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Journey of the Hero



Number: VI

Element: Air

Astrology: Jupiter & Venus

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Mythology: Eros

Letter: ז Zayin

I Ching: Hexagram XI "Peace"

Keywords: Crossroads, Choice, Dilemma, Ordeal



The Lovers is a very important card to understand for Tarot beginners because it is the one card that is often misinterpreted.


The Lovers card explores two important aspects: a choice and a challenge. While the card doesn't necessarily point to a romantic relationship, it often points to a situation involving two people. And whether it is a lover or a business partner, the situation needs to be dealt with at this time and you are being presented with a choice. This choice is often not an easy one to make and is where the card's challenge aspect comes in. You will need to get over yourself and make this choice to move the situation or improve your life.


The Lovers Tarot Numerology: The Number 6: the Lovers card is often associated with the number 6, which represents harmony, balance, and stability.


The Lovers in Robin Wood Tarot Deck

Important Pictorial Elements of the Lovers Tarot Card:


  • Two figures: the card depicts a man and a woman standing facing each other, symbolizing a choice between two paths or people.

  • The Garden: the card takes place in a lush garden, which symbolizes the promise of growth and abundance in a relationship.

  • The Angel: an angel appears above them, symbolizing divine guidance and higher power in the decision-making process.

  • The snake: in the Lovers card the snake is a symbol of temptation, danger, and fear. The snake represents the challenge of facing difficult decisions and the fear of making the wrong choice.


The Lovers in Classical Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

What does the Lovers card mean in a tarot reading?


First and foremost, the Lovers card means the time to make choice. Many people mistakenly think this card's main message is about relationship and love. However, if you look at any (properly drawn) the Lovers Tarot card, you will see the couple or one of the partners presented with some sort of dilemma (e.g. the Biblical snake and apple tree behind the woman in the traditional Rider-Waite deck).


The shadow (reversed) meaning of the Lovers often signals an internal struggle to make a choice, and understand what is right and wrong. It can mean problems communicating the circumstances to the other person and misunderstandings due to different outlooks on the situation.


However, it can also mean that you do not understand what it is you want. This is why the Lovers card can point to cheating (a person is unable to choose between two people and sometimes is struggling internally).


Reversed or ill-dignified (surrounded by the negative cards) Lovers card points to ruined plans, and wrong choices that lead to harsh consequences.



The person described by this card is quite dual in nature. They may be indecisive and pull back at the last minute. However, such a person is very passionate and loving in nature, they have a strong connection with others and often make a decision based on their heart. They love freedom, independence and the ability to follow their heart. This is why they can at times be led astray and need to be reminded to stay focused.



The Lovers tarot card can represent a significant choice or decision in one's career or work. The card can suggest that the individual is faced with a crucial decision that involves weighing the pros and cons of two different paths, and choosing the one that aligns with their values and aspirations. A person described by this card has a strong sense of purpose. They will not "settle down" for something less than what they think they deserve.


The shadow (reversed) side of the Lovers in work and career questions suggests that you are uncertain about your current career path or may struggle to fulfil your job. It may be a sign to reevaluate your career goals and make changes to align them with your values and desires.


The Lovers in the Golden Dawn Tarot Deck


The Lovers in the Thoth Tarot Deck


The Lovers in the Tarot: Journey into Egypt



Regarding your finances, the Lovers card indicates that you are ready to take the next step towards improving your financial goals. It’s a good idea to cooperate with others, and check out different and updated strategies. You are doing well, but you can do even better with the right approach.


The shadow (reversed) Lovers card In tarot, in finances generally represents a negative influence on financial decisions and a lack of balance. It can indicate a time when impulsive choices are being made and potentially leading to financial troubles. It is important to be mindful of the balance between emotional and rational decisions when it comes to money.




Just as in any area of life, the Lovers card in the relationship context first and foremost points to a choice and a decision that needs to be made regarding the relationship. This card often suggests that the person is faced with a choice between their heart and their head but can also point to a love triangle.


However, The Lovers card can also indicate that a strong emotional and sexual connection exists between two people and is usually a good prognosis for a relationship.

The Lovers card doesn't really have to be drawn reversed to show its shadow qualities; the best way to interpret it is to look at the surrounding cards. This card is quite dual in nature and can very well point to cheating taking place.



Overall, the Lovers tarot card in the context of health can suggest a harmonious balance and focus on well-being. It can also indicate a situation when you need to decide with regard to your treatment plan or in general your health and lifestyle choices.


The shadow (reversed) meaning of the Lovers card in health questions points to the time of neglecting one's health. It seems like you are way overdue with making the right changes or decisions.



On its own, in a Tarot reading the Lovers card gives a "YES" response.

The Lovers Major Arcana Combinations

The Lovers + The Fool: The "Lovers" and "Fool" tarot card combination suggests a situation of choice, where one must decide between their heart and their common sense. It is the moment to decide whether to take a leap of faith or a step back. Ill dignified, such combination can mean irrational behaviour, a choice not backed by any logic. It may also suggest that your relationship is at a crossroads, where the you need to decide whether to take a chance and move forward or to play it safe and stay where you are.

The Lovers + The Magician: The combination represents a balance between love and creativity, choice, and manifestation. When these two cards appear together, it suggests that one is able to effectively balance their emotional and practical aspects, bringing passion and purpose to their goals and relationships. This combination can indicate the start of a fulfilling, dynamic, and empowered period in one's life.

The Lovers + The High Priestess: When these two cards appear together, it suggests that one is able to effectively balance their emotional and intuitive aspects, making choices that are guided by both the heart and the inner voice. This combination can indicate a strong connection with others based on trust and understanding. It is a time to listen to one's inner wisdom and follow one's heart in matters of love and relationships. On the flipside, it can mean "a mistress" and point to cheating taking place.

The Lovers + The Empress: This combination can indicate a time of growth, prosperity, and fulfilment in one's personal and professional life, as well as a strong connection with others based on love and support. It can also point to sexual pleasures and passion, in certain cases, this may lead to cheating.

The Lovers + The Emperor: This combination can indicate a time of growth and stability in matters of the heart, as well as in personal and professional aspects of life. It is a time to embrace the principles of authority and structure when making your decisions. It can also represent a dominating figure in a relationship.

The Lovers + The Hierophant: This combination can indicate a time of growth and grounding in matters of the love, as well as in personal and spiritual aspects of life. It is a time to seek guidance from a higher power and align with traditional values. At this time, your choices should be made with faith and morality.

The Lovers + The Chariot: This combination can indicate a time of growth and progress in personal and professional aspects of life. It is the time to make a choice and move forward with your goals confidently.

The Lovers + The Strength: When these two cards appear together, it suggests that one can effectively balance their emotional and inner strength, making a decision based on self-discipline and courage.

The Lovers + The Hermit: When these two cards appear together, it is a time to seek guidance from within. In relationship questions, it can mean withdrawal, loneliness and break up. This is why it is important to reconcile one's desire for love with the need for solitude and to find a balance between the two.

The Lovers + Wheel of Fortune: Overall, this combination in a tarot reading can indicate that big choices and changes are coming in love, relationships, and life in general and that these changes will have a significant impact on the person's future.

The Lovers + Justice: The combination suggests that is it time to make a decision based on fairness and accountability. At times, it could indicate that the individual is facing consequences in a relationship due to past actions and that they are being held accountable.

The Lovers + The Hanged Man: The combination suggests the need to evaluate your situation and understand that to move forward, there is something that needs to be left behind. It is the time to pause and reflect, to make a well-informed choice you will be comfortable living with.

The Lovers + Death: The combination speaks about the time of transformation, letting go and making a choice that will completely wipe out everything that didn't work and create a new path and foundation. It may suggest the ending of an old relationship and the beginning of a new one, or a transformation in the way the person approaches love and relationship.

The Lovers + Temperance: The combination speaks of the need to approach life with harmony, balance and patience. It is a time of peace and harmony in relationships or a time of healing and resolution in current or past relationships.

The Lovers + The Devil: This is a very powerful combination that often points to temptation, addiction, twisted power dynamics in a relationship and the inner struggle to go through with the plan or choice. It can also point to unhealthy patterns in a person's relationships, attachment and jealousy.

The Lovers + The Tower: The combination can mean the time of unexpected destruction of a relationship due to a conflict or a shocking revelation. This will result in It may suggest that the person is undergoing a significant shift in the way they approach love and intimacy. Of course, such conflict can lead to separation, break up or an end to any relationship in question.

The Lovers + The Star: The combination can mean a time of hope, reassurance and new beginnings. It can indicate that the person is starting a new chapter in their relationship or is making a choice based on inspiration, hope and trust.

The Lovers + The Moon: The combination suggests that right now it is a difficult time for you to make the right choice. You may feel confused or have inner turmoil. You don't see the situation and your future clearly. It is best to wait it out until the storm clears and you can understand your choices and your path clearly.

The Lovers + The Sun: This is a very bright and beautiful combination that can indicate a time of happiness, success and growth. It can also point to a child or a decision to have one. It may suggest that the person is feeling joyful and content in their relationship, or that they are experiencing a time of positive growth and connection with their partner.

The Lovers + The Judgement: The combination point to the time of unavoidable decision-making. You need to listen to your inner voice, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of your choices and embrace your future. It may suggest that the person is facing a major decision in their relationship.

The Lovers + The World: This combination suggests that the time of completion has come. It may suggest that the person has found fulfilment in their relationship. It may suggest that a person has achieved their goals, or that they are experiencing a sense of joy and happiness.

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