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CAN TAROT CARDS PREDICT MARRIAGE? TOP Tarot Marriage cards and spreads.

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

“When Will I get married??” is one of THE TOP questions a Tarot reader gets.

And let’s face it. Whether you are single or in a committed relationship, if marriage is your relationship goal, at some point you start thinking more and more “When is my BIG DAY?!”

I‘m not going to sit here and pretend as if this thought has never crossed my mind when I was in a committed relationship or even when I was going through a breakup!

And I've read cards for myself and even went to a Tarot reader while I was still a Tarot beginner to get the answer. So, you know what? No shame in that! It is only natural to be curious and to want to finally have your moment of love and happiness!

*By the way, if you are curious, I never did get married. I had a baby the week I planned to have my wedding, so THE BIG DAY was postponed until further notice. I will definitely update you on how it’s going ha-ha. Follow me on Instagram @zoryawellness to find out if that day ever comes*

Wedding rings with a caption top tarot marriage cards

Many women in a committed relationship wonder if their boyfriend will ever make a next step and proposes. And let’s be real here, it is next to impossible to know what really is going on in your partner’s head. Sometimes you may even try to have these “relationship talks” but find they are not really getting you anywhere.

And so it becomes difficult to know what is on your partners mind, how serious he is about you and this relationship and if he is on the same page as you with regards to the marriage.

Tarot cards are a great source of information. They will be able to break down a complicated situation question for you to get an answer, offer a suggestion and resolve the obstacles.

In this blog post, I am going to give you the TOP MARRIAGE CARDS from both Major & Minor Arcana, as well as offer my personal Tarot marriage spreads for you to use.

First, let’s break down this question:

Can Tarot Cards Predict Marriage and How to Select the Right Spread

Yes, Tarot cards most certainly can predict a marriage. That said, if you are looking specifically for the BEST marriage date, I would recommend consulting a numerologist.

First of all, to select the right Tarot Marriage Spread, it is important to understand at what stage the relationship is, what worries a client has and what exactly they want to find out.

There is a difference between a spread "When will I get married?" and "What kind of married life will I have?"

In the first case, Tarot cards marriage spreads will help you understand where the partners are in their relationship right now and where they are headed.

While it may seem that if a couple has marriage talk both of them are ready to get married any time, in practice often the cards state otherwise.

We often see the cases when one person is eager to tie a knot, while the other is being sort of dragged along to the altar without being really asked if they want this.

One last point with regards to this is sometimes you may miss the difference between a registered marriage that took place and a "factual marriage" (common-law). To avoid this you can clarify with a client what specifically they are looking for and look for the cards that imply LEGAL marriage.

In the second case, the question should sound more like: "What kind of married life will the couple have?" In this situation, we can look at what kind of reality a couple will face once married. We will find out how the two will interact, how compatible the partners will be and if the relationship will go through struggles or a period of adaptation once the two tie a knot.

This reading will help a client make a right decision and make sure they are not rushing into something they may not be ready for. This spread will also help to work though fears and worries related to a married life (or even confirm them, if a person is suspecting something already.)

Let's now take a closer look at some TOP MARRIAGE CARDS.



The Hierophant card indicates that there is a strong spiritual connection between the two partners. It’s almost like “It was meant to be” type of a relationship. You know sometimes you look at a couple and say: “Oh, yeah, these two are definitely getting married.” And they most certainly will.

In the future position, Hierophant can predict a beautiful traditional wedding, where everything is done “right” and thought through.

The caveat with Hierophant is that it is a very traditional card and the partners need to make sure they are on the same page with regard to their values and morals.

With negative cards around, it may mean that the two are not defining marriage the same.

It can also mean that one person is ready to get married, while the other is not interested in this at all and is just looking to spend some time.

If Hierophant comes in a combination with a court card, representing a person, it points to a very traditional (sometimes close-minded) person, who is very mature and is used to following a set of values and morals they most likely inherited from their family traditions. It will be very difficult to change their mind and explain your point of view. It will always feel like a liberal talking to a conservative but if the two are the latter, they will constitute a long-lasting family union.


Many people associate the Empress card with pregnancy and maternity. While this definitely is one of its qualities, the Empress is also a great card for relationships and a predictor of marriage.

Moreover, I would go so far as to say that the Empress is THE BEST relationship Tarot card from Major Arcana.

Empress is all about love, sexual connection, joy and celebration of life and love. The card means there is harmony and understanding between partners and points toward a strong foundation in the relationship.

The card is governed by Venus – “the love planet” in astrology.

Empress points towards a wedding, starting a family and pregnancy as the outcome of the union created.

As a person Empress describes a confident, beautiful and attractive from inside and outside woman.

If you are inquiring about the next steps in a relationship, Empress advises to let things go at this time and you will get where you want to be much faster if you are not too pushy.


When you think of a Justice Tarot card, it does not immediately come across as the most romantic card on the deck and it really isn’t.

However, Justice is still often seen in Tarot marriage questions, as a wedding is not only a celebration, it is also a legally binding procedure.

Depending on the surrounding cards you will be able to predict whether Justice comes across as a part of a marriage process or it simply points to a marriage that is more of a contract really than a time to celebrate love.

Moreover, Justice can speak of a prenup! Look out for the combinations with court cards. Here, we are particularly looking for the Emperor, King of Swords or Queen of Swords. Those cards often point to lawyers and paralegals.

As a marriage card itself, Justice is not a sensual card but it’s not a bad card either. Usually, it speaks of two people, sometimes a mature couple, that have already seen enough and at this stage, they know what they want in life.

A marriage characterized by the Justice card usually means there will be no cheating, lies or immaturity. The people in this relationship are very clear and straightforward with each other. They don’t need intrigues and secrets.


The next two cards of the Major Arcana are more NEUTRAL but in a COMBINATION with other positive cards from Major or Minor Arcana can also imply marriage.


When the Wheel of Fortune comes up as a positive card, it means that you are experiencing a sequence of positive events you’ve been waiting for a while. If you are single and hoping to find your love and get married, receiving this card means that you WILL meet the right person soon.

The card can mean marriage in a combination with other cards that have family or union in their meanings. For example:

  • Wheel of Fortune + 4 of Wands

  • Wheel of Fortune + Justice

  • Wheel of Fortune + 3 of Wands

If you are inquiring about getting married and receiving Wheel of Fortune with positive cards around, the answer is “yes”.

A person described by this card can have a senior government post, and be wealthy and influential.

The advice this card gives is not to resist changes and trust fate. When the Wheel raises you up (or makes you fall down), there isn't much you can do about it.


The Emperor card has a variety different meaning in love and relationship and the way this card shows itself depends a lot on the surrounding cards.

The reason for why the Emperor makes the list is in the fatherly qualities of the card. Emperor often embodies the figure of a man as a “protector” of a family and a father.

And I’m not talking about gender roles here. I am talking more from a perspective of the energy flow in a relationship. Just like the Empress card means a mother to be, a spouse and a lover, she is a companion to the Emperor card and if two come up together, it is a very strong Union of two powerful people.

Like I mentioned above, we may be ideally looking for an Empress + Emperor combination with cards of Major Arcana mentioned above or from Minor Arcana, discussed below.

While other cards that represent the Union, such as 2 of Cups, are a great sign in a relationship prognosis, they do not particularly mean that marriage will take place.

Another Example can be the Judgement card. Although it is an extremely powerful combination, the two people can just be in a committed relationship but it may take time for the Emperor to make a move. For this reason, I suggest to stick to the cards from the list.


The Chariot, of course, does not imply marriage directly. Here I want to only touch on the characteristics of the card that mean feeling victorious and ready for the next step.

The Chariot is a good card to get, when you are wondering if you will meet your future husband soon or, in general, if you will ever get married.

The card gives positive news BUT! It has a caveat.

The chariot will not move unless you do work and get it going. The metaphor implies that in order for you to meet your future husband, you really need to get out there and meet people!

While if you are already in a committed relationship and wondering if your partner will make a move, the Chariot says that you may need to do some work to plant this seed in his mind!

And yes, sometimes a man can think that the relationship is going with a perfect speed (of a snail), while you are getting frustrated with a thousand wedding ideas images pinned on your “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board.

If THIS IS YOU, then the Chariot advices to take the initiative in your hands, stop waiting and start by gently implying to your partner that you are ready for the next step.



Out of all these four Minor Arcana cards, Four of Wands in the card that is the most connected to marriage. In the most deck, especially the traditional ones, it portrays a couple dancing at what actually seems to be a wedding!

In a combination with any other positive card, especially Major Arcana, this can very well be enough to predict a marriage.

A very strong combinations will look like the following:

4 of Wands + The Judgement

4 of Wands + The Sun

4 of Wands + The Chariot

Here, I'd like to mention that the meaning of the card can very based on the deck you are using. While the definition of the card still stays the same withing the frame of "celebration", in a traditional deck we can use the art to make a marriage prediction.


Three of Cups is not considered to be a marriage card per say, but this Tarot card predicts a celebration such as engagement, baby announcement or birth, and really any other reason for people to get together and share joy and happiness. And marriage definitely can be the reason for that.

If you are already in a happy relationship that moves towards its next step, then Three of Cups can definitely be a predictor of a wedding.

If you are in a relationship but not sure yet where this is all going, then the card will mean that while you are getting more serious, for now it will be more of a dinner with his or her family or friends.


Much like the Chariot card of Major Arcana, Six of Wands is not a marriage card at all. But if you are inquiring about meeting your future husband or getting married to your long-time partner, then 6 of Wands is a great card to give you a "yes" answer.

If the card comes up in a combination with Ten of Cups, 3 Of Cups or 10 of Pentacles, then while there is a possibility of marriage, until you know your date and are ready to start sending out invitations, I would avoid spreading the news.


Ten of Cups also does not directly imply a marriage, but as an outcome of the Tarot Marriage Spread means that you will finally have your beautiful wedding day with a person you love.

Ten of Cups is also the card of children and family. If you feel inside that you are ready to start a family, then this card is a very positive sign.

Here is another interesting aspect of this card: if you already have a child (your partner does or both of you do) and you are wondering if things will work out and you will be able to build one strong family together, then this is a beautiful card to get that signifies that everything WILL work out!


Lastly, let's take a look at some useful Marriage Tarot spreads that you can include in your readings for yourself or with clients.

As I always suggest, feel free to modify the spreads to suit your or your client's needs. Tarot Spread # 1: “Will He Propose Soon?”

This Tarot spread is useful for couples that seem to be stuck in their relationship.

If you are wondering about your partner’s intentions, thoughts and fears, this spread is for you.

It will help to understand if your partner sees you as a future spouse and what seems to be throwing him off.

Tarot Spread #2: “Will I Get Married Soon?”

This Tarot Spread is actually FOR SINGLES, looking to meet the right person to marry in the near future.

And no need to be surprised! Single people are also looking for love, and have hopes and plans for the future.

It‘s only natural to hope that the right person comes along soon if marriage is an important part of your or your client’s life.

Tarot Spread #3: “Are We Ready For Marriage?”

This spread is ideal for a couple that is already serious enough to think of the next step OR for a couple that has doubts about their relationship’s future.

It will assess what kind of spouses both of you and your partner will be and what the two of you can bring to the table.

I hope this Blog was useful to you as a Tarot reader. As you can see Tarot can shed the light on so many different questions and problems.

Check out my other Blog posts, all of them contain so much information for you to become a professional Tarot reader FAST.

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