Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Heimdall's 2nd Aett

sowilo elder futhark rune meaning


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​sowilo sowilo sowilo



us as is es os

so se si sa su

(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Old Germanic name: Sowelu

Old Norwegian name: Sol

Anglo-Saxon name: Sigel, Sigil

Old Celtic name: Soilleir

Old Icelandic name: Sól

sowilo rune symbol

Rune Sowilo Overall Meaning: Sowilo is one of the most positive Runes in the deck. It is the Rune of accomplishments and triumph. Sowilo is about the results. We often talk about the Runes pushing and motivating us, acting as the driving force. Sowilo is here to help us feel powerful, graceful and victorious.

sowilo elder futhark rune meaning


Rune Sowilo completes the Second Aett of the Germanic Alphabet.


Just as Sowilo completes the Aett, it also brings the situation to its logical conclusion. An ability to see the situation from different angles and understand it on a deeper level gives birth to true wisdom and a wise person is always the winner.


Sowilo is represented by lightning. The lighting is what really ignites the Rune, giving it the power over the Fire Element.


Most people have seen the Sowilo symbol before, although they might not know it is the Rune symbol. But I hope you understand that Sowilo is an extremely powerful Rune and knowing the history of its use, you may understand that the Rune also has a destructive power. While the use of this Rune was unfortunately abused in its history, what we can learn from this is that the Rune can bring you down just as quickly as it will lift you up. Just something to keep in mind. Sowilo is represented by the Sun in astrology and the Sun can keep it warm one day and burn your skin to blisters the next.


But what Sowilo truly is about is creativity, inner sense of purpose, and spiritual awakening on a deep level that allows one to change their life and reality*. Sowilo is a very positive Rune and yet so powerful. It is the Rune of leadership, goals and motivation that lead to success but the key here is that you have inner resources to push until you come out victorious.


Action taking is a big part of this Rune. Sowilo is the Rune of strong people. It comes with help to those who have learned how to transform their lives and their reality.


While the majority of Rune symbols of Elder Futhark put certain conditions, such as waiting, analyzing, gaining more knowledge and acquiring all the necessary information and skill, Sowilo is the only Rune that calls you to drop everything, get rid of negative thinking, doubts and fears and charge forward, without questioning even once if you can succeed.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:

The sun is ever a hope to seamen,

when they carry themselves over the fishes’ bath,

until their brine-horses bring them to shore


Sowilo is NOT read reversed, so in your Rune readings, you will need to pay attention to the neighbouring Runes.


Rune Advice: It is the time to be a leader and to be bold. Gather the strength you have inside to make a final push. With everything you have been to throughout the Aett, with everything you have learned, you are now ready to charge forward and get what you want. Don’t be afraid to DREAM BIG!



*If you are interested in truly understanding how to shape your reality, I suggest checking out Vadim Zeland and his theory of Transurfing. This is some very powerful stuff, Friends. I have personally read all books on Transurfing and I promise this WILL change your life.