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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings
Heimdall's 2nd Aett
algiz elder futhark symbol meaning



Elhaz elhaz elhaz

Z z z z z z z z z

Uz az iz ez oz

Oz ez iz az uz


(Galdr Source: "Futhark The Handbook of Rune Magic" by Edred Thorsson)


​Old Germanic name: Algis, Elhaz

Old Norwegian name: Ihwar

Anglo-Saxon name: Eolh or Olh

Old Celtic name: Eileadh

Old Icelandic name: Elgr

rune algiz symbol

Rune Algiz Overall Meaning: Algiz is one of the most known Runes of Elder Futhark. The Rune is most commonly associated with "divine" protection and is in fact under the strong influence of Heimdall, the Guardian of the Gods' stronghold and the protector against evil forces. Algiz is the Rune of growth, both spiritual and physical. It is the connection between us and the Gods and the strength that helps us to push through the obstacles.

algiz elder futhark general meaning



If someone knows anything about the Runes, they know the Rune Algiz and its association with protection from all kinds of negative energies. The Rune of course is much more than that.


Algiz means being a warrior and having the internal strength backed up by the powers of the Universe and Ancestors to protect yourself and others. I hope you understand from this that the Rune allows for both passive and active forms of protection.


While we probably won’t know the origin of the Rune Algiz symbol, it is thought to be a splayed hand that you would put forward to indicate “stop” (and definitely NOT a peace symbol despite what some may think).


Rune Algiz used to be frequently seen on graveyards beside the name and dates of birth & death. 


Despite the above facts, Algiz is a very positive Rune. It is not an aggressive Rune that can cause devastation or ruin. It covers a person like a cocoon, making everything negative thrown its way simply bounce back. 


Here is some interesting information about Rune Algiz symbol position. Upright Algiz represents female genitalia, while reversed Algiz Rune is a symbol of male genitalia. 


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem says:


The sedge is mostly to be found in a marsh;

it grows in the water and makes a ghastly wound,

covering with blood every warrior who touches it.



Rune Advice: listen to your intuition and your inner voice. Tap into the Source for information and guidance. Protect your ideals and what you believe in.

rune algiz free pdf meaning
rune algiz in meditation and rituals



Interestingly, Algiz is a very spiritual Rune that allows one to really dip into the higher realms and merge with the Source.

The Rune helps one to bring out their inner creativity that is activated when a person really starts to listen to their inner voice.

With regards to the use of Algiz in protection Rituals, you can go as simple or as complicated as you wish. You can use Algiz alone or in a Bindrune, integrating it into a simple candle ritual (see my Resource library for instructions).


The Rune has a strong connection with the God Heimdall who is very sensitive and swift.


No wonder this Rune gives an opportunity to develop psychic abilities by making you more sensitive to energy and its changes.



Algiz is usually the most worn Rune as a protection Rune pendant. It protects you from ALL sources of negativity, curses and nasty actions from competitors.

The Rune also gives you the strength to fight back and stand your ground. It will strengthen your spirit, giving you a chance to really push and overcome obstacles.

In general, the Rune does work on three levels:

·      Physical: protecting you from any negativity, evil intentions and day-to-day situations that you may face at work or just with people.

·      Emotional: Rune Algiz gives you strength and willpower to make decisions and to have control over your emotions, allowing you to make the right judgments.

·      Spiritual: Algiz protects your aura (and chakras) against any negative energy.

I personally think it is a must-have Rune for the jewelry/amulet collection. It is a very powerful and useful Rune.

rune algiz in health questions



Upright Algiz indicates good health, particularly with regard to the immune system and the body’s ability to fight unwanted pathogens. This is how the protection side of Algiz shows itself in health matters.


It also means that you are well energetically protected, such as that you will not easily get hit with negativity thrown your way.


The reversed Algiz would naturally suggest the opposite of the above. It is that health situation when someone around you sneezes and you already come down with the flu.


Therefore, when reversed Algiz comes up in health matters, it is important to work on boosting your immunity.


It may also be a good idea to do a simple protection ritual to fight off unwanted energies because being energetically weak also puts you at a higher risk of suffering from physical illnesses.

Rune algiz in love & relationship meaning(9).png


Algiz is normally not associated with love or relationships directly. The Rune, however, is perfect to be used as a protection amulet for your new home.


Upright Algiz is a favourable Rune in love question that means an honest and warm relationship, where two people are really supportive of each other.


In a love reading, Rune Algiz indicates a good outcome; if there is an argument or a fight, Rune says that this unpleasant situation is coming to an end. You will finally find understanding and peace.

You can also use it to PROTECT YOUR RELATIONSHIP from outside influences and energies.


Algiz + Ingwaz can indicate a wedding.


Algiz + Berkana in a reading means that the family union is strong, and partners are very supportive of one another.


Reversed Algiz in love and relationship readings states that the union may not bring anything good to you. You need to protect your higher ideals and be able to stand up for what you believe in.


Your partner may not have the best and most honest intentions toward you, thinking first about their needs and wishes and then about yours.


Uruz + Algiz combination can point towards a person who would be aggressive with wanting to have things only their way.


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rune algiz in money and career



Overall, Algiz is a very positive Rune. In career questions, Algiz speaks about a creative type of job. You have a lot of energy and a wish to get things done, learn and try new ways and approaches. 


Algiz is often an indication to protect what is yours.


In career questions, Algiz can mean that you need to protect your work and your achievements.


With regard to money, the same advice applies. You need to make sure your assets are well-protected. Make sure you do not get involved in any schemes or investments you are not sure about. Especially if you receive Algiz + Fehu combination which speaks about success in career and business projects.


While Fehu + Reversed Algiz combo says that you will be able to achieve material success when you deal with the issuers first that create obstacles.


Algiz + Laguz is a very favourable combination in education matters.


Algiz + Ehwaz can mean work-related travel, working from home or even distanced work.

rune algiz in viking and norse style tattoo



Rune Algiz is one of the most popular Runes used in Norse and Viking-style tattoos as a protection symbol. It may seem like it is the perfect Rune to tattoo, however, this Rune is actually not amongst the list of the “safe” Runes to tattoo, so to speak.


The Rune can be tattooed much more safely than, say, Thurisaz. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for people who have NOTHING to do with the Runes, don’t have a personal connection to Algiz and want to do it just for fun, thinking it will offer any kind of protection.


Understand that each Rune is quite complicated and can take different courses and paths, depending on your actions and intentions. Algiz has VERY POWERFUL energy and can have a strong influence on a person and their life.


Moreover, the Rune is read reversed and you should carefully consider how it will be positioned because its meaning changes drastically.


What to do if you already have Algiz tattooed?


I suggest taking time to develop a connection with the Rune. At the very least, perform a candle Ritual, activating the Rune and do a few meditations to really tap into the energy of the Rune.


I still have some Runic candles on my Etsy page, and you can send me a request for a custom Runic candle. I will hand carve the Rune on a crystal and insert it in the candle specifically for you.

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algiz elder futhark rune meaning



Some people see the Algiz Rune symbol as a hand asking for help. While it is not the most popular opinion, it’s still something to consider in a reading. The Rune can mean a time in your life when you really need to get over yourself and ask for help. It can point towards a spiritual teacher of yours, a friend, or simply someone wise in your surrounding who could help you solve your current problem.


It could also go the other way around, based on the surrounding Runes, meaning that someone close to you requires your help.


Algiz + Thurisaz can mean that you should anticipate some very sudden changes or shifts that will nonetheless be positive.


Algiz + Sowilo point out an incredibly strong-willed person who will always get what they want in life and will strive to have things their way.


Reversed Algiz in Divination is a warning that you need to be in control of your emotions and actions, weigh your words carefully and pick your battles wisely.


If you are dealing with a problem, reversed Algiz is a message to stop running away from the problem and deal with the issue face-to-face, getting to the core of things.


Sometimes, reversed Algiz is an indication that the path you are on is not right for you and the Rune acts almost like a “Stop” sign, telling you: “Are you sure this is what you want? Are you certain this is where you want to be heading in life?”


Reversed Algiz + Raidho indicate that you should not anticipate help from a person you were counting on.

Algiz as the Rune of the Day:


As the Rune of the day, Algiz predicts new beginnings and opportunities. You may finally see movement in a situation that seemed to be “dead” for some time. Reversed Algiz, would indicate the contrary. It is the time when you need to think before you act but be able to protect your values and ideals and stand up for what you believe in.

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