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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett




Ehwo ehwo ehwo


Ehwu ehwa ehwi ehwe ehwo
ehwo ehwe ehwi ehwa ehwu



​Old Germanic name: Eys (Ehwaz)

Old Norwegian name: Ehol, Ior

Anglo-Saxon name: Eh, Eoh

Old Celtic name: Eirich

Old Icelandic name: Eh, Eol

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Ehwaz is translated as "the horse", so we can understand that the main message of this Rune is movement, goal setting, relationship building and the ability to overcome obstacles. It is the Rune of travel, meeting new people and obtaining wisdom through these encounters. Ehwaz is about achieving results and favours those who don't sit and wait for a miracle but work on their goals.



Ehwaz is the nineteenth Rune of Germanic Elder Futhark and the third Rune of the third Aett of Týr.


I am always very happy to talk about this Rune, as Ehwaz is such a pleasant and positive Rune that even when reversed, its meaning does not pose a threat or danger to the asker.


When Ehwaz comes up, it indicates that you are in a harmony and in the right relationship with yourself and with others. It is the Rune of blessings and things coming together. The Universe is here to help you on your journey to bring you closer to your desired goals.


Ehwaz can result in a sudden shift or change in events. But this shouldn’t be too surprising or scary. This shift is the result of long processes that have been built up block by block, resulting in you feeling like there was not much growth happening.. Now you will be able to reap the fruits of your actions and look confidently into the future.


Whatever your question is, when you draw Ehwaz, it means that you are on the right track, you see things clearly, you understand your potential and possible challenges that are ahead but you CAN overcome them.


The Rune also indicates a good time for meeting new people, and potentially getting into a relationship, if you are single. You can also confidently seek a new job and be on the lookout for new opportunities.


Sometimes Ehwaz can also predict a change of residence, even to a completely different country. If that’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while and end up getting this Rune, now is a very good time to finally make this decision.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


Horses are for earls the joy of noblemen,

a steed proud in its hooves, where the heroes about him,

prosperous on horseback, weave their speech,

and ever a comfort to those on the move.


Rune Ehwaz Advice: it is the time for change and growth. Do not let anyone stop you or tell you that you are less than what you are. You are strong and powerful. You can achieve anything.

Reversed Ehwaz Meaning: As I will mention on multiple occasions in this post, reversed meaning of Ehwaz is never too dark or hopeless.


Reversed Ehwaz often points to the slow development of events or new opportunities that are being missed again and again by a person because they refuse to be open to changes.

Basically, it is not even a bad prediction, it’s more of a warning to stop being closed-minded, focus on the negative and refuse to look into the future and what it has to offer.

Sometimes, it is understandable that a person may want to take time to think things through before making a decision. But don’t turn into an overly cautious person that keeps on pulling back and turning every opportunity away, preferring “security” and stability.



Rune Ehwaz points to a time when you are stepping on a path towards new beginnings and positive changes.


It is a time of continuous and progressive change and development, be it personal or spiritual growth.


You are growing and becoming now more than ever. What is expected from you is the realization that you need to show resilience and strength, you need to keep going. Don’t let anyone sway you. Stay focused.

Use it in meditation to find your purpose and to make a decision. Sometimes, what we think is right for us really isn’t. It’s a good time to make things right.

Use Ehwaz in rituals as part of the Bindrune or on its own for the following:

·      Safe travel

·      To change the course of events

·      To expedite the situation

You can call Ehwaz the opposite of the Rune Isa. If Isa is used in ritual work to put a pause, to stop the event, to “freeze” the situation, then Ehwaz is used to achieve exactly the opposite.


Norse Vikings Stainless Steel Ehwaz Amulet Pendant
Norse Vikings Stainless Steel Ehwaz Amulet Pendant
Screenshot 2021-04-15 202918.png

Ehwaz is a great Rune to wear as a Talisman and there is no time limit as to how long you can wear it without taking a break.


You can wear this ancient Germanic symbol carved on metal or wood when you need to bring in changes or attract a situation or a person into your life.


Rune Ehwaz is effective at helping you to achieve your desired goals, to meet the right people, maintain balance and get rid of obstacles that stand in your way to success.




Ehwaz is generally a very positive Rune for health questions.


It often brings changes to the health situation in a near future. If you are currently sick, you will be getting better; if you’ve suffered trauma, then it will heal faster than anticipated.


Reversed Rune Ehwaz for Health:


Reversed Ehwaz can point to a person that is struggling with mood swings and can easily go into a period of depression.


If you are looking specifically for a problematic area, then Ehwaz will point to the liver and kidneys.


However, even the reversed position of Ehwaz does not bring bad news or chronic conditions. The change for the better will come, you just need to be patient and show temperance.





As a general prognosis for your love life, Ehwaz means that you have made the right choice and chose the right person for you.


Rune Ehwaz is said to be composed of the two Laguz Runes facing each other. This indicates a supportive and harmonious relationship.


If you feel stuck in your current relationship, now it’s a good time to re-evaluate the situation and move forward together with strength and new hope.


If you are wondering how things will be developing in a new or existing relationship, Ehwaz predicts a fast-paced and yet romantic environment, strong love and harmony.


Ehwaz + Ingwaz combination talks about overcoming misunderstanding and reaching balance and a great foundation.


Ehwaz + Wyrd Rune talk about a strong spiritual and karmic connection between the partners.


Reversed Ehwaz in Love & Relationship:


Reversed Ehwaz often asks you to consider the following question: how can you adjust to make your relationship work?


And here I don’t mean changing yourself for the sake of keeping your partner. I’m talking about being dynamic with each other in a relationship, understanding what the union means and creating a harmonious environment.


Reversed Ehwaz brings conflicts that are not really based on any real issues. There are misunderstandings, arguments and a lack of balance that you really need to work on. Sometimes, it’s best to seek help. More on that below.


Reversed Ehwaz + Mannaz advises you to seek couple therapy, counselling or someone you can trust to hear you out and give valuable advice and support.


Reversed Ehwaz + Hagalaz points or a union that simply is not meant to be; the partners can be way too different or be at the different points in their lives where they just cannot walk the walk together.

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Ehwaz is the Rune of travel, trade, changes and ambitions goals and projects. The Rune will always advise you to dream big and work for your dreams.


In career and business questions, Ehwaz points to gradual changes that will ultimately bring you closer and closer to success. If your situation seemed like a dead-end for a while, now it’s the time when things will finally pick up.


Ehwaz can also suggest for you think of other ways and methods to expand your financial or career situation. It could be that your techniques are outdated and it’s time to search for modern approaches.


Ehwaz + Fehu combination predicts material success.


Ehwaz + Kenaz combination predicts a shift in your career towards more creative and interesting projects.


Reversed Ehwaz Rune in Career & Money:


Reversed Ehwaz points out a period of waiting and a lack of progress. This is a temporary situation and you should not feel discouraged. Look at the nearby Runes for advice and guidance.


See this time as a breather and try to shift your focus on something positive. See a deeper meaning.




Ehwaz is a very positive Rune. Even its reversed meaning does not predict troubles you can’t overcome. It is also a very dynamic Rune. The translation of this Rune is “the horse”. This is something to keep in mind.


Under the influence of this Rune, your life can turn into a never-ending spinning wheel. You need to make sure you are the type of person to cope with this speed, with constant changes and intense momentum.

For some people, this is truly a definition of living. But make sure you are that person.


We all sometimes need a break and stillness. With Ehwaz tattoo, you may not see these times.

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When Ehwaz comes up, regardless of the question, it means that you are on the right track. You understand and acknowledge the situation and you can easily reach your goals, as now you are closer to success than ever.


This Rune has two main meanings. In the first case, Ehwaz represents new events and beginnings: it can be that you meet someone new, or maybe take a new approach to your work, people, or life in general. There is a chance that you decide to move or just change a place of residence, such as purchasing a new house.


In another case, Ehwaz is a continuous process of life changes and shifts. It is the development of events, moving forward with your ideas, and finding understanding in your relationship with people or your partner.  


But a general message when Ehwaz comes up in a Rune reading is “change”. It is NOT a static Rune. It’s not the time to “sleep on your idea”, postpone your goals or wait things out.

The appearance of Ehwaz signifies positive changes. It actually is the short and basic definition of this Rune: a change for the better. You are on your way to something better. But you need to be open to changes and have a positive mindset.


Ehwaz definitely gives out the Tarot Chariot vibes. It gives you powerful energy and helps to build up momentum. You are in charge of your future. Once you start, no one will be able to stop you.


Ehwaz as the Rune of the Day: Ehwaz is a great Rune to pull for a day. You should expect to have a great time, and meet interesting people. What you are working on will be coming together easily and effortlessly. If there is something you are avoiding doing, this is a good day, as you will be able to get things done fast.


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