Stands for “Hail” & “Egg”*

Sound: “h” 

God: Hella

Colour: Black

Element: Water

Astrology: Aquarius

Health: General body disharmony, hidden illnesses

Key Words: Hail, Union, Transformation, Protection

Galdr (Runic chant)

Hagalaz hagalaz hagalaz

H h h h h h h h h h h

Hu ha hi he ho

Hug hag hig heg hog

Oh eh ih ah uh

H h h h h h h h h h h 



Even though Hagalaz is not read upside down, this Rune has a strictly negative meaning and energy. Even if you appear to be healthy, this Rune recommends at the very least to have your routine check-up and really think about your lifestyle and how it will affect your body long term.


If you are already having issues, throw in all your resources into dealing with the problem. It is not the time to delay or ignore the problem. For more information about how to deal with the situation, I would definitely recommend pulling another Rune.



Hagalaz is, of course, not the Rune you would use in love Rituals or in general for any relationship matters. Yes, this Rune is about Harmony but it does not bring the harmony on its own. Harmony for Hagalaz means that it has polar opposite forces in it and both co-exist quite harmoniously. 

In a relationship matter or reading, much like with anything else this Rune signifies that the cycle is ending and the transformation of your relationship needs to take place. You will either completely break up or go through all the challenges, face and overcome them together and your relationship will grow into something bigger (this is where the part of creation comes into play). But, again, this will require work and compromises from your part.



In Career-related questions, Hagalaz would indicate a period of transformation and a necessary shift. You may feel like you have been working hard for many years but are not getting the results you hoped for. Hagalaz in this care is similar to the Death Tarot card. The cycle is ending. Look at other possibilities as the is no more room for expansion in your current job or career. 

With regards to the money, it is best to avoid unnecessary spendings or make any kinds of investments. You monetary resources are not expanding, in fact, should you make wrong decisions, you are risking to suffer a serious loss. 


No. Nope.

Sorry, one more time. NO.

Imagine yourself in this situation. You just got yourself a brand-new Mercedes. You drove to a mall, parked and when came out someone scratched your car. Ok, things happen, you think to yourself. You get your car fixed and the next day, you get into a snow storm, lose control and hit a stop sign. Oh, Gods, you think to yourself, two times in a row. You go and fix your car again, only for someone to smash into you from the back while you are just standing at a red light.

How long can you survive like this? A day, a week or a month?

This is a small example of what a life with Rune Hagalaz tattoo can look like.

This Rune has its qualities and meaning for a reason but it was never meant to serve as a permanent tattoo.


Hagalaz can bring up past issues to your attention that you may need to deal with. It is the unlearned lessons and karmic debts that are now holding you back and influence the present situation. In Tarot the parallel can be drawn with the World and Death cards as both indicate the end of the cycle and the beginning of something new. 

If you get this Rune in your reading, the transformation is inevitable. All you can do at this time is to think how you will move forward and what you will do differently.

If asking about a specific matter, such as career or finances, often external influences and events are at play with this Rune.

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