Elder Futhark Rune Meanings
Heimdall's 2nd Aett


The Harvest

Stands for: “The Year” or "The Harvest"

Sound: “j” (pronounced y as in yarn)

God: Freyr

Colour: Blue

Element: Earth

Astrology: Sun


Energy: Masculine

Health: Gastro-Internal System

Key Words: Time, Cycle, Reward, Fertility*, Harvest, Awakening

Galdr (Runic Chant)


Jera Jera Jera



Ju ja ji je jo




Old Germanic name: Gaar (Jera)

Old Norwegian name: Jara, Ar

Anglo-Saxon name: Ger (Jara)

Old Celtic name: Dusgadh

Old Icelandic name: Ár



When Jera comes in mind, the first thing many think about is the Time. This Rune is the one connected the most to the powers on cycles and time. 


One thing I always remind is that time is a man-made concept. There is no such thing as time in the Universe and the Multiverse of the Runes.


For this reason, I want to highlight that Jera rules over the CYCLES OF NATURE and the changes of the SEASONS (the rotation of the winter-summer cycle or “The Wheel of the Year”)


Jera comes with a reward for past actions (if you acted out of honour and good faith). It is the time of the harvest and how much you are able to harvest always depends on how much work you put in.


Rune Jera can be worn as a talisman. You can also safely use this Rune for a tattoo, as it does not come with a reversed meaning.

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem says:


Summer/Jera is a joy to men, when God, the holy King of Heaven, 

suffers the earth to bring forth shining fruits
for rich and poor alike.


The reason for “God, the holy King of Heaven” is in a Rune poem is due to Christianisation happening at that time. Some translations replace it with “Gods”.


Rune Advice: You have already done very well, my friend, and the reward will follow. Continue to push, it is not the time to give up or change the course. 




When it comes to meditation, use Rune Jera to go deep inside of your soul and get answers to the following questions:


  • Are my body, mind & spirit in a harmony with each other?

  • Am I working hard and SMART on my projects?

  • Do I live according to the Laws of Nature?

  • Am I ready to wait for the results of my hard work?


Rune Jera is great to use to promote and positively impact any area of your life into which you put efforts. 


Use Rune Jera in a Bindrune or as an amulet for the following requests:


  • To achieve abundance

  • To achieve a desired result from financial investments, time or any kinds of effort. 

  • For a successful outcome of any new project


Don’t use Jera though to speed things up. It is the Rune of the cycles and the cycle must pass for you efforts to come to fruitions. 

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Jera is usually a positive Rune when it comes to health matters. If you have been struggling with your health for some time, it is the sign that now things are getting better. Don’t give up and despair. The difficult period is now behind and you are on the track to recovery. 


If you are just inquiring about your health and how you can improve it, then Jera would advice you to really work on building a system that would allow you mind, body & soul to be in harmony.


This Rune is all about the input, you get out what you put in (“the harvest”). So, work on your health day by day without excuses. There are basic things you should never ignore, such as good healthy diet, exercise, fresh air and sun. If you are not willing to do even this much, then how do you expect to be healthy?




The association of the Rune Jera with fertility comes from its cosmic connection to the God Freyr, the ruler of Álfheimr. Freyr, the brother of the well-known Goddess Freya, is the God of fertility and peace.


Rune Jera is also a favourable one for the relationship matters and usually follows after a period of difficulties. Just like everything else, relationship is a hard work. You are building your love block by block and it takes a great deal of patience, compromises and kindness to have a happy and healthy union.


If right now you are facing challenges, it is not the time to give up and part your ways. What this Rune advises is to sit down with your partner, hear each other out and really do your best to understand where your partner is coming from. After that, both of you should do what it takes to remedy the situation.



Rune Jera is a very good one to use in your career, entrepreneurship and any kind of business matter or financial investment. Understand, that to use this Rune you shouldn’t expect that you will just sit and wait around for the money to come in.


To use this Rune you should not only have a strong will and mindset but also be willing to work for results (it is the Rune of Harvest, remember?)


But if this is what you are doing anyway and just want some extra help from the Runes, then Rune Jera, especially in a Bindrune with Fehu, will provide a great deal to help and expedite matters for you.



After a few “no” from me, I can finally give you the green light again.

The meaning of Rune Jera always stays positive, as the Rune symbol is nit read reversed, which means you can safely use it for your Norse style tattoos.

Just remember to be ready to act and not just dream. As long as you set goals in life and act upon them, Jera will really help you reap what you saw in all areas of life.

There are also no limitations with regards to body part selection for this tattoo, as long as it is a single Rune tattoo. If you are combining multiple Runes, then you have to consider those Runes and their restrictions.


Rune Jera brings on a sense of peace, hope and a gentle change. Just as the Wheel turns and the seasons change, Jera reminds us that we cannot go against natural order of life. 


That said, it is not a harsh change we see with Tarot Wheel of the Year. The change of the seasons we see in nature is never sudden. The earth prepares slowly of the coldness of winter and wakes up from it just as slowly and gently.


For this reason, the Rune has more of an Eight of Cups kind of vibe. It is a shift and a necessary change but because this Rune is quite harmonious in nature, it is not meant to cause a shock or emotional pain. 


Jera is a very fair Rune. You get what you deserve when this Rune comes up. But its mostly very positive, unless surrounded by all negative Runes. Even then, it is able to soften the negative outcome as the cycles will change and you will be able to move on. 


In time sensitive questions, Jera is not the fast Rune, as the cycle must pass for the results to come and that cycle can be anywhere from a week to a whole season.


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