortune telling and if this is what you are looking for then you need to go to the circus.

Divination teaches you lessons, goes deep into your and tells what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

If you dismiss these advice and choose to act differently, you step on a DIFFERENT PATH and your future will vary accordingly.

Be prepared for this when you are booking a reading to save your money and get THE MOST out of your reading.

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