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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

gebo elder futhark rune symbol and meaning



Gebo gebo gebo

Gu ga gi ge go

Gub gab gib geb gob

Og eg ig ag ug

G a a a a a a f f f f f f


(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)



Gebo Old Germanic name: Geuua

Gebo Old Norwegian name: Gipt, Giof

Gebo Anglo-Saxon name: Geofu, Gifu (Gyfu)

Gebo Old Celtic name: Giof

Gebo Old Icelandic name: Gjof

gebo elder futhark rune symbol and meaning

Gebo is the power of balance and harmony. Its outline reflects the equivalent exchange of energies between different directions. Gebo is associated with offering and sacrifice being made and receiving a gift in return for the energy. A person gives something valuable to them and in return receives a blessing. Often this most valuable “coin” is time.

rune cards with text saying gewbo rune meaning



Gebo is the Rune of partnerships, friendship and things really coming together. It’s the Rune of giving and receiving. The Rune calls upon joining forces with other to accomplish your goal. The Rune will help you to establish connections and strengthen the existing ones. It will help in any kinds of contracts and partnerships, establishing understanding and balance. 

You can see different variations of writing and pronunciation of this Rune but the most common ones are Gebo, Gebe and Gifu.

Due to the absence of this rune in the Younger Futhark and the fact that other runic poems have not reached us, there is a mention of it only in the Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem which says:


Generosity brings credit and honour, which support one's dignity;

it furnishes help and subsistence to all broken men who are devoid of aught else


When reading this you can feel the whole essence of the custom of offering gifts, which was widespread throughout Northern Europe. It was at the level of social obligations.

When you are working with Gebo, remember that this is an extremely fair Rune and as you can read in the poem, it values generosity. You get what you give. If you want it to aid you, make sure you act with good faith and treat others right. This Rune will not tolerate cheating and dishonesty.

As seen in the Anglo-Saxon Rune poem Gebo is also the Rune of charity and helping those who are less fortunate in life.

With the help of Rune Gebo one can make a decision with regards to any partnership, be it a romantic or business one, to create a mutual project and maintain good relations.


And of course, finally, Gebo symbolizes the gifts Gods give us. As we read in The Völuspá, Odin, Lóðurr and Hœnir travelled across the shore and saw two trees, Ask and Embla. Each God gave them one of the gifts (spirit, intellect and feelings). And Ask became the first man, while Embla became the first woman. Naturally, the Rune also symbolizes the gifts we humans give to the Gods in return.

Reversed Rune Gebo meaning:

Rune Gebo does not have a reversed position.

Rune Gebo Advice: Fate favors those who can live an interesting and easy life, believe in Fortune and allow intuition to lead them in the right direction.

ritual magic with text saying rune gebo in meditation and rituals


Meditate on this Rune if you are looking for a sense of internal freedom and harmony.

In ritual Magic Gebo is used to create a strong partnership or find the right people or person (for marriage or business).

In a Ritual, you may ask this Rune for what you wish but make sure what you are giving back is of value. Gebo is one of the magnetic Runes and you will need to put extra effort into getting things going with it. Of course, it should not be used in any kinds of destructive Magic.

As Gebo unites the two (and is a sign of a divine connection between God and Goddess) it can be combined with Berkana to bring into the world that what unites the two and brings love and harmony into a relationship (a baby).

Combined with the Rune Tiwaz it will aid in bringing on justice. Be careful though as both Runes are truly fair and just. Make sure you understand the consequences and have acted in a good faith all along.


An amulet, talisman or jewellery with Rune Gebo is used to attract the right people, if you are in search of friends, like-minded people, business partners or romantic connections.

The Rune can also be used as a home talisman, maintaining harmony and balance in your home, preventing arguments and conflicts. You can draw this Rune anywhere where you spend time the most with the rest of your household.


The Rune also helps to maintain harmony in a relationship. If you are going through a period of falling out with your spouse, place the talisman with Gebo in your bedroom.

healthy person with text saying rune gebo in health questions



Gebo is yet another Rune of Sexual health and healing, especially valuable for those suffering from trauma. It helps in emotional distress and anxiety, bringing back sense of balance.

In general, Gebo is a very positive Rune that is really the symbol of harmony in the body. It means a good work of organs and systems and speaks of healthy ego and good self-esteem.

It may mean the opposite if surrounded by the negative Runes, such as Hagalaz. But in general, it will “soften” the negative aspect of those Runes.

man and woman holding hands with text saying rune gebo in love and relationship



Gebo is the Rune of good and happy news. It can be news of a baby, you buying a new house or simply moving in together. In any case, it is a very joyful time in your life. If you are single, you have a chance to finally meet the right person.

Rune Gebo reminds us about the importance of reciprocation. Relationship is a hard work and you get out what you put in. Often when this balance is shifted, the problems arise. Do not give all of yourself if you are the only one giving but if you have a lot of complaints towards your partner, take a step back and see what you yourself have to offer.


Gebo means very strong feelings between partners, happiness and understanding.

Gebo + Thurisaz is an example of negative interpretation of the Rune. Such combination indicates that a person behaves selfishly, not wanting to recognize anyone's arguments and position, behaving as an undisputed leader.

office setting with text saying rune gebo in money and career



In business and career questions, Gebo first and foremost means partnership and mutual agreements, favourable for both sides.

The Rune can mean meeting a useful person, striking a deal, passing an interview or a successful end to a project.

Gebo also is the Rune of “gifting”, so in some instances it can mean acquiring necessary resources or a sum of money for development of your business.


Gebo + Tiwaz literally means signing a contract that would benefit both sides.

Gebo + Reversed Fehu + Thurisaz/Hagal can mean betrayal of partnership and schemes that result in you losing money.

Gebo + Fehu combination says that you may finally receive monetary compensation or help you really needed.

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viking style tattoo with text saying tune gebo in norse tattoos


Gebo is one a few Runes that is truly a safe choice for a tattoo. This symbol looks identical upright and reversed, which for you means that you can’t really attract anything bad or cause a chaos with this tattoo, unlike with some others we’ve discussed so far.

On the contrary, Rune Gebo can help boost your confidence in yourself and your strength and help obtain an internal balance.

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If you are thinking about working on something or opening up a business and get Gebo in your reading, think about making partnerships with others. If it’s a

relationship question, Gebo is a really good omen and signifies love, marriage or simply taking a step towards something new together. Once again, with this Rune, it’s the matter of “you get what you give”, so think about how you wanted to be treated in a relationship. What are you bringing into the relationship?

ritual magic Image by Julia Arte

As stated before, Gebo does not have a reversed position. And since the Rune itself has quite a positive interpretation, this means that its main meaning can only be worsened by the presence of runes with an unambiguously negative meaning.

If you have been going through some dark times in your life, the appearance of Gebo signifies the light at the end of the tunnel for you. Things are getting better.

Gebo + Isa can mean that a person will not take or appreciate the gift Universe has to offer (think of 4 of Cups card in Tarot).


Gebo as the Rune of the Day: The Rune symbol promises an abundant and successful day. You may receive a gift, an invitation, feel energetic and happy. You may be wrapping up on a project. It’s a good day to meet new people or go on a date.

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