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Elder Futhark Rune Meanings

Heimdall's 2nd Aett

ansuz elder futhark rune meaning



Ansuz ansuz ansuz





(Galdr source: “A Handbook of Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson)


​Ansuz Old Germanic name: Ansus

​Ansuz Old Norwegian name: Ansus

​Ansuz Anglo-Saxon name: Oss, Áss

​Ansuz Old Icelandic name: Yss, Áss

​Ansuz Old Celtic name: An

ansuz elder futhark rune meaning

Ansuz is the fourth Rune of Elder Futhark. The Rune means Ancestral God, God of Æsir or "mouth". The Rune helps to obtain strength, inspiration and creativity. It is connected to the following characteristics: independence, intellect and the energy of life that keeps us going. Ansuz favours those who seek spiritual and personal growth and helps one to find their true life's pursuit.

rune ansuz elder futhark meaning



Ansuz is one of the three Runes used in the meditation ALU chant that is similar to the sound of OM in its energy.

This Rune is a symbol of Cosmic Order and stability. Its transformational qualities are similar to those of the Tarot Death Card. Unlike Thurisaz (the Rune of Destruction), Ansuz is the breath of new life that gives you an opportunity to rise and create.

The Rune is great for those who need inspiration in their creative projects, as well as those studying or performing any kinds of intellectual activities. It is the Rune of any kind of expression through word, such as songs, poetry and writing. Keep this Rune nearby when writing exams, working on or doing a speech as it helps with eloquence and charisma.

It is a good Rune to use if you are going through a transformational stage in your life as it will really lift you up and give you the energy and strength to push forward.

It is a beautiful Rune that can really guide you to understand yourself on a deeper level and feel kindness and compassion towards others.

Reversed Ansuz: indicates a situation where lies, deceit and treachery are key players. It is also a message that you are resisting to follow your heart and listen to your intuition. The path you are on right one is not right for you and you don’t have to wait for the world to start falling apart to change the situation. The time is NOW.


Rune Advice: take a look at where you are right now in life. Maybe you have been waiting for an opportune moment for so long, you don’t realize the time has come and you are ready for new adventures.

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ansuz in meditation & rituals (3).png


Ansuz is often used with other Runes as a part of the Bindrune to amplify the qualities of any other Rune it is used with in combination.

Aside from using Ansus as an amplifier, you can utilize it in legal matters, in situations where communication will be an important part.

Ansuz has strong ties with the Ancestral world. Through this Rune one can regain the ancestral connection and knowledge.

This is a very powerful and one of the most sacred Runes. While working with it you can receive information from other worlds and the Universe, although at first it may be hard to make sense of it.

Although strongly associated with Odin, this Rune also has a connection with the God Loki. It is therefore important to use it with caution (just like any other Rune really). Make sure your intentions are pure and your heart is open.


Ansuz is a very unique Rune in a sense that its influence is really unlimited. You can use it to work on mundane material matters just as much as on divine.


Screenshot_2021-03-13 QIANJI Viking Ansu
Screenshot_2021-03-13 NC88 Viking Jewelr

Keep Ansuz close during exams, especially oral parts of the examination and job interviews.


The Rune can be a lucky charm of lawyers and paralegals that routinely attend courts and need good communication skills and confidence to stand their ground. One of the Rune’s qualities in an amulet is that it gives its wearer an ability to sense lies and deception; it is very difficult to be fooled or misled if you wear this Rune.


Ansuz will help you to awaken your true talents and abilities and develop them into something more serious than just a hobby.

Jewelry with Ansuz is recommended to people with communication issues and those struggling to express their feelings and emotions. The Rune will also help to understand yourself and people around better.  

rune ansuz health questions


It is known that Old Icelandic name of Ansuz – Áss translates as “mouth”.


In health matters, Ansuz points on illnesses connected to mouth and throat, anything from inflammation to stumbling.


As a general suggestion, Ansuz advises to consult a doctor, particularly if there is something that’s been troubling you for a while.


Ansuz + Laguz can indicate a time when you are emotionally drained, tired and are simply carrying more than you can handle; maybe something has been troubling you for a while. Don’t ignore those symptoms and seek help if you need to.


Reversed Algiz in health is not a positive Rune at all. It speaks of the time when you need to seek alternative opinion, or repeat some tests, as you may be misled with regards to your health issues.

Rune ansuz in love & relationship (3).png



When Ansuz comes up in love questions, it indicates a time when you need to reach out for an advice or opinion, preferably from a friend or a family member. Regardless, it should be someone you trust with your life and feelings.


It may be a decision-making time in your relationship and you are unsure what choice to make. At times, it is best to sit down with your partner and really let it all out. An honest conversation can help us better understand our own feelings and emotions.

In a love or relationship reading, keep an eye on these combos if you are currently single:


Ansuz + Eihwaz means that you will meet your true love in some totally unexpected way or place.


Thurisaz + Reversed Ansuz indicate that you are really struggling with finding a partner. It may be best to have an in-depth divination reading done to look for the core of the issue and how to solve it.


Reversed Ansuz is really not a good sign for your relationship. It usually indicates the following:

  • Your partner is not being honest with you with regards to their intentions. It can be to a point when your partner is cheating on you and you are the only one oblivious to what’s going on, while all your friends already know this and just don’t wish to get involved.

  • The family of your partner does not favour this relationship and tries to ruin it.

  • There have been lately a lot of misunderstandings and arguments that seem to just come out of nowhere. You really need a good and honest talk to get things straight.


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ansuz elder futhark rune meaning


Ansuz can also indicate a time when you feel like the career path you are on does not really meet your expectations. It may be a good time to explore other avenues. Ansuz is the Rune that points on the time when you are receiving knowledge or necessary skills to pursue your goals and passion. The Rune says that to be truly successful in life, it is important not to ignore Gods/Universe given gifts and do things you really enjoy and are good in. We perform best when we enjoy what we do.

Your career will be your life. If this is something that you hate with passion, why not find something that you will LOVE to do with that same passion? Even if it takes time, do it slowly, block by block, but every day when you wake up, you will be seeing a purpose and meaning in your day and your life.

In a career Rune reading, Ansuz points towards a job interview or an exam, most often the process will be oral, where your communication skills and how you present yourself will be assessed.

If you are using Odin’s Rune (“blank” Rune) in your practice, then its combination with reversed Ansuz points towards a person that never seems to follow through with anything. They like to start new things, even get education but they are not really applying their knowledge and usually change the focus towards something else after getting bored.

Reversed Ansuz in career or work questions talks about dishonest coworkers that talk nasty things behind your back. With regards to money or business, reversed Ansuz speaks of fraud, schemes and lies. Make sure your business partner is the person you can trust.

ansuz elder futhark rune meaning runic tattoo


Ansuz is a very powerful Rune, folks. It is the Rune governed by two magnificent Gods, Odin and Loki, which gives the Rune two polarities or sides: that of light and of darkness.

The Rune is also read reversed, so you will need to think ahead how to position it. In any case, what you need to know is that this Rune on your body will not give out only the characteristics YOU are interested in.

As soon as you have this Rune as your tattoo, be ready for it to show its different sides based on your interaction with it and how it reacts specifically to you. It is not clear how the Rune will show itself in a specific situation, so do a tattoo with it understanding this risk.

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RUNE ANSUZ IN rune reading


One of the most important meanings of Rune Ansuz is “receiving”. You can be receiving anything, from a gift to some pleasant news or even an influx of sudden luck in your life. It can also be a spiritual awakening or a message from your spirit guides, Angels or Gods, depending on your practice.

In a Rune reading, Ansuz predicts a new stage in your life that can begin with you meeting the right people or things simply finally coming together for you.

As previously mentioned, Ansuz is the Rune of advice that can come in different forms, from a friend to a message from the Universe. Here are some useful Rune combos to better figure it out:

Ansuz + Berkana means an advice from a family member.

Ansuz + Othala indicates that advice would come from an older, wiser and much more experienced person, most often your older relative.

Ansuz + Ehwaz points towards an advice from your partner.

Ansuz + Jera combination speaks of the time when you may need to reach out to a professional for an opinion.

Reversed Ansuz comes up when you are not acting in a good faith, you are lying or trying to deceive someone. It is similar to a Magician Tarot card, when a person is being manipulative and has selfish intentions. While it is understandable in some situations to put your needs first, it is important that your actions don’t harm those around you.

Depending on the surrounding Runes, Reversed Ansuz can also say that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear. Some people around you are not being honest or may use you as the means to an end.

If you are inquiring about the characteristics of a person, Ansuz draws parallel to the qualities of planet Mercury. It talks about a very charismatic person that will say all the right things that you wanted to hear.

Ansuz as the Rune of the Day: today you should pay attention to every little thing that is happening. If something strange or out of ordinary takes place, it may very well be not a coincidence but a message you need to pay attention to. It can be an answer you’ve been seeking for a while or a solution to a problem you thought you will not find. Be sensitive enough to feel those messages and wise enough to understand them.

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