Elder Futhark Rune Meanings
Freya's 1st Aett


Stands for: “The Giant”

Sound: “th” voiceless

Gods: Thor

Colour: White

Element: Fire

Astrology: Mars

Energy: Masculine

Health: Heart, Nervous System

Key Words: The Giant, Destruction, Protection, Application of Power and Force, Sexuality


Galdr (Runic Chant)

​ Thurisaz thurisaz thurisaz

Th th th th th th th th th

Thur thar thir ther thor

Thu tha thi the tho

Th th th th th th th th th



​Old Germanic name: Thyth, Thurisaz

Old Norwegian name: Thurse

Anglo-Saxon name: Thorn

Old Celtic name: Thiuth

Old Icelandic name: þurs




Thurisaz is an old name of Thorr, it symbolizes the forces of lightning and thunder represented with Mjollnir, the hammer of Thorr. It is an extremely powerful Rune that should be used with a great deal of caution and only by one who is knowledgeable on how to control and channel Energy properly. Nevertheless, we will learn about it and you are free to get familiar with it through meditation and conscious use.


Why is Thurisaz so powerful and dangerous? Because it is a Rune of Cosmic Energy of Destruction and Defense (in its active form). What it means is that the Rune can be used for protection but can result in sending back the Energy with a force of a thunder, throwing back your offender. And this is something to consider and think about.


This Rune will help to break free from limitations, to clear the path and put an order where was chaos. A great metaphor is clearing your yard from rubbish and weeds preparing lean space for planting new lives. Thurisaz will help you to achieve this clear start but there might be a price to pay.


For example, you want to earn more money, you think that your life became stagnant. You use a combination of Thurisaz with other Runes or on its own to help you break free from this stagnation but what ends up happening? You lose a job. Because in order for you to move forward in the right direction you had to leave behind what is holding you back.



The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:

Thorns are severely sharp. To any thane

seizing it is an evil, measurelessly cruel

to every man who comes to rest upon it.


Thurisaz represents the powerful rays of energy that are paving the road for the Light in the middle of the Chaos. While Thurisaz is destructive it its nature, it destroys the Chaos that is an enemy to the Cosmic Order. Thurisaz protects the Cosmos from going back to Chaos. This is what gives the Rune those destructive qualities that are aimed to break up the old patterns and habits, for you to replace them with something better and right for you.


Reversed Thurisaz Meaning:


Reversed Thurisaz describes a time when you need to think before you act. If upright Thurisaz represents the time when you are ready to take action AND it is the perfect time for it, the reversed Rune warns you that you did not take into an account some important steps or aspects. Therefore, there is a great chance that you will make mistakes that can be very costly.


From this we can understand that reversed Thurisaz asks you not to rush into anything. “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Ever heard of the expression? It is important to be cautious, review your steps and ANALYZE absolutely everything that is going on. The Rune does not however call for inaction, like Isa Rune, on the contrary, you WILL NEED TO ACT at some point, just know what you are doing and why.


Rune Advice: No need to rush into the unknown. Wait it out, it is the time for reflection. But if the bubble has already burst, don’t try to stop things. Let them unroll and leave it with the Gods. The situation is now out of your hands. When the storm is over, you will see it as a transformation.




Thurisaz acts as a gate between the “Above” and “Below”. This is a very interesting Rune to use for meditation because despite its destructive qualities, the Rune calls you to work on your spiritual enlighten and growth.


The Rune also points on increasing process of your spiritual development. However, it also reminds to find time and reasons to pause and reflect. It asks that you learn to be calm, patient and have personal sense of composure.


Rune Thurisaz predicts the beginning of transformation and powerful shifts. Its important to trust Gods and the Universe and let go of personal blocks that are still holding you back.


Use Thurisaz as a part of a Bindrune or on its own for the following:


  • New ideas and beginnings

  • To attract love in love magic and rituals

  • To attract luck, obtain protection or control over the situation

  • To achieve victory over your rivals or competitors



Norse Viking Stainess Steel Rune Thurisaz Amulet Pendant for Women & Men

Thurisaz can be used as a protection amulet to wear or use in ritual magic but it’s important to understand that Thurisaz represents an active form of protection.

Wear jewelry with Thurisaz if you are going through a transformational period. The Rune will help for you to concentrate, be attentive and patient. It will clear your mind of unnecessary trash that is holding you back.




Upright Thurisaz predicts a positive outcome to health questions.

It also almost always will point on the time, where you are faced with a CHOICE.


You will either agree for a surgery or no. You will quit smoking or no. You will choose a healthy diet or no. It is important to consider all pros and cons and make the right decision.


Now, reversed Thurisaz for health is a completely different matter. Reversed Thurisaz can often point on UNEXPECTED and SUDDEN health issues that may be difficult to avoid.


For example, reversed Thurisaz + Raidho can mean a car accident. So, knowing you got this combination, the Rune will again remind of the importance of patience. Drive slowly, check the mirrors and make all the necessary stops. The Universe gave you a warning and it is now up to you to take it into a consideration or dismiss it and wait for a trouble to come.