Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett



The Gift



Stands for “Gift”

Sound: “g” 


Colour: Gold


Element: Air


Astrology: Pisces


Health: Sexual and Mental Health


Key Words: Gift, Luck, Partnership, Connection, Generosity


GALDR (Runic chant) 

Gebo gebo gebo

Gu ga gi ge go

Gub gab gib geb gob

Og eg ig ag ug

G a a a a a a f f f f f f 


Gebo is the Rune of partnerships, friendship and things really coming together. It’s the Rune of giving and receiving. The Rune calls upon joining forces with other to accomplish your goal. The Rune will help you to establish connections and strengthen the existing ones. It will help in any kinds of contracts and partnerships, establishing understanding and balance. Combined with the Rune Taiwaz it will aid in bringing on justice. Be careful though as both Runes are truly fair and just. Make sure you understand the consequences and have acted in a good faith all along.


When you are working with Gebo, remember that this is an extremely fair Rune. You get what you give. If you want it to aid you, make sure you act with good faith and treat others right. This Rune will not tolerate cheating and dishonesty.

As Gebo unites the two (and is a sign of a divine connection between God and Goddess) it can be combined with Berkana to bring into the world that what unites the two and brings love and harmony into a relationship (a baby). 

Gebo is the only Rune that does not have a reversed position.


Meditate on this Rune if you are looking for a sense of internal freedom and harmony. 

In a Ritual, you may ask this Rune for what you wish but make sure what you are giving back is of value. Gebo is one of the magnetic Runes and you will need to put extra effort into getting things going with it. Of course, it should not be used in any kinds of destructive Magic.


Gebo is yet another Rune of Sexual health and healing, especially valuable for those suffering from trauma. It helps in emotional distress and anxiety, bringing back sense of balance.


Gebo is one a few Runes that is truly a safe choice for a tattoo. This symbol looks identical upright and reversed, which for you means that you can’t really attract anything bad or cause a chaos with this tattoo, unlike with some others we’ve discussed so far.

On the contrary, Rune Gebo can help boost your confidence in yourself and your strength and help obtain an internal balance.


If you are thinking about working on something or opening up a business and get Gebo in your reading, think about making partnerships with others. If it’s a relationship question, Gebo is a really good omen and signifies love, marriage or simply taking a step towards something new together. Once again, with this Rune, it’s the matter of “you get what you give”, so think about how you wanted to be treated in a relationship. What are you bringing into the relationship?