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What Is the Wyrd Rune? Why Is Wyrd Rune Called the Blank Rune and What Does It Mean?

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

We are finishing our learning journey on Germanic Runes with a discussion on a Runic symbol that has always been a subject for misunderstanding and confusion.

The Rune of Odin, or the Wyrd Rune, that we will talk about was not initially part of the Rune set used for magic.

Originally, the idea to add the Wyrd Rune to the Elder Futhark was proposed by Ralph Blum, the writer of the famous books: “The Book of Runes” and “The Healing Runes: Tools for the Recovery of Body, Mind, Hearth & Soul.”

Needless to say, the interpretation of Germanic Runes provided by Ralph Blum was quite different from the traditional one.

For this reason, there is a lot of controversy about his approach to Runes in general, as well as the addition of the Wyrd Rune to the Elder Futhark.

Nevertheless, we will learn it, as it is used by some for Runic Divination and causes confusion to many new Rune readers when they receive their Rune stones for divination and find an “extra or blank Rune” in there.

I want you to keep in mind that the are different interpretations available for this Rune, based on the Runemaster’s experience, relationship with the Runes and tradition they follow.

It is up to you which meaning makes the most sense to you, just as it is entirely up to you whether you will use this Rune in your practice.

Interested to learn more about Runes? Check out my Elder Futhark Rune Meanings page.

The Rune of Odin names

So, let’s start by declaring all the names you may come across that all refer to the same thing:

· The Wyrd Rune

· The Rune of Odin

· The Blank Rune

· The Destiny Rune

· The Rune of Fate

All these refer to the same Runestone.

And it is important here to understand what Destiny means to you.

Do you believe that someone or something else has a control over your life and what ultimately happens to it?

Or do you believe that YOU are in a control of your destiny?

From what you have answered to yourself right now depends the meaning of the Rune that will resonate with you the most.

Stick to that meaning.

The Wyrd Rune Meaning – Option 1

Ralph Blum described this Rune as the time in person’s life when Destiny is at play.

But he implied that your Destiny is in your OWN hands and when this Rune comes up, it is the time for you to take control and do what you judge to be right.

He believed that we make our own destiny and this Rune should act as a push for you to take control and act.

There is no advice the Wyrd Rune gives and no question this Rune can answer.

It does not have a direct meaning that we can refer to when we speak of love life, career or finances.

The Wyrd Rune includes ALL the meanings and interpretations of Elder Futhark Runes.

And this also answers the question: "Why Is the Wyrd Rune called the Rune of Odin?"

Odin made a sacrifice to learn the Runes - a gift for a gift, thereby going from ignorance or blankness to knowledge and wisdom the Runes give.

If this is the option you choose to adapt in your divination, then when it comes up, the advice to you or your client is: “Use your head and your judgement.”


Do you now understand why the Wyrd Rune is called “Blank”?

This Rune is like a blank piece of paper. You are free to draw or write on it what you wish, as you are free to write the story of your own life.

The Wyrd Rune Meaning – Option 2

Some Rune readers interpret the Rune differently based on their understanding of the Destiny.

They believe that this Rune is the sign of Fate, or Karma.

Karma is not a Germanic concept and the reason why I refer to it is solely for your understanding of the subject.

Nowadays, we all know (somewhat) what Karma is in Western understanding of it.

Here, the Wyrd Rune means that there are powers in action greater than us, that ultimately affect the outcome of the situation in question.

If this is your understanding of Destiny or Fate, then when the Wyrd Rune comes up in a reading, you interpret it as the time in person’s life when the situation is beyond their control, and it is now the time to let go and trust the Universe/Fate.

The Wyrd Rune Meaning – Option 3

Lastly, some Runemasters that also practice Tarot draw a parallel between the Wyrd Rune and Tarot cards.

So, basically, in this case, the Rune of Odin points on a situation when the information is not available to the asker.

You can compare this Rune to the High Priestess Tarot card. It is the knowledge you need to learn, research and uncover but it is not yet readily available to you.

And whether you want to learn this information is not only up to you but may be even be not needed for you to know at this time.

The High priestess Tarot card often asks us the questions: “Are you ready to learn this information, as once you do, there is no going back.”

If this is the option that resonates with you the most, then when the Wyrd Rune comes up in a reading, it would mean that the information you are inquiring about is not yet available to you.

The Rune will not answer yes/no question either.


I want to quickly give you another example here.

For those who practice Pendulum magic. You know how we have the movements for “yes” and “no”. But when the Pendulum is quiet and does not move, we know that the answer is not available.

It would be the same with the Rune of Odin.

Runes Uruz, Algiz, Raidho and Wyrd

Interpretation of the Wyrd Rune – Practical Example

Let’s review one example of how we can potentially interpret the Rune in a Rune reading.

We will take the most popular area clients usually inquire about – love life.

In this case study you have a woman client asking if she will get married and start a family with her long-term boyfriend.

If you are inclined to use the first option of interpretation based on the theory of Blum, then we say that the relationship is in the hands on the woman in question. She should take charge, make a push, imply to her partner about her vision of their relationship or be direct. Whatever works for her. If she decides to have a family, she will have it but if she thinks this person ultimately is not right for her, she should walk away.

If you stick to the second option, then we say that the Destiny is at play in this relationship. If it is meant for this couple to get married and settle down together, it will happen. But if it’s not, no matter how hard the woman tries, the partners will eventually part.

You can look at the nearby Rune or Runes for more information. They will be able to predict which way the relationship is heading.

If you follow the third option, then the answer to this question is not available at this time.

Maybe a woman should reflect on her situation or find out more about her partner. There can be something about him that she yet does not know, but when she learns it, she will completely change her opinion on this person.


I hope this case study helped you to understand how to apply this Rune.

Can you omit the Wyrd Rune entirely in your practice?

Like I said before, it is entirely up to you whether you want to use the Wyrd Rune in your divination.

With keeping in mind that this Rune was not used in ancient times and it is an entirely new concept, make a decision based on the path or tradition you follow.

Many Runemasters do just fine without using this Rune.

Do I use the Wyrd Rune in my practice and what option do I stick to?

First of all, I have a lot of Runestones sets, but I also have Rune cards that I purchased and absolutely love to use in my practice.

My Rune cards do not have an Empty/Blank card and I use them just fine as such.

I have Runestone sets that I have purchased in the past that contain a Blank Rune and, in this case, I use it.

I also leave a Blank Rune in the sets I personally make and leave it up to the purchaser of the set to decide for themselves whether to use it.

With regards to the Rune meaning that resonates the most with me, I stick to the second option. This is my understanding of Fate and Destiny and I read the Rune accordingly.


I hope this Blog post was helpful to you. Let me know in the comments if you use the Wyrd Rune and how you interpret it.

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