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My Story, My Vision, My MISSION

Zorya Wellness - About Me

Welcome to my page! My name is Veronika. I began my spiritual path almost 10 years ago, when I was 20 and I was put into a life situation that forced me to re-evaluate my life choices and find a deeper and better purpose. Since that time I dedicated a lot of my time to the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness and have been avidly studying esoterics. I have been learning and continue to learn from different teachers, schools and traditions. I am located in Ontario, Canada.

Power of Tarot in My Life
During my first reading with a woman that then became my Tarot Teacher, I mentioned  that I will be coming to study Tarot with her soon, she looked and me and said "Do you know that it will transform you life? Are you ready for this?" I did not fully understand what she meant at that time but every time someone has the first reading with me, I remember these words. Tarot forces you to see what you have been avoiding, points on the best and the worst in you and at the end, guides you to transform and become a better version of yourself.

My Relationship with the Runes 
In my work I create the Bind Runes comprising of the Runes from the Elder Futhark as the most used and known alphabet. I do not offer Divination using the Runes as through my research and study I came to the conclusion that the Runes were not created for this and their primary energetic purpose was and should remain to be used Magic and secondary - writing. 

Candle Making
I have been using candles for various purposes over the years, from interior decor of my house to rituals and Tarot sessions. Unable to always find the candles I needed, I started making them myself to target a particular intention or add herbs to enhance my meditation or ritual power. I thought that perhaps, there are people out there looking for what I myself was on the hunt for years ago and decided to share my skills and knowledge with the world. 


Why and Who is Zorya?
I am of a Slavic descent and have a strong bond with the old religion of my people. Zorya translates to the Dawn from my language and means the period of bright luminescence on the horizon as the Sun rises. My people believed in the power of this light so much that thought it was guided by the mighty Goddess, sister of the Sun God, and gave her the name Zorya. I hope that my candles will shine the light that will brighten not only your space but also your Life. 


Love, Health & Happiness


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I get asked questions how you can support my website and here are a few ways:

As I am a stay at home mom at this time, my website is my sole income, so I am very grateful to my customers and your ongoing support!

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