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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett

othala elder futhark rune meaning



Othala othala othala



Othul othal othil othel othol

Othol othel othil othal othul


(Source: "Futhark The Handbook of Rune Magic" by Edred Thorsson)


​Othala Old Germanic name: Utal (Othala)

Othala Old Norwegian name: Oþila

Othala Anglo-Saxon name: Otael

Othala Old Celtic name: Odal

Othala Old Icelandic name: Oðal

rune othala symbol elder futhark meaning

Rune Othala/Odal of Elder Futhark Overall Meaning: Othala is the Rune that advises going back to where you came from, not literally... The Rune tells you to listen to your heart and remind yourself of your ideals and morals are. It is the Rune of the ancestors and strong family ties. Your decisions and results are now based on your life experience and lessons. And yes, at times, this is the Rune of destiny in the sense that you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be. Have faith.

rune othala elder futhark meaning



If talking about Othala reminds you of Fehu Rune, let me explain the difference between the concept of “property” associated with these two Runes.


When we talk about Fehu, we discuss the notion of movable property or possession. It is something tangible you have earned with hard work and can sell if you choose to. It is also something that can very much be taken away from you if you take a wrong turn in life.


Othala describes land or wealth that cannot be either purchased or sold. It is a feeling of home that covers you like a wave when you are far from your ancestral land. And some people reading this may not understand what I mean but if you are an immigrant that moved at the age old enough to love your homeland, then reading this will hit home.


Othala is family, friends, traditions, land and culture that is a part of you, that shape your personality and influence your decisions.



The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


The oak is fodder for flesh on earth

for the sons of men. It frequently ferries

over the gannet’s bath. The spear-waves test

whether the oak possesses reliability for noble men.


The other aspect of Othala Rune is a life experience. It is everything you have learned and gone through that has shaped you into the person you are today. It is the mixture of family tradition, your upbringing and your own views and morals that you have developed throughout life. This is your “property” that you carry with you anywhere you go.


And every life area that we will discuss further will revolve around this meaning of Othala.

Othala/Odal Reversed Rune Meaning:


Reversed Othala points on plans falling apart, often due to you rushing into things and not listening or seeking wise advice.


It could be that you were looking for an easy way to get what you want but are now realizing that things in life don’t really work like that.


Reversed Othala can also indicate a bad relationship with your family and views that don’t align. It could be that you have chosen another path that resulted in you losing a connection with your family or cutting family ties altogether.

rune othala meaning free pdf
rune othala in meditation and rituals


In my personal opinion, every person that works with Runes at any level needs to work with this Rune closely at some point. Our ancestors have a lot to teach us and they are trying to. The problem with today’s society is that we don’t have time to listen.

Othala Rune will help turn your regular meditation into a powerful and transformational experience where you will be able to grow from within by tapping into the “forgotten” part of your consciousness. In your DNA there is information about everything and Othala will help you find an answer to ANY question.

Use Rune Othala in Meditation for the following:

·      To establish a connection with your ancestors

·      To go through the emotional struggle of moving, if you have a hard time letting go of your homeland.

·      To look for the answers to troublesome questions inside of you

Rune Othala is widely used in rituals for those wishing to connect with Ancestors on an even deeper level. You may also want to call upon them to support any other ritual work you may be doing.

Other than that, use Othala in rituals and magical workings to obtain the following:

·      To strengthen the relationship with your family and overcome conflicts.

·      Protection rituals for your home. A thing to emphasize here is that the Othala is not the Rune for personal protection but rather a protection of physical property from disasters and theft.

·      Any issues related to ancestry or family, such as working with Karmic debts, illnesses etc.

·      To establish a connection with your ancestors.

rune othala elder futhark meaning
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Othala is a very popular jewelry and amulet piece in Ásátru. It helps to establish a connection and feel closer to your Ancestors.


It can also be used to develop the abilities, especially spiritual, that your ancestors once had.


Keep the Othala amulet close when searching for new property for your family.

rune othala in health questions



Depending on the wording of your question, Othala in health can mean a few things:


  • It can point to some hereditary diseases. If that’s the case, it may be a good time to visit a doctor and talk about prevention, testing or treatment, depending on your situation.


  • If you are already recovering from something, Othala would advise spending time at home in an atmosphere that is comforting and healing. No need to rush back to work or be out on your feet all day. You are not yet ready for this.


  • An addition to the previous point, Othala can also mean that the best place for your healing is home.


  • Lastly, Othala can point to an illness of your family member, especially your elderly relations. Don’t forget to check on your loved ones. This is especially true if the Rune comes up reversed.

rune othala in love and relationship questions


There are different opinions on Othala Rune for love and relationship readings, so I suggest you have some nearby Runes for extra guidance.


Some people see Othala as an obstacle to a healthy relationship due to ties and “baggage” from the past that you continuously bring in into your new relationships.


But Othala can also symbolize devotion to your partner and the feeling of knowing a person that you could have just recently met was with you your entire life. This, in turn, can create a very strong union.


Othala + Raidho combination can predict a situation describes above when you meet someone during a trip in a way you expect the least.

Reversed Othala for Love & Relationship:


Reversed Othala, unfortunately, is not a bearer of good news.

However, some of the messages allow you to go work through the problem and improve the situation.


So, here is what the reversed Rune can indicate for love:


  • It can point to inevitable losses or changes in your relationship situation.

  • Othala can predict the possibility of ending the relationship or worsening a conflict if you don’t come to a realization of what is going on now and work on improving your relationship or finding a common ground.

  • Othala Rune can also point to a person in your relationship whose views on love and union are very structured to the point of them becoming too rigid and stagnant.


As always, take a look at nearby Runes.


Reversed Othala + Mannaz combination can indicate that someone is interfering in your relationship. The presence of Othala often points to a family member (ancestor), such as parents or grandparents.


Depending on your question and nearby Runes, Othala can point to karmic debts, hexes or any negative energy that is affecting your life as a result of a hereditary curse.


This is seen sometimes in situations when a woman can’t get married and all her relationships seem to follow the same course and the same end. But this is something that should be carefully reviewed by your psychic or Tarot/Rune reader.

rune othala in career and money questions



Othala is still tightly connected to money, so even if you are asking about a career or business, the financial aspect is of primary importance.

Othala is generally a very good Rune in career and financial questions. But it is a very serious Rune, so to speak. It does not promise you riches and tells you to go and enjoy your life.


Rather it says: “Here is more than you need at this time. Use this money with responsibility and see how you can help those in need, especially your family and distant relations.”


Naturally, when it comes to finances, Othala may predict receiving an inheritance. But it can also predict a winning situation, even a lottery win!


Sidenote: if you notice, when Othala brings you something, it usually takes away from someone else. If you receive an inheritance, it means life is lost; if you win a lottery, many others have lost (money spent too). But this is the reality of life and this Rune says that you are where you need to be, much like everyone else.


Othala can also point to a situation when you may need to help with or completely take over a family business.


Othala + Fehu combination can point to inheritance, even and especially if mixed with rather negative Runes, such as Thurisaz due to what I talked about above.


Othala + Sowilo combination points to a person that works very hard but more so because of a sense of duty rather than monetary compensation.


Reversed Othala in Money & Career Readings:


Reversed Othala represents a time of financial struggles, pitfalls and obstacles to success.


Reversed Othala + Fehu combination points to a person that puts material well-being above everything else, including their personal and spiritual development.


Reversed Dagaz + Reversed Othala combination is advice to take a step back and relax, as you may not be able to solve the problem at the question at this time regardless of your attempts.

rune othala in norse and viking tattoos meaning


Othala is a neutral Rune when it comes to tattoos, in my opinion, although some don’t recommend having it as a tattoo at all and here is why.


This Rune has a strong connection to ancestry and home. Some people claim that having this Rune as a tattoo creates a connection so strong,  that you may have a hard time starting your own family when the time comes.


But it is the only time when I say that it is totally up to you if you want to tattoo this Rune. What does Ancestry mean to you? What place does your family have in your life?


Maybe this is exactly how you want things to be and this is just fine.


But if this is not the case, you may want to wait until you have a family of your own to tattoo Othala Rune and sort of connecting it all together, your old family and new into one.

Read more: Viking Rune Tattoos: All You Need Know Before Getting One. Norse Runes & Icelandic Staves in Tattoos


othala elder futhark rune meaning

Regardless, Othala is a very positive and noble Rune. And so, all the actions you do as a result of drawing this Rune should be responsible, fair and honest.
If you are inquiring about someone's personality, a person described by Othala belongs to a family where traditions and support matter. This person is also very organized and knows the balance between freedom and boundaries, material and divine.
Nauthiz + Othala describes a very practical person; they can be a bit too old school with their morals and views and can come across as quite pragmatic.
Reversed Othala Rune Meaning in Divination:
Despite you thinking that Othala can point to the need to live by the old and tried rules, the advice it gives in a reading is quite the opposite.

Othala talks about the need to get rid of the old before stepping into the new.

You need to deliver yourself of old thought processes and mentality WHILE understanding your roots and what your tradition, culture and heritage TRULY teach you about.


And this can sound very complex but it is even more difficult to really let this sink in and understand what it means FOR YOU.

The reversed meaning of Othala also highly depends on the nearby Runes.


Reversed Othala + Reversed Laguz combination points to a person that continuously makes wrong decisions in life due to carelessness.


Othala as the Rune of the Day: Today you may feel a strong connection with your ancestors that passed away and are dearly missed. Know that you are watched and protected by them. Anything you do today will go well, be in a business meeting or a date. But think about your family first today. It may be a day you want to go to the cemetery to visit a family ember that has passed or simply spend time with your family.


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