Elder Futhark Rune Meanings
Heimdall's 2nd Aett
hagalaz elder futhark rune meaning


Hagalaz Galdr (Runic chant)

Hagalaz hagalaz hagalaz

H h h h h h h h h h h

Hu ha hi he ho

Hug hag hig heg hog

Oh eh ih ah uh

H h h h h h h h h h h 

(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)



Hagalaz Old Germanic name: Haal (Hagalaz)

Hagalaz Old Norwegian name: Hagalar

Hagalaz Anglo-Saxon name: Hagall, Haegl

Hagalaz Old Celtic name: Hagall

Hagalaz Old Icelandic name: Hagall, Hagl

hagalaz elder futhark rune meaning

Rune Hagal Overall Meaning: Hagalaz is the Rune of destruction, of a full stop and karmic debts. It is also the Rune of natural causes and disasters (hence the name Hail). For this reason, the energy of the Elements has a strong influence on this Rune. It is the Rune of darkness and death. Often the events associated with this Rune are due to external influences and completely out of the control of a person. 

hagalaz elder futhark rune meaning


Hagalaz is the ninth Rune of Germanic Elder Futhark and the first Rune of the second Aett.

In Asatru Hagalaz is called the Mother Rune as it embodies the forces of creation and destruction within itself. It is therefore the Rune of transformation and balance.


It also earned this name due to its numerical value and shape when placed in a solid figure. When so done, any Rune can be derived from it.

Hagalaz can be used for protection by confusing your enemies and jeopardizing their intentions. It can aid in turning things around and change the course of events and it will help to deal with the issues of the past.

One of the explanations for why Hagalaz stands for the “Egg” is that egg represents the seed of primal cosmic energy and life in Germanic mythology. This is where the creation part of the Rune comes in. Moreover, the concept of the “seed” comes from an Old Icelandic Poem.

The Old Icelandic Poem Says:

Hagall is a cold grain

And a shower of sleet

And a sickness of snakes

It's important to remember that one of the key aspects of this Rune is purging. This is why you shouldn't despair. It doesn't matter what you think have brought you to this point in life - your own doing, someone's fault or external influence of a situation.


Right now, the key is not to feel guilty, desperate or helpless. Your strength, perseverance and mindset will lift you up and carry through this difficult time in your life to a better future. It will not be easy and even the good things in life may have a bitter taste right now. Depending on how big your crash and fall are right now, decide what you can do already today to rise even hire. Everything that happens has a deeper meaning. No, it's not "everything that happens is for the best". Not exactly and not always, if you do not see a deeper meaning. Why this happened to you? What do you need to learn? Can you come out of this even stronger?

Reversed Hagalaz Meaning:

Hagalaz is never read upside down, this Rune has only one position. Therefore, its reversed meaning stays the same as upright. Get ready for changes and shifts that will affect your life. You may be affected by the external influences, events or even be pressured by others. These things will be capable of destroying everything you believed in and hoped for.

hagalaz elder futhark rune meaning in meditation and rituals


Hagalaz can turn things around for you but the Rune requires one to work hard for the results. The Rune will help you to move forward but it definitely won’t make things easy for you.

It is also used to work with psychological issues, subconscious issues and blocks.

As mentioned above, the Rune can be used in protection as well as banishment rituals. This Rune is quite harmonious and it is the power of harmony that blocks off anything that tries to shatter it.

Hagalaz can also be used in protection rituals and can be worn on a person as a protective talisman.

It can be used in love magic, although with a great deal of caution.

Work with Hagalaz in meditation and ritual magic to achieve the following:

  • Understand the reason behind your failures and mistakes

  • Give yourself space and chance for new things

  • To forget and purge of the old memories

  • To let go of what no longer serves you

  • To break the ties with people who do not bring you anything good