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Journey of the Hero




Number: III

Element: Earth

Astrology: Venus

Zodiac: Taurus

Mythology: Isis, Aphrodite

Letter: ד Daleth

I Ching: Hexagram 15 "Humbling"

Keywords: fertility, creativity, abundance, motherhood, intuition



Empress is the third card of Tarot Major Arcana.


Most Tarot card decks portray Empress as a woman wearing loose clothes but it is "known" that she is pregnant. For this reason, the Empress card is the most thought after in pregnancy-related questions. It's important to note that the Empress is a very earthy figure. She likes comfort and beauty around her.


So, what exactly does the Empress Tarot card mean in a reading?


When the Empress card shows up in a Tarot reading, it is the time for you to show yourself, be creative, change your approach to life if you see that something is not working. You may benefit from changing the environment or going to vacation to recharge.


Empress is a slow card, probably the second most slow after the Page of Pentacles. And she doesn't need to rush anywhere as she lives a life of abundance and plenty. This is why the shadow aspect of this card is the process that is taking too long, laziness and narcissism.


Shadow (reversed) meaning of Empress is financial difficulties, lack of progress, and family problems.

the empress marceille tarot.jpg

The Empress Tarot of Marseille Deck

the empress classic tarot.jpg

The Empress Classical Illustration Rider-Waite Tarot


Empress is connected to Mother Nature, the Divine Feminine and the Energy that is a driving force of creation. She is caring, nurturing and soulful. A person described by this card loves to take care of their home and others, will always give good and wise advice. It is a good coworker who you can always turn to for help. The Empress will always continue to improve, grow, learn new things and shine the light anywhere she goes.


The Empress as Card of the Day: Today you will flourish and experience a true energy of abundance. It is a great day to manifest any plan or project, conceive a baby, or be creative and passionate. No need to rush today, Empress has a very earthy and grounded energy and at times this is the way we need to be in this hectic world. Maybe you will feel inspired by nature today and will want to spend a bit of time outside. But even if you are busy with daily tasks, today things you have been carrying and “gestating” for a while may find an exit and expression. Whatever tasks you take on today will be successful.

the empress visconti tarot.jpg

The Empress Visconti-Sforza Tarot



The Empress describes a good start for your job or progress if you are working on a project. It may not go as fast as you thought but this is because you are giving it a good thought.

The big aspect of the Empress card is personal development, creativity and an ability to show yourself. If your career lacks these opportunities, you may find yourself feeling bored and unsatisfied.




Empress is connected to Venus and the aspects of money, abundance and comfort are a big part of this card. You will not be splurging, as the Empress is quite a wise spender. It is the time when you will be working more in the comfort of your home, saving up for something big or investing for the long term.




In the relationship and love questions, the Empress describes a deep love, a connection on all levels, harmony and understanding. Such a relationship can move to a new level, such as marriage and family. As mentioned above, the Empress love comfort. At home, she will ensure everything around her is beautiful and functional. However, she may not be keen on entering the relationship where her partner is not as financially stable as she would prefer.


The shadow side of the Empress can involve cheating and dissolute behaviour. It can be a person that does not wish to start a family and can even include an abortion, depending on surrounding cards.

The empress shadowscapes tarot.jpg

The Empress Shadowscapes Tarot

the empress thoth tarot.jpg

The Empress Thoth Tarot



Empress is generally a good card for health, it is often related to pregnancy and reproductive health. If you are wondering if you should see a doctor for a specific health issue and the Empress comes up, I would suggest going for a checkup. The Earth energy of this card can point to underlying issues.




On its own, the Empress is a yes card. Things will work out in your favour, you will meet the right people to help you. It is a good time to start on the task in question, be it a relationship or a new job.


The Empress Tarot "Journey Into Egypt" (Fertility Herbal Candle from Zorya Wellness Store)



The Fool + The Empress: Irresponsible actions, money wasted

The Magician + The Empress: abundance, a project you have everything to finish, new ideas

The High Priestess + The Empress: intuition and experience combined for results

The Emperor + The Empress: powerful couple, healthy balance in relationship, family business

The Hierophant + The Empress: honouring family traditions, a wedding

The Lovers + The Empress: a beginning of a romantic relationship, can indicate cheating

The Chariot + The Empress: the beginning of a project, creative approach

The Strength + The Empress: personal development and character building

The Hermit + The Empress: withdrawal, stagnation and lack of growth

Justice + The Empress: the need to look at the situation clearly and objectively, high-paid contract or job

The Hanged Man + The Empress: the situation that will take a long time to resolve, a need to change a strategy

Death + The Empress: a life-changing situation

Temperance + The Empress: blessings, healthy pregnancy

The Devil + The Empress: seeking pleasure, unhealthy addictions, money received through shady actions

The Tower + The Empress: miscarriage, negative emotions, shock

The Star + The Empress: founding yourself, feeling blessed, a successful completion

The Moon + The Empress: unclear intentions, lack of results, addictions

The Sun + The Empress: the birth of a child, not caring for consequences

The Judgement + The Empress: new ideas or approach to life that will improve the situation

The World + The Empress: unexpected turn of events, things finally coming together

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