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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Heimdall's 2nd Aett

rune perthro elder futhark meaning



perthro perthro perthro

pu pa pi pep o

purdh pardh pirdh perdh pordh

po pe pi pa pu


(Galdr Source: "Futhark The Handbook of Rune Magic" by Edred Thorsson)


​Old Germanic name: Pertra

Old Norwegian name: Perþu

Anglo-Saxon name: Peordh 

Old Celtic name: Pailt

Old Icelandic name: Perþ or Plástur

rune perthro symbol

Rune Perthro Overall Meaning: Perthro is the Rune of hidden knowledge, mystical practices and secrets. It is the Rune of initiation, epiphany and rebirth through death, like a Phoenix bird that is reborn from the ashes. This Rune always prepares us for something. Something will become known. Something important will happen. Perthro is the Rune of direction more so than the action itself.

rune perthro elder futhark meaning



Perthro represents the womb of the Goddess and something that hasn’t been birthed yet. This is what gives this Rune a sense of magical secrecy. That secrecy, however, is now coming to light. It can symbolize hidden knowledge or even initiation. 


Another ideographic representation of Perthro is a dice cup used for cleromancy (casting of lots). 


However, it is not quite clear what the Rune stands for because its name is speculation due to a lack of sources.


Perthro is the Rune when you are ready for action. You have gone through periods of waiting (Isa), collecting knowledge (Eihwaz) and patience. You can now move towards your goal and you will succeed. 


The most important thing now is knowing your goal, having discipline and enough knowledge. 


Perthro is a period of internal transmutation when a person reaches a new level of personal development and growth. 


When Perthro comes up, it’s the time when something unexpected will happen or some sort of secret will come to light. You may find something that was long lost, win a lottery, or get help from friends or family you didn’t even expect to receive. 


Reversed (facing left) Perthro will mean that all the above aspects show up in a negative way. Such as an unexpected surprise will now mean devastating news, plans that are falling apart, or a sequence of misfortunes where you are unable to see the reason. 


It is important to see what Rune reversed Perthro is facing to understand the cause of events.


Rune Advice: Embrace the changes. It’s the time to push forward and work on your goals. It’s important to be calm and disciplined. Don’t be surprised by the help you will get along the way or the news you will receive. 

rune perthro elder futhark meaning free pdf
rune perthro elder futhark meaning in meditation and rituals



Perthro is highly influenced by feminine energy. During your Ritual, make sure to honour this aspect of the Rune as well as the Water Element


This Rune can most certainly be used in pregnancy Rituals and it will be great to combine with the “Seashell Pregnancy Ritual.” If you want the instructions for the Ritual, shoot me an e-mail but regardless, I recommend getting your hands on the seashells like these if you want to use Perthro for any pregnancy-related work.


Combine Perthro + Berkana to create a powerful pregnancy Bindrune. 


By the way, if you are inquiring about the results of your magical work and reversed Perthro comes up, it indicates that you made some mistakes. Also, if reversed Perthro and Hagalaz come up together, the combination may indicate that you do not yet have enough skill and experience to do this type of magical work. 


Perthro is a great Rune for meditation and can help in the following:


  • Access different realms 

  • Develop psychic abilities


rune perthro symbol

Rune Perthro jewellery is essential for those practicing magic and occult. It allows a person to go successfully through any initiation,  develop psychic abilities and strengthen their magical workings.


The Rune also connects you to the Source and gives a blessing of the Universe. It helps to receive and comprehend the hidden knowledge and information received from Rune readings or any divination. If you are a psychic, this Rune is a must-have for you.

rune perthro elder futhark meaning in health questions


Perthro is usually a positive Rune when it comes to health matters. It symbolizes the period when a person is getting better and is finding their health again. It is the moment of a change you have been waiting for for a while.


In general, you may use Perthro to maintain good health. 


Reversed Perthro means hidden illness and a period when you are really due for a check-up. Reversed Perthro usually points to a hidden issue. The illnesses often relate to the health subject this Rune covers (Renal/Urology and Female Health) or the health matters related to the Rune reversed Perthro is facing.

rune perthro elder futhark meaning in love and relationship



While Perthro is strongly associated with the womb and birthing, on its own it is not so much of a pregnancy Rune, such as Berkana. While I recommend using it in the Ritual work for pregnancy, if you are doing a Rune reading, Perthro will not indicate pregnancy, unless supported by the Runes that do. 


The Rune would rather indicate that your body is READY for pregnancy, but it has not happened just yet. 


The symbology of Perthro does not really cover love life either. This is why if you really want to find out what is going on in a relationship, it is best to look at the Rune Perthro is "open" towards. You can also look at the combinations for Runes.

Perthro + Uruz mean that a couple has very good chemistry and in general is very compatible.


Uruz + Reversed Perthro (Perthro facing left looking at Uruz) mean that while a couple has good chemistry, this is about all there is for this relationship and when the passion is gone, there won’t be anything left.


Isa + Perthro indicates a period of distancing and falling out of love. 


Wunjo + Reversed Perthro mean that you will after all be able to mend your relationship.


What’s most important is that the presence of Perthro in a love reading always indicates some sort of secrecy or hidden information. The Rune sometimes can indicate cheating and lies. 


You will need to look at nearby Runes to search for clues.


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rune perthro elder futhark meaning in money and career



In a money job or career Rune reading, Rune Perthro indicates that a person is working in a field that has to do with privacy or secret information. It can be anything from a psychic to a private detective. 


Perthro in a career reading also means that a person is looking for a type of work that does not require significant effort.


As a Bindrune for money, Perthro + Fehu will help you to successfully invest.


Perthro + Raidho will mean a job that will require a lot of traveling but they will not feel burdensome to a person at all.


Reversed Perthro means that you are facing obstacles that are preventing you from getting where you want with regards to your career BUT you may not yet understand what the issue really is.


For example, you may be seeking a promotion, but your boss really doesn’t like you and secretly does everything to prevent you from getting anywhere. 


Reversed Perthro with regards to money means you should be careful with any financial investments. It’s not the time to take risks or open up a business you are not certain about. 

rune perthro elder futhark meaning in viking style tattoos



As I have mentioned in my Rune Reading & Divination section, Perthro is not so much read as a “reversed” Rune but more of a direction Rune. If the Rune faces right, it represents Life. If it faces left, it represents Death. This is due to the fact that Perthro denotes the cycle of life & death and releases one from a fear of the latter.


For example, look at this image that people commonly use in their Norse or Viking-style tattoos. Perthro here looks towards the left, facing Rune Algiz, a powerful protection Rune, whose qualities are now diminished. So, this would be an example of Norse tattoos to avoid.


If you asked me, I would have moved it to the top, so it faces the right and gives birth to any positive powerful Rune, such as Ansuz, Fehu, or Wunjo. 


Runes are VERY powerful, and it is important that you use a selection of safe Runes and know how to place them in your tattoo. 

Read more: Viking Rune Tattoos: All You Need Know Before Getting One. Norse Runes & Icelandic Staves in Tattoos


rune perthro elder futhark meaning

Perthro represents the idea that is gestating and is now almost ready to be birthed. 
In Tarot, I feel this Rune has a strong connection with The Chariot.
 If you know anything about the Chariot card, you know that Chariot will not move unless you get it going but once it does, there is no stopping it. The card also says that you are ready to go now and all you need to do is make a final step and that is to begin. 
Birth is a similar process. You have been gestating your idea for a while. You have gone through Isa and Eihwaz, you waited, learned, talked to others and are now done getting ready. It is the time to start and when you do, you will go at the full speed and no one will be able to stop you.
Chariot in Tarot has exactly the same idea. When it comes up, it says that the time of getting ready is coming to an end. You have been preparing and gathering resources and you are now ready for action. 
In a Rune reading, you also need to take a look at the direction Perthro opens up to. 

Rune Perthro is not so much read reversed, it is rather “left or right” is it facing and which Runes are nearby.


Perthro in its original, facing the right direction, represents the Birth. While Perthro facing left (what you may call Perthro “reversed”), represents death. 

Perthro is the Rune of secrecy and hidden knowledge and uncovering those secrets through divination.


Perthro as the Rune of the Day: today you may receive some good news you were waiting for. You may also have a moment of epiphany or finally find out something that’s been hidden for some time. It can also indicate that you finally find a solution to a problem that’s been bothering you for a while and will be able to move forward with your project or goal.

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rune perthro meaning
rune perthro meaning free pdf


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