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TAROT & PREGNANCY: Which Tarot Cards Mean Pregnancy & How To Create a Positive Tarot Experience

Updated: May 27, 2022

When discussing "Top Asked Tarot Questions No Tarot Reader Wants to Hear", pregnancy-related questions will surely make the list.

Of course, we understand how important this moment is in woman’s life and we don’t want to ruin her expectations or bring any kind of negative news or thinking patterns.

When it comes to pregnancy, you should always approach the matter with love and hope, releasing expectations, fears and anxiety. It has been scientifically proven that the latter CAN have negative effects on conception.

Naturally, Tarot readers are not medical professionals and if you suspect that you are pregnant, I suggest a pregnancy test above everything else. However! We are ALL WOMEN and I KNOW how it feels when you absolutely can’t wait and want your answer this very second.

I know how curious you are and how important this assurance is to you. I’ve been there, my friend and I feel you.

In this case, Tarot can help with pregnancy prognosis, plan your pregnancy and show an existing one.

In this Tarot Blog Post, I will talk ONLY about positive Tarot cards with regards to pregnancy and I explain why at the end of my blog.

No matter what cards you receive, always stay positive and NEVER lose hope. I believe in you and one day you WILL hug and snuggle your tiny bundle of joy.

Enjoy this post and hit the “like” button so that I know it was helpful!

pregnant woman with a caption Tarot and pregnancy: what tarot cards indicate pregnancy

How to Ask Tarot Cards About Pregnancy

"Is there anything special to know when doing a pregnancy Tarot spread? In reality, no, there isn’t. Even though it is quite a sensitive subject, you follow the same rules and guidelines as for any other Tarot spread. If you are doing it for yourself, make sure you know how to distance yourself from the reading to avoid being biased. Also, try to have a positive and open mind. So, do what you need to do to relax. Light a candle, turn on some pleasant calming music, take a few deep breaths and concentrate. If you are using a new Tarot deck, cleanse and charge it ahead of time by running it though sage smoke and placing a crystal on top of the deck for a few hours.

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"Why Do a Pregnancy Tarot Reading Anyway? Tarot pregnancy spreads help to predict a good time for a woman to get pregnant, to prepare ahead physically and mentally and avoid potential challenges. Pregnancy Tarot reading will answer the following questions: Did I successfully get pregnant? Am I ready for pregnancy? Is my partner ready for a baby? What will my pregnancy be like? The following questions will be assessed as situation spreads and advice will be given accordingly. You should also keep in mind that unless a specific time frame was indicated, such spread is good for a period 6-12 months given the current circumstances. If you are undergoing some kind of a fertility treatment, I suggest repeat a reading no earlier than 3 months unless there are some new significant changes or plans.

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From Major Arcana the following cards are positive with regards to the pregnancy questions: Empress, Sun, Fool, Emperor, Moon and World.

seven tarot cards major arcana that mean pregnancy shadowscapes tarot cards deck
Tarot Major Arcana Cards of Shadowscapes Tarot Deck that Indicate Pregnancy

  • The Empress

Starting with the obvious, I know.

When it comes to Tarot and Pregnancy, the Empress is the card that always comes to mind because its considered as a TOP FERTILITY Tarot card. The reason for that is that Empress is usually portrayed pregnant in Tarot.

That said, this symbolism was not meant purely for pregnancy predictions. The card symbolizes abundance, gestation of ideas and creativity. But still, yes, pregnancy is amongst those meanings.

If you are asking if it’s a good time to get pregnant, the Empress card is your “yes-yes” answer because it means that your body is now ready to bear a child and become a mother.

  • The Fool

Not many people imagine the Fool card having anything to do with the pregnancy and let me clarify: on its own, this is not the card of fertility or even pregnancy as a goal.

The Fool is associated with the PREGNANCY you DIDN’T even PLAN.

It’s the news that fell on you unexpectedly, often because, well, you weren’t careful enough!

I would also suggest looking at the cards around and seek for combinations because, like I said, on its own it’s not the card of fertility or family planning.

  • The Sun

The Sun signifies the long-awaited baby. The card on its own illustrates a beautiful, bright and happy child and this is the energy it gives your Tarot spread.

For pregnancy questions it is a “yes-yes” card but just like the Fool, The Sun Tarot card often can mean unexpected pregnancy!

The reason for that is that the Sun can mean careless behaviour when you get carried away and forget to be responsible.

  • The Emperor

The Emperor card in Tarot symbolizes a fatherly figure. It often comes up to men, indicating that their partner is pregnant.

  • The Moon

The Moon can occasionally come up in pregnancy Tarot spreads indicating a conception woman is not yet aware of. With the Moon it’s best to look at the nearby cards because this card is rather neutral than completely positive.

  • The World

The World card usually indicates that pregnancy already happened. It can even show up indicating that a woman is well into her last trimester. So, for example, if you are wondering whether your labour is near, the World will be a "yes" card, indicating that your pregnancy journey is coming to an end.

  • The Hanged Man

In the right circumstances, the Hanged Man card can very well mean pregnancy, as it indicates suspension and a period of waiting. The Hanged Man Tarot Card often portrays Odin hanging down the Yggdrasil tree for 9 days. This metaphor means a period of gestation which closely parallels 9 months of pregnancy. Look below at my combinations examples to understand better.


From Minor Arcana, the following cards can indicate pregnancy: Ace of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, 10 of Cups, 6 of Cups, 10 of Pentacles, 4 of Wands, 3 of Cups, 2 of Cups.

The following cards are NEUTRAL but can mean pregnancy in combination with all the above cards: 8 of Wands, Ace of Wands.

seven minor arcana tarot cards that mean pregnancy
Tarot Minor Arcana Cards That Represent Pregnancy. Robin Wood Tarot Deck.

Let’s look at them individually.


ace of cups, ace of pentacles and ace of wands. minor arcana cards that mean pregnancy
The Aces From Minor Arcana That Can Indicate Pregnancy

The thing to remember about Aces is that on their own, they are just opportunities. These opportunities can be just as existing as lost. You need to look at combinations rather than just an Ace card.

  • Ace of Cups

A beautiful and harmonious card that means pregnancy has happened at this point and will bring happy news to a woman.

  • Ace of Pentacles

Just as Ace of Cups indicates that pregnancy happened and a family unit is being formed. The reaction to the news is not clear just from this card alone.

  • Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands is usually more of opportunity to get pregnant, rather than the pregnancy that already has taken place. The card also indicates strong fertility (particularly male).

  • *Ace of Swords

Just a few words on Ace of Swords with regard to pregnancy. While the card may not directly indicate pregnancy, sometimes it can indicate C-section. In general this card often point on surgical intervention in health questions.

  • 4 of Wands

Four of Wands is a very family oriented card, where your loved ones and you are coming together to celebrate life. It can often come up in a pregnancy reading. It is good to review this card as a combination with another.

  • 8 of Wands

Eight of Wands Can indicate that conception took place. Keep an eye at where the Wands are pointing.

  • 3 of Cups

Much like Four of Wands, Three of Cups represent the time when you come together with others to share happiness and joy. It doesn't even have to be a family with this card, it can just be people you love and trust.

Also, Threes in Tarot often represent "an addition" of something and with this card, baby can definitely be in the picture.

  • 2 of Cups

This Card is very positive not only for "yes/no" pregnancy Tarot questions but also for assessing general health and well-being situation. In any case, the card represents the Union and with another positive card can indicate a couple will share a joy of pregnancy. Twos can potentially signify twins, so keep that in mind!

  • 6 of Cups

Six of Cups normally depicts a child giving a gift to another. It is the card of joy and good news. It is a very bright card that can totally mean a baby on the way!

  • 10 of Pentacles and 10 of Cups

Both cards are very positive with regards to pregnancy questions. They bring together a family for a time of celebration and joy.



All Queens are Water element in Tarot which guard our emotional and compassionate side but with regards to pregnancy, not all Queens are the bringers of good news.

  • Queen of Pentacles

Queen of pentacles is a symbol of a motherly figure. That’s why when it comes up in a pregnancy reading it is a good sign that a woman is stepping on the path of motherhood.

  • Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups also represent love and care. The card can definitely mean a woman taking on a motherly figure.


Unlike some other posts may suggest, NOT ALL PAGES imply pregnancy in Tarot. I personally would only rely on Page of Cups and Pentacles. I would only look at Page of Wands in a combination with other good cards, while Page of Swords is not a very good card for pregnancy at all.

  • Page of Pentacles

This Card is also about family news; Page of Pentacles is a much more earthy card but still means that your family is experiencing a new beginning stage and baby can be the reason.

Page of Pentacles represent a possibility, a chance of being pregnant. It does not guarantee the result. Sometimes, depending on the surrounding cards, it can advice to take a closer look at your or partner's health situation (as pentacles often point on health concerns). But with other pregnancy cards around, it is definitely a good combo!

If your question is "how soon?" though, then Page of Pentacles says that you may need to wait a bit. After all, it is the slowest card in the deck.

  • Page of Cups

Much like the Ace of Cups, page can be a bearer of good news but unlike the Ace, there is a much higher possibility that pregnancy already took place and what is left now is to confirm it.

Twin Pregnancy Tarot Cards - Quick Overview

When it comes to twin pregnancy Tarot questions , there is really no other way but to look at the numbers. Look out for the following cards when you are inquiring if a woman is ALREADY pregnant:

  • Two of Cups

  • Two of Pentacles

  • Two of Wands

Also, you may look at combinations such as this:

Page of Pentacles + Empress + Page of Cups

Page of Wands + 4 of Wands + Page of Pentacles

Empress + The High Priestess

If you are simply asking if a woman CAN have a twin pregnancy, then treat it like a regular reading and look out for positive pregnancy Tarot cards.


Now that we've discussed at all the cards individually, let's look at the examples of some Tarot cards pregnancy combos.

As you have seen from the post, it is very difficult to judge the situation using just one card, unless it is an Empress. You need to make sure to pull at least three cards to get a clear picture.

Also, don’t forget to look at the ORDER of cards in your spread. The Empress coming up first will more than likely indicate that a woman is ALREADY pregnant, while Empress in the outcome will mean that a woman will eventually get pregnant but there is a journey before that, based on the cards that lead to the outcome.

Empress + Queen of Pentacles + Ace of Cups: indicate that the pregnancy took place. A woman will be a true mother full of love, joy and compassion. She will love her child unconditionally and will provide the best care.

Empress + Queen of Cups + Ace of Pentacles: indicate that a woman will be very loving and understanding towards her child. She will prepare ahead of time, both materially and mentally to make sure everything is done right and on time.

Empress + Page of Cups/Pentacles: simply provide a "yes" response to a pregnancy question. Pages often represent a child.

Empress + The Hanged Man + The Moon can definitely mean pregnancy and even more so around a third trimester.

Queen of Pentacles + Eight of Wands + 2 of Cups portrays a woman who is soon to become a mother of twins.

Two of Cups + 8 of Wands + The Empress indicate that you may not be pregnant just yet but when you plan to, it will happen very quickly.

The Tower+ The High Priestess implies a hidden fear of miscarriage, possibly due to previous experiences. You need to take it easy and find someone to help you release the stress and those thoughts.

The cards nearby can also give more information about the baby. For example, the presence of the Chariot or the Sun cards can mean back to back pregnancies or twins.

If in your practice you read Tarot cards reversed, then this can totally change cards meaning and outcome of the spread. Even positive cards such as Empress or the Sun can reveal their negative or "shadow" characteristics.

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In this case, I recommend to do a clarification spread to understand the root of the issue and receive advice.


Let's now take a look at few useful spreads you can incorporate in your Tarot reading sessions.

These spreads are meant to maintain a positive atmosphere around pregnancy and will not provide with any devastating news, change woman's attitude or leave her hopeless.

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"Am I Ready For Pregnancy" Tarot Cards Spread
"Am I Ready For Pregnancy" Tarot Cards Spread

This Pregnancy Tarot cards sp