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Zorya Wellness - About Me


Well hey there! It’s great to see you’ve landed on my website! Means you are looking at how to better your life already today!


My Name is Veronika an I am a Professional Tarot Reader & Instructor and Intuitive Coach. Aside from my University degree in Health & Disease, I have completed Tarot education through the best teachers in Canada and Russia and hold a number of certificates to support my studies. 


I have also studied in depth Germanic Runes and do Rune carving on all types of crystal stones. 


Aside from that, I have background in Astrology, Reiki, Northern Witchcraft and Lenormand Oracle. 


My main focus at this time is Tarot education. By that I don’t mean Tarot Cards meanings, there are many wonderful websites and Youtube channels that talk about that.


I am mainly interested in educating how to read cards well, what mistakes to avoid and what are the main things to the successful and quality Tarot reading. I believe that Tarot readers have a significant impact on clients’ lives and it’s important that we know how to guide people in the right direction. 


Whether you are a beginner or an advanced reader, you WILL benefit from the information I am sharing in my blog.


Love, Health & Happiness