Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett

  • Stands for: Water, Sea

  • Sound: “L”

  • God: Nerthus & Njord

  • Colour: Green

  • Element: Water

  • Astrology: Waxing Moon, Mercury

  • Energy: Feminine

  • Health: Mental Health, Vascular System

  • Key Words: Love, Sorcery, Water, Emotion, Sensuality, Sea, Life Energy

Galdr (Runic Chant)

​laguz laguz laguz


lu la li le lo

ul al il el ol

lo le li la lu





​Old Germanic name:  Laaz, Laukaz

Old Norwegian name: Lagur

Anglo-Saxon name: Lagu

Old Celtic name: Laguss

Icelandic name: Lögur

Old Icelandic name: Lögr, Laukr

rune laguz elder futhark meaning

Laguz represent the life energy and vital power. This is why this Rune was used in “the ritual of water sprinkling” when a newborn child was sprinkled with water and given the name, once they showed to be worthy of life (yup…). This gives Laguz the status of the Rune of Initiation.


The main meaning of the Rune Laguz is intuition. The Rune really asks you to seek the answers inside, by letting go of prejudice and fear and allowing yourself to merge with the Multiverse. You will be able to see how wise the advice of YOUR OWN intuition is.

Learn how to trust yourself but do not confuse intuition with fantasy. The Rune teaches you to access your subconsciousness on a deep level and not to avoid acting and making decisions, hoping “for the best”.


Laguz does not only represent the flow of the sea. This is a mere metaphor. The flow is that of the life that also originates in water. And I don’t talk here about Darwin and evolution, I describe the process of the life being started in the womb. Since that time the flow starts and continues every day, week and year. It is the stream of events, people we meet, worries and fears we go through.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


The waters seem to men to be broad,

if they should venture upon an unstable ship,

and the sea-waves terrify them so,

and the brine-horse cares not for his bridle.

Rune Laguz Advice: relax and trust your intuition. It is not the time to doubt yourself or your abilities. Go with the flow and be open to new possibilities.

Rune Laguz Reversed Meaning:


Well, just as you might have guessed, reversed Laguz is the exact opposite of what we have discussed so far.


The Rune signifies the blockage of your intuitive channel, the inability to hear your inner voice and get passed the “inner chatter box” to connect to the Source.


With the appearance of this Rune, it is possible that you have reached a situation where you are stuck because you failed to listen to YOURSELF and your intuition (not others, such as your loved one, family or other advisors but YOURSELF).


It could be that you have put a lot of work, effort and your soul into something, knowing that nothing is working out, but didn’t want to accept the situation.


Sometimes banging your head against the closed door simply means that it is the wrong door.

laguz rune meaning free pdf
rune laguz elder futhark in magic and ritual


Laguz is a wonderful Rune for sorcery and ritual work. It will also help you if you are trying to improve or discover your occult abilities.

Interestingly, Laguz is also a good banishing Rune when you need to let go of negative patterns and emotions.

Use Laguz in meditation to achieve the following:

·      Become emotionally open for a new relationship

·      To open up emotionally to your partner in an existing relationship

·      To develop your intuition

·      To let go of the logic and mind and dip into your inner Higher self.

Use Laguz in Ritual Work for the following issues:

·      Love magic and rituals, such as attraction spells

·      To improve your energy potential and inner vitality

·      To establish a connection between you and the Source

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Laguz is a wonderful companion if you are looking to get pregnant, as it is a fertility Rune. You can either combine it in a Bindrune with, let’s say, Berkana or simply wear on its own. In general, Laguz is recommended to be worn by women due to a very strong female energy flow.

Laguz is also a protector of seamen. If your job requires a lot of traveling on water, it will be a great Rune to keep close. You can also take it with you if you are going on a cruise and are concerned about motion sickness.