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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Týr's 3rd Aett



​laguz laguz laguz


lu la li le lo

ul al il el ol

lo le li la lu



(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Old Germanic name:  Laaz, Laukaz

Old Norwegian name: Lagur

Anglo-Saxon name: Lagu

Old Celtic name: Laguss

Icelandic name: Lögur

Old Icelandic name: Lögr, Laukr

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Rune Laguz Overall Meaning: The Rune of inner peace, happiness and tranquility that is always positive when upright, no matter the context. Laguz calls to pause and smell the roses, meditate and turn inside to your intuition for answers. It's the time to take a step back and become an observer. It is the Rune of hidden knowledge and information you can not read up on the internet, as it can only be found deep inside your soul.

rune laguz elder futhark meaning

Laguz represents life energy and vital power. This is why this Rune was used in “the ritual of water sprinkling” when a newborn child was sprinkled with water and given the name, once they showed to be worthy of life (yup…). This gives Laguz the status of the Rune of Initiation.


The main meaning of the Rune Laguz is intuition. The Rune really asks you to seek the answers inside, by letting go of prejudice and fear and allowing yourself to merge with the Multiverse. You will be able to see how wise the advice of YOUR OWN intuition is.

Learn how to trust yourself but do not confuse intuition with fantasy. The Rune teaches you to access your subconsciousness on a deep level and not to avoid acting and making decisions, hoping “for the best”.


Laguz does not only represent the flow of the sea. This is a mere metaphor. The flow is that of life which also originates in the water. And I don’t talk here about Darwin and evolution, I describe the process of life being started inside the womb. At that time the flow starts and continues every day, week and year. It is the stream of events, people we meet, worries and fears we go through.


The Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem Says:


The waters seem to men to be broad,

if they should venture upon an unstable ship,

and the sea waves terrify them so,

and the brine-horse cares not for his bridle.

Rune Laguz Advice: relax and trust your intuition. It is not the time to doubt yourself or your abilities. Go with the flow and be open to new possibilities.

Rune Laguz Reversed Meaning:


Well, just as you might have guessed, reversed Laguz is the exact opposite of what we have discussed so far.


The Rune signifies the blockage of your intuitive channel, the inability to hear your inner voice and get passed the “inner chatterbox” to connect to the Source.


With the appearance of this Rune, it is possible that you have reached a situation where you are stuck because you failed to listen to YOURSELF and your intuition (not others, such as your loved one, family or other advisors but YOURSELF).


It could be that you have put a lot of work, effort and your soul into something, knowing that nothing is working out, but didn’t want to accept the situation.


Sometimes banging your head against the closed door simply means that it is the wrong door.

laguz rune meaning free pdf
rune laguz elder futhark in magic and ritual


Laguz is a wonderful Rune for sorcery and ritual work. It will also help you if you are trying to improve or discover your occult abilities.

Interestingly, Laguz is also a good banishing Rune when you need to let go of negative patterns and emotions.

Use Laguz in meditation to achieve the following:

·      Become emotionally open to a new relationship

·      To open up emotionally to your partner in an existing relationship

·      To develop your intuition

·      To let go of the logic and mind and dip into your inner Higher self.

Use Laguz in Ritual Work for the following issues:

·      Love magic and rituals, such as attraction spells

·      To improve your energy potential and inner vitality

·      To establish a connection between you and the Source

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Laguz is a wonderful companion if you are looking to get pregnant, as it is a fertility Rune. You can either combine it in a Bindrune with, let’s say, Berkana or simply wear it on its own. In general, Laguz is recommended to be worn by women due to a very strong female energy flow.

Laguz is also a protector of seamen. If your job requires a lot of travelling on water, it will be a great Rune to keep close. You can also take it with you if you are going on a cruise and are concerned about motion sickness.

rune laguz meaning in health questions


Laguz is a rather neutral Rune for health.


If everything is in general good with you and you are feeling great, then Laguz is neither a good, nor a bad sign. For now, you are doing fine.


However, if there is an underlying issue with your health that you are inquiring about, receiving Laguz signifies that the methods you’ve been using so far for healing may not work or may NOT be ENOUGH. Try to seek other ways, and maybe consult someone who really takes a holistic approach to the healing.

Reversed Rune Laguz in Health:


Reversed Laguz points to mental and psychological distress, depression and panic attacks.


It may be that the above is already taking a place or the appearance of Laguz can act as a warning that you are reaching a breaking point and need to take a step back immediately to care for your mental health.


Look at the surrounding Runes for more information.


It is also worth mentioning that reversed Laguz can mean a magical influence (curse/hex) on a person that affected their health. Usually, it is done by a very knowledgeable person of their “craft”, so you may need to consult a specialist to remove it.

Rune laguz elder futhark in love & relationship (12).png



Laguz symbolizes a mutual attraction and is a great sign if you are inquiring about your partner’s feelings towards you. It signifies progress, sincere connection and feelings and sometimes even a marriage! In any case, you can let go of any doubts about your partner, she or he is the one!


Often Laguz represents a woman in a relationship spread. A woman described by this Rune is really strong, fierce and protective of her ideals and values. If you are in a relationship with her, consider yourself lucky. She will really be a Guardian Angel of your family.


Laguz + Gebo combination predicts a date with your loved one.


Laguz + Ehwaz combination predicts moving or change of residence connected to your relationship, such as moving in together, getting married or moving to a new house.


Reversed Laguz in Love & Relationship:


Laguz represents the “half” of the partnership. When it comes up reversed, it could mean that you really are alone in your relationship and this causes you significant emotional distress.


Laguz is a very sensual Rune and when it is reversed it really hits you right in the feelings.


Unfortunately, it is not a very good sign to receive the reversed Laguz Rune for love. This Rune is really what every person wants in a relationship: love, support, understanding, and warm feelings. When reversed, it means a negative outlook, conflicts, lack of understanding, and a time when one partner gives it all and the other does not even bother trying.


Reversed Laguz + Uruz can be a situation when one partner is just TOO MUCH. A person does not understand what personal space is, they want to be around all time and can get seriously jealous.


Reversed Laguz + Ehwaz combination can mean a time when one partner just literally packs their stuff and leaves.

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rune laguz in money and career



In general, Laguz is more of a neutral Rune when it comes to finances and career. The Rune deals with the flow of events and if you receive it in your business reading, then you are on the right track and the events will work in your favour.


Laguz is also a great symbol for any new beginnings and has this Page or Ace of Cups Tarot vibe when you feel excited and hopeful about your project.


It’s important though to assess not only emotional but also a practical component of the situation, as when we are talking business, it’s very important to see things clearly for what they TRULY are, not what you hope they will be.


Laguz + Tiwaz combination speaks of a person with extremely good communication and persuasion skills. Alternatively, you can combine these Runes in the Bindrune, to develop these qualities.


Reversed Laguz Rune Meaning:


Reversed Laguz shows up when you have ignored the above warnings and did not take your financial or business situation seriously enough.


Now the situation is really going out of control and you may suffer serious financial loss if you don’t take appropriate measures quickly enough.


Reversed Laguz + Algiz combination means that you have chosen the “easiest” way, trying to get around the obstacles that were, in fact, necessary for you to learn and grow. Now, you ended up not where you want to be and it will be difficult to make things right.


Reversed Laguz + Ingwaz is a pretty powerful combination that in certain situations (especially with Tiwaz) can point to legal issues. In any case, the combo does not predict anything good for the asker.

rune laguz in norse and viking style tattoos


Laguz is one of the Runes that not only is read reversed but also has a mirror image (used by some in divination). We have already discussed on countless occasions that such Runes should be used with caution.


While it may seem that this Rune is an ideal tattoo choice for women, being in contact with Laguz for too long can cause too powerful of an influence on female energy, which can even result in its disturbance, causing emotional instability.


It is best to have a talisman or jewelry with Laguz Rune.

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laguz elder futhark rune meaning

Upright Laguz calls on trusting your intuition and gut feeling. Ask yourself a question and you will get an answer. All the answers are INSIDE of us, we just need to be open to listening.


Sit down, close your eyes and ask yourself: “Is this person right for me?” and the answer will come right away. Of course, don’t forget to keep a Laguz Rune close to allow yourself to connect to your inner psychic.


If you are doing a situation spread and receive Laguz, the Rune signifies that you need to go with a flow and see how the events will unfold. You will end up exactly where you need to be.


Laguz + Perthro combination points to the presence of pronounced psychic abilities and sensitivity to vibrations.

Reversed Laguz Rune in Divination:


Reversed Laguz really has these 7 of Cups Tarot vibes. It describes a situation or a person that is completely LOST in their dreams and fantasy. They do not see a situation clearly, lack a plan and don’t really know where they are going in life.


It’s really important to seek grounding and look at the situation as it is. It’s good to have hope but it’s also necessary to understand when the situation, be it a relationship or career is clearly NOT working. Do not drive it to the point when everything needs to fall apart for you to take a different approach or make a hard decision.


By the way, if you are asking about the ROOT of the problem and receive Rune Laguz, it can point to a woman as a source of your misfortunes. 


However, if you receive a combination of Reversed Laguz + Wyrd (“Empty”) Rune, then there is no need to search for a guilty person, as the issue you are faced with was created solely by you.


Laguz as the rune of the day: Today is a good day to trust your gut feeling. It may be that you have received a lucid dream or some sign from the Universe. The flow will pick you up today and take you to the right destination.


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laguz rune meaning free pdf
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