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Psychic Scam: How to Avoid Falling A Victim of Psychic Fraud. Watch Out for These 3 Red Flags!

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Today’s Blog post will probably be one of the most important I have written to date.

What’s most interesting is that something like this is coming from me, a Tarot reader and Intuitive Coach.

But over the years of my path as a Tarot reader, I have met a lot of people reaching out and telling their awful and heartbreaking stories about “predictions” from Tarot and Divination workers that have either scarred them for life or resulted in them hanging out thousands of dollars in hopes of receiving healing and closure.

Unfortunately, unless it is a story involving many people that ends up at court, most of the victims do not receive justice, as they sort of “agree” to the terms.

And now these stories started to come up even more often, as people are faced with challenges they never had before. The uncertainties they face force them to seek immediate help to get a sense of relief and hope for the future. And where there is a high demand, abuse of the system follows.

I will not only cover financial losses in this blog post but also emotional and psychological trauma that results from Tarot and Oracles Readers that are either scammers or are not professional enough to perform divination for others.

In order to protect people from falling victim to psychic fraud, I will give you strict rules you need to follow.

But first of all, if you haven’t already done so, please read my post “What TAROT CARDS CAN and CANNOT TELL. Questions to ask during a Tarot reading.”

This will create a solid foundation for your understanding of how the divination works and will give you confidence when speaking to the Tarot reader.

Just as with anything, you need to know how things work. If you are going to the doctor and he tells you your diagnosis and prescribes medication, it is your responsibility to learn more, to ask questions and to protect your health.

(Even though many people don’t even do that).

My point is that you need to be responsible and educated on the matters that directly involve YOU.

Why and How Does This Happen That People Fall Victim to Psychic Scammers and Who Is at Risk the Most?

It is very important to understand that people that engage in psychic scam have incredible psychological skills and know how to influence person’s mind and emotions.

What is even more scary is that many such psychics use hypnosis on their victims.

They are also extremely skillful at picking their victims, paying the most attention to people that are alone, thinking about something, look sad or are...tourists.

Wait what? Yes, tourists often fall victim to psychic scam experiences and unfortunately, it is very difficult for them to find not only justice but also their money and possession they sometimes easily give out. More on that in my first example.

Statistics shows that the majority of victims are women, especially elderly, and young adults.

Unfortunately, our elderly tend to fall victim to information fraud and should avoid engaging in such conversations at all cost.

Parents should also take time to explain their growing up teenage children that psychic fraud is real, especially when they get out in the world and start traveling and visiting other countries with very different cultures from the western world.

What Are Some of the “Red” Flags to Watch Out for?

So, how can you actually tell if a psychic is fake?

I know it can be challenging to tell if a psychic is scamming you if you know nothing about divination but here are some things to watch out for.

#1: You are being told that you are hexed and need to lift the curse IMMEDIATELY…for a fee.

If the first thing you hear during your Tarot or any kind of divination session is that you are cursed and need to remove a spirit, lift a curse or have any ritual work done on you, most likely you are being scammed.

If this follows by passive aggressive warnings and threats…you are definitely being scammed.

No light or intuitive worker will ever put you in a position when you have to sell something or pay an astronomical sum to lift any curse.

If I see that my client would benefit from a release or banishing work, I will explain them what they can do THEMSELVES, at there own time and FOR FREE before anything else.

#2: You can’t find information on this person ANYWHERE.

Nowadays, no matter what kind of business you have, you need not only to have credentials but also to have an online presence. There must be some sort of space where a reader tells who they are and what they do.

And I understand that not everyone can afford to have a website and it’s fine. But there is Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Tumblr and so other FREE platforms where a person can put more information about themselves and their services that if you are being contacted from a weird email address with a name unsearchable in google, this should really be a red flag.

No psychic or light worker that has official social presence would risk their reputation scamming people.

#3: The “offer” with their services sounds more like a threat.

If at any point the conversation makes you feel uncomfortable, you feel like you are being pressured to purchase some “magical” item or a service you are not sure about, you need to take a step back and right away set boundaries.

A real psychic will NEVER pressure you to do ANYTHING. We are here to GUIDE you, to offer SUPPORT when you need it and to give you TOOLS to work through your problems in the meantime.

We will never put you in a position when you can’t sleep at night because you fear your life will be a misery unless you pay us money to fix it.

My Advice on How to Avoid Getting Scammed by Fake Psychics

Advice #1: Learn to Say “STOP” To Unsolicited Prophecies.

I want to start with situations when you are receiving prophecies you haven’t even asked for.

If you are wondering how that is even possible, I will give you a few examples.

Example #1: Psychic Fare

Psychic fares can be so much fun. I myself love to go to them to see what other creative tools psychics use, how they interpret cards and buy a few items to support our local light workers.

However, anyone can apply to be a part of psychic fare and considering the prices some people charge and how booked you they are, this may seem like an attractive idea to scammers.

Example #2: Bazaars and Markets

If you are from a country like Canada where I currently reside, you are probably confused right now by what I am talking about.

But I came to Canada at the age of 16 from Ukraine and in our country, it was a normal practice to have “psychics” at the markets calling people to get a “psychic reading”.

Unfortunately, many people, especially tourists, would fall victim to such scam, leaving behind their hard-earned money and even jewelry.

I know that this practice still takes place in some countries and travelers get fooled on a regular basis.

Example #3: Psychic “Shops”

I just want to say right away that I don’t claim all psychic stores are scam. Simply because I haven’t visited all of them.

I don’t doubt that there are wonderful light workers, offering their services and helping people.

But I have been to a few for my personal experience and to understand how they function and I will be honest with you, I don’t understand how they are allowed to operate, as some things they do are scary.


So, what can happen to you is you may be passing by and get called in by such psychic for mostly a quick and cheap palm reading and you may think to yourself “Oh, it’s only $10, even if it’s scam, it’s not like I’m losing a lot.”

But they know it too and of course it is just a tactic to get you inside.

For all these examples, make sure to be polite and yet firm when replying.

If you are passing by and a psychic is trying to get your attention by starting making prophecies and predictions about your future without you asking for them, you need to make sure that you know how to say “please, stop. I appreciate you reaching out but I DECLINE your prophecy.”

Why am I highlighting the word DECLINE?

Yes, it is a very important word.

By staying silent or engaging in the conversation, you accept their prediction and the message is sent to the Universe that you agree that this is truly your destiny.

When you state out loud that you refuse to accept this, you create an energy barrier that protects you from anything they have to tell you.

This is very important, friends, and I will be coming back to this again in this Blog post.

If you are just being called to get a reading and you don’t trust a person offering it, don’t let them get your attention. Avoid making eye contact or offering your palm for a reading. You can pretend to be on a phone or distracted by something.

And if a conversation started and you are offered psychic services but you feel something is fishy or simply you don’t want their services, it is best to quickly say that you’d love to but are in an extreme hurry and there is someone waiting for you.

Advice #2: If You Have to Sell Your House To “Lift A Curse” You Are Most Likely A Victim of Psychic Scam.

The biggest number I personally heard of was $10,000. That’s how much I was told to pay to “get my life back.”

Well, guess what, I didn’t pay a penny and I am fine. Actually, I’m doing quite well.

I’ve wandered once for fun into one of those “psychic stores” actually because I was looking for a quality palm reader to help me understand one line no one was able to advise me about.

Naturally, this lady had no knowledge of palmistry or anything else really, but was eager to tell me that I’m cursed and she needs to pray for me to lift it.

Oh, I could smell this scam a mile away.

But guess what? Her store is still there and working. Now, that’s scary.

Listen, we all know our worth and it’s totally okay for a psychic or a light worker to charge any fee they want for their service.

But when you are being asked to pay an astronomical amount OR SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN to you, you are being lied to.

Please, please, please do not give away your hard-earned money to lift a curse, save your marriage or become rich overnight.

I am not going to lie, ritual work IS necessary at times to deal with a situation, but a person you are contacting needs to first do a quality diagnostic, explain you everything in a great detail, and offer a plan on how to deal with a situation.

But you deal with a situation ONCE. And there is no job that would cost you thousands of dollars without a result and constant conditions.

Advice #3: Avoid and Block Cyber Psychic’s Messages Right Away Without Thinking Twice.

In the age of internet, many psychic scammers have moved to a working from home environment.

I have witnessed a lady who started sending emails to my very own MOTHER with warnings to act immediately to remove a curse from her...

My mom asked me for help to deal with this, as she was afraid a woman would actually put a curse on her in order to suck out the money.

I have assured her that nothing like that could’ve possibly happened and those scammers are trying to get people to reply back in order to engage in a conversation.

Delete. Block. Move On.

It may be difficult to push back. I have seen this. Some “psychics” turn into bullies or simply start using a fear tactic that usually involves three main subjects: money, health and relationships.

Fear tactic is used frequently to sell any story or narrative when you can’t otherwise convince a person that what you are saying is true.

But I will tell you this: it is not an easy job to put a spell on someone, let alone a curse. It is a long process that requires serious steps one needs to follow + a considerable amount of energy used.

Otherwise, it simply won’t work.

No one will spend so much time on cursing a hundred people on the internet and hoping some will get back.

Delete. Block. Move On.

And don’t forget to say out loud “I forbid you to do any ritual work on me or to make any prophecies or predictions.”


Lastly, please do not let these fake psychics ruin your life!

NOTHING is set in stone. Our life is dynamic and fluid. We choose our partners, our destiny, our jobs, friends and events.

If someone tells you that you will NEVER get married or you will NEVER have children, RUN.

No psychic can make these claims. No one can really.

Miracles have happened even when a person had no hope left.


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