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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning



​Kenaz kenaz kenaz

Ku ka ki ke ko

Kun kan kin ken kon

Ok ek ik ak uk


(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)



​Kenaz Old Germanic name: Chozma

Kenaz Old Norwegian name: Kauna

Kenaz Anglo-Saxon name: Cen, Ken

Kenaz Old Celtic name: Ken

Kenaz Old Icelandic name: Kaun

kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning

Kenaz Overall Meaning: Kenaz is the Rune of discovering your true personality and Ego. You will reach your goals, so don’t give up or get distracted. It is the time in your life when the veil is being lifted and whatever was unclear to you is now coming to light. You have a chance to understand yourself on a deeper level and to build strong relationship with others.

kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning
kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning in meditation and ritual


Kenaz is the symbol of purging and cleansing from anything negative.

In ancient times, Rune Kenaz was used during the ceremony when a boy would become a man, a Viking Warrior.


Rune Kenaz is great not only for channeling energy but also to tap into different dimensions and astral projections. It will lighten up your path and will uncover the knowledge and truth if you are open and ready to receive it.


Kenaz helps to understand yourself on a deeper level and also to learn how to read people and their true intentions.


Kenaz is often used as a part of Bindrune in ritual magic, as well as an amulet and talisman. The Rune helps to find that which seems lost, to cure illnesses, conceive a baby, develop artistic qualities and accomplish your goals.


Combine with Rune Algiz to add more love and emotion into the relationship picture or with Rune Berkana for that kick of sexual drive you may be missing at this time. That said, note that with Berkana you can also fall pregnant, so do think this through.

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Kenaz is used to create amulets that help one to grow spiritually, to dip into subconscious level in order to learn the truth. You can also use it to uncover and further develop your best qualities and skills and to understand your true purpose in life.


Talismans containing Rune Kenaz are used to attract love and in fertility rituals for successful pregnancy.


Kenaz is a great companion for artistic people. The Rune gives inspiration and helps to find strength to bring your ideas into life.

kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning in health questions



Kenaz affects our sexual health and well-being. Use this Rune to overcome sexual trauma and seek healing, to understand your sexual drive and nature.


In a Rune reading, Kenaz signifies strong health that helps one to overcome obstacles on the way to one’s health goal. It also points on a strong immune system of the asker.


Kenaz is used in healing rituals but only as part of the Bindrune, alongside other Runes.


Reversed Kenaz in Health Questions:


Reversed Kenaz can be a sign of quite serious medical condition. But the good news is that it will be treatable if you don’t ignore the situation and seek help and healing urgently.


If an illness is chronic already, you will need to work on yourself as best as you can to prevent it from acting out often.



In a love reading, Kenaz is the sign of passion and bright emotions.


However, Kenaz is not really a big love Rune and can take on very different meanings based on the surrounding Runes. For example,


Kenaz + Nauthiz combination predicts a long separation (such as for a job) or a complete break up. For a married couple, it can be a sign of divorce.


Other than that, even though Kenaz has a strong feminine energy, if you are asking the Runes how to improve your relationship situation, Kenaz will suggest to be bold and show initiative.


If it is just a one Rune reading and you pull Kenaz, it will mean new beginnings or just a new stage in your relationship, often a step towards something more serious or meaningful.


Kenaz + Ansuz combination suggests a need for a serious conversation with your partner.



Reversed Kenaz in Love & Relationship:


Reversed Kenaz in love questions also means passion but it is the shadow side of emotions. It is that kind of love and passion that becomes destructive. It forces one to remain in or be the cause of an abusive or toxic relationship. It can result in jealousy, fights and heartbreaks.


Often a relationship described by reversed Kenaz is one that had outlived itself. It could be the result of a serious fight and it will be difficult to find peace.


Reversed Kenaz + Nauthiz combination asks to stop holding onto what should be let go of. Let your partner make a choice and respect it.



In career questions the meaning of Rune Kenaz first and foremost will be a professional outlook with a creative touch.

If you are wondering about a career path to choose, it should be something where you can explore and develop your artistic and creative nature.


And it does not mean necessarily you should become a poet. You can become a project manager and CREATE amazing projects no one else could have come up with.


The Rune also speaks about skills where you go deeply into your profession and grow to become a true professional.


Kenaz + Ansuz combination for people of art career can mean an inspiration to create and the source of it will be love.


Kenaz + Ingwaz combination is a symbol of strength and perseverance, you will go until the end to reach your goals; you will never stop half-way through and will do whatever it takes to finish what you started.


If you are asking about something specific, such as what you should do to grow in your career or business, then Kenaz suggests to take a creative approach. Think about something you can do that will distinguish you from your competitors.


Kenaz + Hagalaz combination unfortunately means that you struggle to grow in your career because it does not bring you any joy or inspiration. And those emotional aspects are very important to you. You may need to rethink your career path or find the meaning in what you do. Otherwise, you can end up feeling disappointed and depressed.


Reversed Kenaz in Career & Money:


Reversed Rune Kenaz in career and finances is a period of complication, losses, problems and stagnation. But it is not the time to make drastic changes and decisions. You just need to go with the flow and accept your losses. It is also not the time to put blames. The situation you find yourself in right now is solely on you.


Reversed Kenaz + Isa combination points on a such stagnation and predicts it will last for a while. Find a deeper meaning in what is happening.


Reversed Kenaz + Othala combination is a sign of financial losses.

kenaz elder futhark rune symbol and meaning in viking tattoo


Frankly, the meaning of this Rune is quite dual. There are a lot of sides to this Rune and I am not talking just about its reversed position.

Perhaps, if you are an artist, or value knowledge and learning, this Rune will work well with you. It will act as the fuel to your creative fire and will keep you inspired, unique and expressive in your art.

But if you continue to reverse it, such as have it as a part of your arm tattoo, it can attract a lot of unexpected problems, misunderstanding and conflicts.

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In a reading Kenaz means just that – Knowledge and Truth. The Rune has similar characteristics to the High Priestess and in both cases, you need to ask yourself first: “Do I want to know this? Or Is ignorance a bliss?” Some things should stay in the past where they belong. Look at the Rune following Kenaz as it can indicate the outcome of this exposure.


In its upright position, the Rune can also mean the following:


Kenaz can come up as the symbol of power and being “above” others. In real life situation, this can be pointing on a person of power, anyone from a politician to your manager.


In a conflict or problem related reading, Kenaz predicts a quick solution to a problem that will result in the events unfolding in your favor, while at the same time, will not harm the other side.


Very often, Kenaz is the sign of new beginning or new life stage. It can be anything from knowledge, ideas, decisions or even an opportunity that will help you on the way to your goal.


If the asker wants to know what to do in life or particular situation, Kenaz advice will be to learn a new skill, acquire new knowledge, change your career or job or even change yourself. Stop living in the shadows and show yourself and your powers to others.


Kenaz + Raidho combination describes the asker as an extraordinary and creative human. You can come up with creative and unorthodox decisions that will be very successful. Just use your gift for good.


Kenaz + Isa combination will make you worry a bit in a near future. Your plans will be ruined due to some complications or obstacles.


Kenaz + Algiz combination points on a good idea that you have in mind. Making this idea a reality will make your life more interesting and inspiring.


Kenaz as the Rune of the Day: today is the time when something will become clear to you. It can be an important conversation or message that you’ve been waiting for quite some time. It can also be that you will look at the situation with a different perspective and this will turn into quite an epiphany.

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The subject of our today’s discussion is the Rune that is said to resemble a hand holding a torch. It is an astonishingly powerful Rune that will not only be interesting for those studying Runes, but also for people of art and creativity.


The deep meaning of Kenaz will be most understandable to artistic folks, such as musicians, painters, writers and poets because art is the strength and fire that is born from within.


Rune Kenaz is all about knowledge. It gives you an opportunity to learn something new, to perfect what you are already doing and even to uncover the truth in dark situations. Therefore, keep this Rune close when studying or even using creative skills and need to tap into your soul for true inspiration. Remember, no art is more beautiful than one coming from your heart and soul. Is also the time to share your knowledge with others. Only when teaching others, we are truly learning.

Kenaz carries the strong fiery energy but what’s interesting about it is that this energy is FEMININE and astrological correspondence is planet Venus. This is why you feel this sense of inspiration and creativity, the need for transformation and regeneration. It is a very controlled energy of Fire, one that you can wield and apply. 


It is also the Fire of torch that is held by a person. It is not that fire that is destructible or one that can take a hold of you. It is the fire you can create and CONTROL yourself.


It is worth to mention the sexual fiery nature of this Rune. It is a very powerful feeling of love and lust but it is not unconscious drive seen in the Rune Uruz. Everything is very clear when it comes to Kenaz. You feel and understand your sexuality and your desires and are fully accepting them.



The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


The torch is known to every living man by its pale, bright flame;

it always burns where princes sit within.



Kenaz is the time in your life when the situation, your path and your decisions become obvious. You are able to look at things clearly and make the good judgement call.

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