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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett

mannaz elder futhark rune meaning


​Mannaz mannaz mannaz


Mu ma mi me mo

Mun man min men mon

Um am im em om

Mon men min man mun



(Galdr Source: "Futhark The Handbook of Rune Magic" by Edred Thorsson"




​Old Germanic name: Manna

Old Norwegian name: Maðr

Anglo-Saxon name: Mann

Old Celtic name: Mofein

Old Icelandic name: Maður

mannaz rune symbol and meaning

Rune Mannaz Overall Meaning: Mannaz is the Rune of social interactions and human connections. It also symbolizes our memory of and relationship with the Ancestors. From this stem out the rest of Rune's qualities such as friendship, compassion and humanitarian support. The Rune also helps us feel the connection with the Gods and Universe. Mannaz reminds us that a relationship is a complicated matter that involves understanding and reciprocation.

Mannaz Elder Futhark Rune Meaning


Today’s conversation will be about one symbol of Elder Futhark that finally takes us away from the outside influence, fate and people and brings us home – inside of ourselves.


Rune Mannaz is all about the human being as a whole, their individuality and personality. The answers and meanings of Mannaz will be searched within your subconsciousness.


We all react differently to the events and people around us based on our personal history and experiences. Therefore, the meaning of Mannaz is also shaped based on these aspects and will differ from person to person.


Mannaz is NOT about Ego. It is about the right relationship with the world that results in the right relationship with yourself. The true potential of Mannaz opens up when there is no more Ego. When a human becomes a Human Being.


Mannaz is a push to understand when to stop putting yourself first and think of a collective and how you can better the world. It is about a sacrifice that will ultimately bring something bigger not only to you but to those around you.

mannaz elder futhark rune meaning

The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:

Man is in mirth, dear to his brother;

though everyone must depart to another place,

because the Lord wishes, through his own doom,

that our wretched flesh be commended to the earth.

Other aspects of Mannaz that are worth talking about are memory and intellect. Without memory, a person is lost. You will not be able to understand not just the World but yourself. A person that loses their memory also loses their Ego.


Intellect is fundamental for the construction of our individuality but sometimes if harmful to our Ego. A person that wishes to connect with the Source and grow spiritually beyond the amateur level, needs to learn how to let go of the ego and be able to “turn off” the logical mind to hear the inner voice.


The point of Mannaz is not to turn into a monk. It is about creating a fine balance between materialistic and divine.


Rune Mannaz Advice: understand that “as above, so is below; as without, so within; as the Universe, so the soul.” Everything is connected. The answers you are seeking are inside of you. You only need to ask and listen.

Reversed Rune Mannaz Meaning:


Reversed Mannaz says that sometimes you are your worse enemy.


Mannaz reversed points on a person that tends to blame everything and everyone for their own life misfortunes. But you need to understand that at the end of the day, you are the one making right or wrong decisions. You are taking action, or, on the contrary, avoid acting when necessary.


Often reversed Mannaz gives out the reversed Sowilo vibes due to its connection with Ego. The reversed Rune advises against greed and egoism.


Stop blaming the World, as it is a much fairer place than you think.

Mannaz Elder Futhark Rune Meaning in meditation and rituals


Mannaz is an excellent meditation companion. The Rune will help you to better understand yourself, your wants and your needs.

Use Mannaz in meditation to achieve the following:

·      The Rune will help you to tap into the subconscious level for answers;

·      To understand and accept your individuality;

·      To leg to of your Ego;

·      To feel the union of your Soul and the Universe, between humane and Divine;

·      To understand if there is something you need to change to achieve inner harmony, or better your relationship life.

Use Mannaz in rituals on its own or as a part of a Bindrune for the following:

·      To better understand yourself and connect with your soul;

·      To enhance your memory and intellectual abilities;

·      To receive help from others.

Mannaz is deeply connected to the concept of Manhood. And I don’t mean a particular gender here. It’s about humans in general. So, Mannaz can be used in rituals to influence a person or a group of people, to change how a person looks at or thinks about a particular problem or to unite a group of people towards a certain goal.


However, keep in mind that working with Mannaz takes a lot of energy resources. Using this rune in ritual magic is not suitable for beginners. You need to know your craft.


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Mannaz will help you to see things clearly for what they are. It will allow your eyes to see and for your ears to hear what the Universe has to offer. Mannaz will help your inner light shine bright.

The Rune will also connect you to the mankind and community. It will really help you to leave the Ego behind and thrive as a part of the World. Often people think they are “small” as a drop in the ocean but Mannaz will really help you understand and feel how much you can change if you only realize your potential.

rune mannaz elder futhark in health questions



Mannaz always means that it is time to go inwards and pay close attention to your health. The Rune suggests that you listen to your body and if something is bothering you, do not ignore the signs.


This can also include things like lifestyle and bad habits. Sometimes a person knows that they feel the negative effects of smoking but avoids making a decision to quit until they develop serious lung issues.


Reversed Mannaz in Health Situation:


When you get reversed Mannaz for your health, you really need to take a step back and assess your health situation. Dedicate some time to your health situation and healing.


Reversed Mannaz indicates that the prognosis or diagnosis you were feared to hear is true.


Pay attention to the nearby Runes. If there are positive Runes around, there is a good chance that the health will improve and the problem will be solved.


On the other hand, if there are Runes like Hagalaz, Eihwaz or Thurisaz around, the healing may take a long time, as the health issue is quite serious.

Rune mannaz in love & relationship (6).png



Mannaz, much like Ehwaz, the Rune that precedes it, is very much connected to relationships of any sort, from friendship to love ties. And when it comes to your relationship, it is time to be transparent and honest.


Upright Mannaz in the relationship question touches on some very interesting aspects of Ego in a union. Here the Rune tells you to check on YOURSELF. How are you doing in this relationship? Are you neglecting your own wishes and happiness? Are you putting yourself or your partner first?

Neither one is good really, as the whole point of a relationship is a partnership.


And yet when Mannaz comes up, it tells you that you need to pay more attention at your very own self and not to forget you take care of yourself too. You may be putting your partner first to the point that you give up on your own ideals and values. A situation like this fixes issues only temporarily but in the end, results in a breaking point.


Mannaz + Laguz combination for a male asker point to issues with showing understanding and support for your female partner or in general, the inability to maintain a relationship with a woman for a long time due to personal issues.


Mannaz + Tiwaz combination for a female asker says exactly the same as above. Think about why your relationships are failing and who you are blaming at the end of the day? No need to blame anyone at all. If you have issues or struggles due to your past experiences, it is time to work on them, if your end goal is to be in a relationship and not repeat the same patterns.


Mannaz + Dagaz combination describes a relationship with a very strong foundation and mutual support.


Reversed Mannaz in Love and Relationship:


Reversed Mannaz points to a situation when you are refusing to see your partner for what he truly is or are not accepting a certain situation because you don’t want to open your eyes and see things clearly. For example, everyone knows and says your partner is cheating on you but you keep on willingly avoiding noticing the obvious and are listening to lies.


It can also mean that partners are becoming distanced from each other, oftentimes because of the selfish behaviour of one partner.


Reversed Mannaz + Nauthiz usually "softens" the meaning of the reversed Rune, indicating that now is not the time to make harsh decisions and is better to wait it out.


Reversed Mannaz + Laguz point on a female that may be influencing your relationship.

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rune mannaz in career and money



Mannaz is the Rune of intellect. It is the time to assess your career or financial situation with a clear mind and set up goals you can actually achieve. It is not the time to dream or hope that things will resolve by themselves. It’s time to think rationally and make good judgment calls.


Mannaz is also associated with friendship and support. See if you can ask for help if you need it. For example, if you are looking for a job, maybe your friend knows someone who is hiring.


Mannaz is the Rune of success. But with this Rune, success will only follow if you remain a Human Being and act with integrity and have good intentions. If you use planning, intellect, remain assertive but at the same time show flexibility, you will easily reach your goals.


Mannaz + Sowilo Combination predicts a success, as long as you show all your best qualities.


Mannaz + Othala combination calls on assessing the financial side of your business or career, as lack of funds can significantly slow things down.


Reversed Mannaz in Career & Money:


Reversed Mannaz can point to greed and lack of integrity.


When people reach highs in their business or career, they often lose their moral compass, trying to achieve more and more. While there is nothing wrong with striving for more, walking all over others, lying and deceiving may only temporarily bring you further. But the fall will eventually happen.


You also need to understand how to pick your battles. Sometimes, inaction is the best tactic. When you get the Mannaz reversed, you need to take a step back and wait it out.


You will also do well to avoid overspending. Consolidate your resources.


Reversed Mannaz + Jera combination advises to seek a professional opinion, such as legal counseling.


Reversed Mannaz + Tiwaz or Uruz tells that it is not a good time to show aggression or assertiveness.

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As I have previously mentioned on countless occasions, any Rune that has a reversed position and meaning is not the best choice for a tattoo and, of course, Mannaz is no exception.


Mannaz Rune’s meaning when reversed is not as harsh as some other Runes, so if you feel particularly drawn to this Rune and go ahead with a tattoo.


I would advise you to start off by wearing it as an amulet and meditate on it to see if the energy of the Rune resonates with you before permanently inking it in.

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Mannaz calls for a time of temperance and willful withdrawal.


In this sense, it is very similar to the Hermit Tarot card. It’s the time of reflection, modesty and waiting.


If there is a situation that requires your immediate attention, know that it is best to avoid any harsh decisions and actions at this time.


It’s not a good time for paybacks, demands and calls to action. Best not to attract unnecessary attention to yourself.


Instead, what you should do is get rid of all the distractions to see the root of the problem in question.


Mannaz + Isa: signifies an INTERNAL period of stagnation. It is more like you are stuck because you yourself don’t know what it best for you not because of the outside influences.


Mannaz as the Rune of the Day:


As the Rune of the Day, Mannaz is a very promising Rune with great potential. You will spend time having quality conversations or obtaining useful advice from your partner, family member or a close friend. You can even meet someone new, who will leave a positive impression on you. However, if you feel argumentative, it is not the best day for it. Mannaz advice is to live today and fight tomorrow.

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