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Top Crystals For Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor & Womb Healing. Bonus: Crystals For Newborns!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Hello, my friends!

Today I want to discuss with you one of my most favourite topics - everything pregnancy!

A little bit of my personal background...

Pregnancy is a very dear subject to me. As some of you may know, it didn't come to me easily. I have struggled with hormonal imbalance for some time that of curse has negatively impacted my fertility. I had to change my diet, take a lot of different supplements and medication. Of course, it resulted in stressful periods too. I was able to get pregnant in August of 2019 to my own surprise and in April of 2020 my son was born.

Throughout this process I have naturally turned to divination, crystals and magic to ease my path through the struggles, stress and disappointments. In this blog post I want to share with you everything I know about crystals in relation to fertility, pregnancy, delivery and eventual postpartum healing.

Post Outline

How Can the Crystals Help Us?

Intro to Crystals

Top Crystal Healing Stones for Fertility

Fertility Crystals For Men

Crystals For Healing And Protection During Pregnancy

Сrystals for Pregnancy Based On the Astrological Correspondences

Best Crystals for Womb Healing & Postpartum Period

Crystals for Lactation

Crystals for Newborns

How Can the Crystals Help Us?

The extraordinary healing and magical properties of crystals have been noticed by people for a very long time. That is why jewelry made of natural stones has always been something more than simple accessories - they worked to improve well-being, cure a particular disease, protect against envious people and evil spirits. Back in the days (reaaally way back) the minerals were crushed and added to medicine and concoctions but of course we don't have to go to these extremes any more.

Lithotherapists study the effects of precious stones and crystals on the human body at the cellular level. To do this, they measure the magnetic and electronic vibrations emitted by the crystals. In many ways, these rhythms coincide with the normal biological indicators of humans - which means that when entering into resonance with them, crystals can correct energetical disturbances of different any organs.

Just as I said in my previous blog post on Dendrotherapy do not anticipate more than you realistically can achieve through alternative practices. It is not a panacea for the treatment of any disease, but contributes to the healing of many diseases and prevents their occurrence. They should be complimentary in many cases, helping to ease the path and boost the treatment. But always listen to your body too.

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Intro to Crystals

How to Work with Crystals For Manifestation

I just want to say that this is not a blog post dedicated to crystal basics so I will not be spending too much time on this. There is A LOT to cover when talking about crystals and I will just relay some basic information necessary for our purpose here.

As a general rule, when you bring new crystals home, start with cleansing. You can cleanse your crystals with herbs or by placing them in a bowl of salt. You can also gather all your crystals and cleanse + charge them under the moonlight.

If you have used your crystals for fertility and want to reuse them during pregnancy or postpartum period, don't forget to cleanse them.

If you are interested in cleansing with herbs, I have good general information on the herbs you can use in the blog post below. Same general rules can be applied to anything really.

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How to Use Crystals for Fertility

If you decide to work with crystals for fertility, there are a few paths you can take:

  1. Charge the crystals with intention and carry them with you.

  2. Purchase an intentional crystal candle and perform a candle ritual. After the candle burns through, you can carry the crystals with you until your goals has manifested.

  3. Create a crystal grid, thereby creating a sacred pattern.

  4. Use the crystals during a Reiki or healing ceremony.

  5. Place the crystals on the areas of your body that require healing and balance.

  6. Charge a crystal from a Tarot card with appropriate energy for your cause (E.g. Empress for fertility).

  7. Create a spell or manifestation jar.

  8. If you use crystals for fertility, you can lace them on fertility chakra, the second chakra Swadhisthana or sacral chakra.

How to Wear Or Carry Your Crystals

Whether you purchased a fertility crystal kit or made a spell jar, keep those things away from people's eyes. Since ancient times in many countries, motherhood and the birth of a baby have been treated as something intimate and sacred. Even now, some consider it prefer not to show the newborn even to close relatives, until the baby reaches the age of 40 days. Much like that, the crystals-talismans of motherhood prefer to be in the shadows.

The best option for wearing your charged crystals or ritual elements will be a small pouch that you can put in your purse or in your pocket. If it is not possible to constantly carry the crystal with you, store them at home, in secluded places where no one else but you will look at or touch them (under the pillow, in the bedside table). Work with your crystals daily for 10-15 minutes.

Crystals for Fertility IVF

This is a rather new subject and concept but it has been widely requested, so I have given it a good thought and took time to think about the best crystals I can recommend. I will include this information in this blog post too!

Top Crystal Healing Stones for Fertility

Rose Quartz For Fertility

Rose Quartz Crystal Fertility
Rose Quartz Crystal For Fertility. Image Credit: Unsplash/Anton Maximov.

Rose quartz is one of the most talk about crystals for female energy, this is why I want to cover it here. You guys will probably hate me by the end of this blog post but yes, I will be mentioning this crystal in every section.

I just want you to know that Rose quartz is not particularly a fertility crystal. BUT! It has a very positive influence of female energy and health in general. It is very soothing and calming and when there are issues with fertility stress can make a problem SO MUCH worse and this is unfortunately a proven fact.

Rose quartz can help you to really calm down and go with the flow of life. It will help you feel your feminine energy within and let it spread all over your body, thereby positively influencing your reproductive health.

Interestingly enough, Rose quartz is also recommended for male fertility issues.

Moonstone For Fertility

Moonstone definitely makes my list of TOP 3 fertility crystals. Despite the fact that this stone is not suitable for everyone, and it is not recommended to wear it daily, it is endowed with a strong calming and soothing energy. Just watch how you feel when you are wearing it to make sure its energy is compatible with yours.

Since ancient times, women who could not give birth by wore moonstone to improve their chances. Wearing it will help you to give birth to a healthy beautiful baby.

Carnelian For Fertility

Carnelian work even better when paired with unakite for fertility but even on its own this crystal is another one in my TOP 3 fertility crystals list. Carnelian is in fact a red agate with little to no bands.

Carnelian improves chances of successful conception. Since this stone signifies action, it seems to help bring into reality what the owner intends. Carnelian is helpful for conception, and for the baby to be born healthy and happy. Carnelian is absolutely a great crystal for women going through IVF. With its positive influence of female health, it improves the chances of successful IVF outcome.

Carnelian improves metabolism and fertility, as well as blood circulation, especially in the pelvic area. You can place carnelian tumbled stones or even a bracelet in such a way that it makes a circle around your belly button and lay down for 10-15 minutes in a deep meditation, imagining pregnancy and labour of your baby.

Rhodonite For Fertility

Rhodonite is a powerful amulet for future moms. Any jewelry or simply a raw crystal will improve your fertility and chances to get pregnant. In fact, it is recommended you keep wearing it at all times even going into labour. Rhodonite is also an excellent choice for IVF moms.

Unakite For Fertility

Unakite is widely used by healers when there are issues with conception or fertility. It is said that is helps during the treatment and healing of the reproductive system and improves the chances of successful conception and pregnancy. This crystal is suitable and beneficial for IFV moms.

For some reason I don't see many people talking about this crystal enough but it is sooo beneficial during pregnancy. You will not find this crystal in stores very often but you should absolutely grab it if you do!

Pearls For Fertility

Pearl Bracelets for fertility
Pearl Bracelets. Image Credit: Unsplash/Eugenia Romanova

Pearls are in my TOP 3 fertility stones. It is not obviously a crystal like the ones we are discussing here but it can definitely be included in your fertility manifestation practices.

Pearls are responsible for purity and reproductive health.

And the great thing is most of us have some kind of pearl jewelry at home! Just make sure its real pearls because unfortunately with these guys there are so many fakes.

Ruby or Ruby Zoisite For Fertility

Ruby is also a great fertility helper and can boost your and your partner's fertility, especially if used in combination with Jasper.

You may be thinking "Oh, well, where am I gonna get that". Don't worry, you absolutely don't have to spend thousands of dollars chasing the expensive ruby jewels.

Ruby in zoisite is a perfect crystal to work with. Yes, the red in it is real rubies. In fact, zoisite gives makes an a great energetical combination with ruby, making it not only a beautiful but a very powerful crystal.

Red Jasper For Fertility

Jasper is a great fertility booster. There are different shades of jasper crystal, each with unique qualities and influence. For fertility I recommend red or brownish colour, while for pregnancy I green jasper is a better choice.

The vibrations emitted by the red jasper are in line with the energy of the reproductive organs, they help to normalize their activity, improve the production of sex hormones, stimulate libido. Red jasper is also useful for painful menstruation.

Japer is the only crystal that is capable of removing all the negative energy that has been accumulated in the body. While you may not think of this quality as being related to fertility, there are many many reasons for why women are faced with infertility and sometimes there are things like curses, evil eyes or simple "well wishes" of people and even relatives that leave a heavy mark on woman's sacral chakra which impacts her fertility and health.

Red Coral For Fertility

Red coral is responsible for the correct and smooth hormone function. Red coral is an excellent crystal for pregnant women and a great amulet for mother and baby. The crystal is helpful for fertility. It brings joy, health, fertility and happiness to the family. If the reason for your infertility is hormonal dysfunction, I really recommend to get your hands on some coral pieces.

But be mindful that just like with pearls there are many fakes out there.

Fertility Crystals For Men

father and child's hands
Image Credit: Unsplash/Liane Metzler

What? It's not always women's fault?

Yeah... thankfully, due to the scientific and medical progress we are now aware that pregnancy issues are not always due to the female health.

For most men, the chance of having a family is no less important than for women, so taking care of men's health is a key factor in successful conception.

Jade For Male Fertility

Jade is an ideal crystal for men who dream of having a child.

Jade is famous for its soothing and calming energy. As an amulet for men, the crystal performs the function of protector and regulator of the emotional well-being. It contributes to the normalization of internal processes in the body. It helps to prepare emotionally for fatherhood, to easily accept the changes in life associated with the birth of a baby.

Red Jasper For Male Fertility

The vibrations emitted by the red jasper are in line with the energy of the reproductive organs, they help to normalize their activity, improve the production of sex hormones, stimulate libido.

Carnelian For Male Fertility

If you are struggling with infertility or erectile dysfunction, carnelian will definitely be your crystal of choice. It is so powerful, it improves blood circulation and stagnant energy in the pelvic area that so often is a cause of male sexual struggles.

Crystals For Healing And Protection During Pregnancy

pregnant woman
Image Credit: Unsplash/Domo

Now we are moving onto the period of pregnancy and preparation for labour. Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical time in woman's life but it doesn't come without its own physical and mental challenges.

Let's review what crystals can help us during this period.

*Before we discuss these crystals I have one note to remember:

There is one rule that restricts the wearing of jasper - it can not be combined with jade. If you would like to wear jewelry made of these stones at the same time, make sure that the beads do not come into contact with each other. Their energy is very different and highly opposing.

Garnets Crystals Meaning Pregnancy

This crystal of a rich red shade has long been associated with vital energy, strength, and vitality. In addition, it is believed that red garnet affects the blood, purifying it and normalizing circulation.

You can probably imagine how beneficial it is for the body of a pregnant woman, especially in the last months of pregnancy. If your legs and hands are constantly freezing, this crystal will help with these problems. Red garnet is also recommended for women in labour, which is not surprising given its beneficial influence on circulation.

Interestingly, it has been noted that both garnets of the usual red tone and more rare stones - green or bluish-gray are suitable.

Garnets can also affect your mental state - they will give a feeling of vitality, cheerfulness and optimism, help you prepare for childbirth, get rid of anxious thoughts and fears.

Garnets also have protective qualities. The vibrations of the crystals will create a kind of protective shield that protects you from not only negativity coming your way but also any internal negative emotions and feelings.

Agate Crystals Meaning Pregnancy

Agate is a protector of pregnant women. This crystal is considered to be one of the strongest female energy stones. Its mere presence prevents the occurrence of diseases of the reproductive system and urinary tract.

The crystal also helps cleanse the body of toxins, which can help those suffering from morning sickness.

Agate crystals come in a variety of shades and types and each will serve a different function and possess different qualities. So, while for fertility we discussed the beneficial effects of carnelian - red agate, for pregnancy period I would suggest purple, blue lace, blue and teal agate crystals.

Turquoise Crystal Meaning Pregnancy

Turquoise crystal helps to the pregnancy to run smoothly to term and strengthens the health of the expectant mother. Jewelry with turquoise is said to help avoid premature birth. It is also helpful against the periods of anxiety before the upcoming delivery.

Turquoise is very predisposed towards pregnant women and will offer protection against the evil eye and negativity.

In addition, turquoise is said to respond to any negative changes in the body. If you notice that beads made of natural turquoise stones began to quickly fade and covered with plaque - it may be a good idea to go for a check-up.

Amber Meaning Pregnancy