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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Freya's 1st Aett

raidho elder futhark rune meaning



Raidho Raidho Raidho 


Ru ra ri re ro

Rudh radh ridh redh rodh

Or er ir ar ur


(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


Raidho Old Germanic name: Reda

Raidho Old Norwegian name: Raidu

Raidho Anglo-Saxon name: Rad/Radh

Raidho Old Celtic name: Ruig

Raidho Old Icelandic name: Reið

rune raidho symbol elder futhark

Rune Raidho of Elder Futhark Overall Meaning: while often associated with travel and movement, Rune Raidho is much more than that. The meaning of Raidho lies in the communication area and harmonization of everything that has a dualistic nature. Raidho also symbolizes a time when you are at the end of your journey and things are finally coming together.




As Raidho is all about movement, this Rune can be used to get things going or expedite them. It can help one to achieve their goals faster and with less obstacles and interruptions. Raidho, in a sense, may act as a Wheel of Fortune to turn things around for you. However, remember that this is the Rune of Order and it strictly follows the sense of Justice.

While clearing obstacles, Raidho will also help you find the right people. It really is the Rune of progress, it gives you the energy to get going or continue with something you have already started, even if you feel like you’ve got no strength left.

Raidho can help you if you are stuck in life and cannot find your path. It will guide you to the correct choice, to the right people and situations.

Raidho often shows up at the time when you are on crossroads, struggling to make a decision or pulling back due to the lack of confidence in yourself. In this case, Raidho advises you not to give up and stay on the path.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem says:

Riding is a comfort to every warrior

in the hall, and very trying to those who sit upon

a powerful courser over the mile-paths.


Raidho is a reminder that our life is not static; it is a continuous movement, journey and transformation.

You are changing, the world around you is changing. You can’t always rely on the old patterns and ways. You need to learn to adapt to the changes. Many people who failed to learn this lesson in the last few years have lost everything.

Raidho also reminds of the importance of goal setting. It’s important to know where you are going and what your end goal is.

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Reversed Rune Raidho meaning:

Of course, reversed Raidho can talk about the issues related to travel and movement. It can be anything from a cancellation of travel or problems on the road to loss of money or injury.

Reversed Raidho is related to the changes happening around you that may not necessarily be up to you and can just be the factors of the outside world.

It can also mean the end of the journey or uncertainty about moving forward with your goals.

Let’s look at the few combinations for how the reversed Raidho rune can play out:

Reversed Raidho + Fehu can mean that your trip will result in you spending more money than anticipated. Reversed Raidho + Reversed Fehu can mean loss of money due to trip cancellation.


Reversed Raidho + Hagalaz is a combination that advises to cancel the trip, if you can or be prepared for issues. It can even be environmental cataclysms.

The advice reversed Raidho Rune gives is to analyze the situation, think things through and get ready to act.

Good things are coming your way but they will not fall from the sky upon you. You will need to work for them. If you get lazy and apathetic, you are risking missing on the opportunities.

rune raidho elder futhark rune meaning
rune raidho elder futhark in meditation and rituals



Raidho symbolizes a journey of your soul and spirit on the way to growth and development.

The Rune indicates an internal journey, finding your true purpose in life.

In meditation, Raidho helps to access inner strength and abilities, as well as obtain an inner advice from your subconsciousness. 

Use Raidho in Rituals and as a part of Bindrune to achieve the following:

  • Have a safe and comfortable travel

  • To remove obstacles in a way of achieving your goals

Raidho can also help you to get through a difficult situation with sort of minimal losses.

When you are lost in life and can’t find the way, Raidho will be your compass.



raidho rune pendant talisman.jpg
raidho rune ring and pendant set.jpg

It is the Rune of travel and journey, so it’s good to take it with you for a blessed trip with no obstacles. It will also act  as a protection Rune, as it protects the traveler.

If you want a powerful protection, you can create a specific Bindrune of say Algiz – Raidho – Algiz.

If your work involves lots of travelling, or even driving, Raidho can be your daily companion, offering protection.

rune raidho elder futhark in health questions


A need to travel somewhere in order to fix or improve your health situation is the main message of Raidho Rune in health questions.

It can be interpreted as an advice to go for vacation, a cottage or spa. You may just really need a change of scenery.

You may also need to seek alternative opinion or travel to a different town to see a specialist. 

Reversed Raidho in health questions:

Reversed Raidho advises to look into your chronic health conditions, if you are aware of any, as the situation may get worse, if left untreated.

Reversed Raidho also represents the time when you need to make a change towards a healthier lifestyle and choices, to avoid stress and learn to be more in tune with your body.

rune raidho in love and relationship



In a relationship, Raidho predicts reaching your goal, whatever it is for you. What you were dreaming about, thriving for, soon will finally come true.

If you are currently single, Raidho tells you that if you are interested in finding a partner, this road is open and clear for you.


If you are already in a committed relationship, then Raidho predicts the time for a change. This can range from going on a trip together to really bond or get to know each other better, to getting engaged and moving in together to a new home.

Raidho is associated with some kind of mutual agreement taking place. Aside from described above, it can mean finding a common ground if you are going through a conflict.

The Rune advises to speak honestly with each other and talk through all disagreements and misunderstandings. This conversation will only benefit your love life.

Raidho + Gebo combination advises to really take the advice above, as it will be very beneficial for your relationship.


Raidho + Thurisaz points on a person in your relationship that just does not value their partner. They can also be very impulsive and talk before they think.

Reversed Raidho in Love & Relationship

Reversed Raidho can mean a few things for your love life.

First of all, it can indicate being on crossroads, unable to make a right decision for your relationship.

It can also mean that your relationship is reaching a breaking point and it may be impossible to mend the situation, as the issues are only gaining a momentum.

Lastly, look at the surrounding Runes.


Maybe, you and your partner are simply walking your own walks separately and are not looking into the future together. In other words, your relationship is lacking a common goal.

raidho wall art.jpg
gthic viking jewelry.jpg
rune raidho in money and career



Raidho can be used in negotiations, court appearances and any legal matter (when combined into a Bind Rune with Tiwaz/Tyr). If you are contemplating to buy or sell real estate and move, working with Raidho can help things go smoothly.

Alternatively, if you are already in the process of buying or selling and are experiencing issues or your home isn't selling, Raidho will help you get your desired outcome faster.

Naturally, as you probably would have already guessed, Raidho is often associated with work-related travel.

It is a good time for business, new projects and opportunities. Raidho also is associated with knowledge and learning new things. It often means that the information is coming your way and most often, it is literally “coming” through mail, e-mail letter or a phone call.

Raidho + Dagaz mean that your job will bring you much more money and success than you have anticipated.

Raidho + Wunjo predicts an end to any struggles you’ve had; you are on the way to a better future.


Reversed Raidho in Career & Finances

First of all, the Rune often indicates disagreements between people and conflicts due to misunderstandings and different outlooks of the situation.

It can also mean a complete fall through of a deal, a cancellation of your work-related trip. In any case, what you’ve planned for is not going to work out.

Reversed Raidho + Isa combination advises to put a stopper on what you are about to do and review your plans.

rune raidho elder futhark in rune and norse tattoo


​Similar to wearing Raidho as an amulet, tattoo with Raidho Rune would offer protection to travellers.


The tattoo with this Rune would be a good choice for those who travel a lot for work or even work in an industry that involves a lot of driving.

You can even combine with Rune with 2 Algiz Runes, so that it becomes a combination Algiz – Raidho – Algiz.

Rune Raidho has a reversed position, so there is a risk associated with this tattoo. At least, choose a place in your body that will not cause the Rune to become reversed.

Read more: Viking Rune Tattoos: All You Need Know Before Getting One. Norse Runes & Icelandic Staves in Tattoos



In a reading, pay attention at the Runes before (to understand where you came from) and the Runes after Raidho (to understand where you are heading). At times this Rune suggests that a change of setting is necessary, such as taking a break and going away for a bit.

Note, if Raidho is reversed in a reading, everything above takes a negative turn ( e.g. avoid travelling).

If you compare Raidho to Tarot, then I would relate it to 6 of Swords of Minor Arcana. It is also a good card to compare to Raidho because 6 of Swords does not always represent a physical journey or travel. The card often points on a journey taking place inside of you and can mean moving on in life, be it a relationship or career situation. You are leaving behind the situation that has clearly outlived itself and there is nothing for you there anymore. Now you are moving to a better life, although your struggles may not be over just yet.


Raidho really has a similar energy. The Rune can advise you that it is the time to move on. There is no need to wait anymore or rely on false promises and hopes. There is a better life waiting for you, you just need to gather all the strength inside and make a decision.

And just like I mentioned in Meditation section, Raidho can mean spiritual development or awakening. It is the time when you are experiencing a true growth.

Reversed Rune Raidho in Divination:

Reversed Raidho in a Rune reading is definitely a warning sign. The Rune advises for you to be on your guard and pay attention to details and everything that is going on around you.

The Rune also tells you to have a positive outlook and an open mind in life.

A more symbolical meaning of reversed Raidho Rune is lack of confidence in yourself and your chosen path. While you stand on crossroads, it can be that your outlook on a situation is somewhat twisted and you don’t see things clearly for what they are.

Raidho as the Rune of the Day: today is the time to trust yourself and the way the events will be unrolling. Don’t waste your time and don’t overthink things. Just keep going and doing what you know it right. Don’t let anything or anyone to disrupt your plans.

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