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Rune Jera Norse Viking Beeswax Ritual Mabon Candle

Rune Jera Norse Viking Beeswax Ritual Mabon Candle

SKU: zwjeracndl

The Rune Jera ritual magic candle can be used on its own to connect deeper with the energy of the Rune or as part of your pagan ritual.


Rune symbol Jera intentional candle is great for Mabon as it symbolizes the time of abundance, and gratitude and acknowledges the change of seasons and life cycles. Lighting candles, making offerings to the land, giving thanks, and performing meditations to connect with the changing energy of the season are all a part of the Mabon celebration. The candle beautifully complements Mabon and Fall colors.


The candle comes with a dried plant bouquet and red aventurine crystal. This stone is known to have grounding properties, helping individuals connect with the Earth's energies. It can be used to anchor one's energy, especially during times of stress or when feeling scattered.


The candle can be a great idea for your Viking or Asatru friend!


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Candle Specifications:
- 9 in
- Organic Canadian beeswax
- Green & celestial blue colour beeswax
- Red Aventurine raw crystal


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