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Spell & Manifestation Jars. What Is A Spell Jar And How To Make One

Updated: Sep 19

Since I started showing videos on my Instagram and TikTok accounts (@zoryawellness), I have received a lot of questions from people wondering what exactly spell jars are, how to make one, and how to use it.

So, in this Blog post, we are going to cover all you need to know with regard to Spell & Manifestation Jars and Bottles.

We will talk about their traditional use, as well as how they are made now by the NeoPagan community.

I will also cover Manifestation Bottles, how they are different from original Spell Jars, and how to combine the elements from different cultures without offending anyone (people or Gods, I care more about the latter).

What Is a Spell Jar?

Okay, first let's answer the question of what the Spell Jar really is.

Spell Jar is quite a piece of art if you ask me. It is an artistic magical bottle, made by a practicing witch and charged for a specific purpose (any matter).

There are "Love Spell Jars", "Protection Spell Jars", protecting a person, house, or even a child; there are spell jars with negative effects on people and situations.

The technique is quite simple but the power is immense. Not to mention, it's quite mystical and fun at the same time to create them.

Spelling bottles have numerous purposes: protective, attracting, banishing, and cursing. Depending on the ingredients, spell/intent and ritual, the jar can amplify your artistic and magical powers and skills. It can transform negative energy into positive. Finally, they can be done to improve your financial or career situation and strengthen your health.

Even though Spell Jars have been made for hundreds of years, many modern witches stick to the same rules and ingredients.

Spell Jars: Quick History Lesson

The spell jars are actually dated back to ancient Egypt, India and Europe BUT they were most known to protect a person against the witch. When the house was being built, in one of the corners it was typical to bury a jar with food offerings.

The first true Spell bottles are dated back to the 15th century in England and Germany, with the earliest discovery made in the mid-13th century.

The bottles (dated primarily back to the 16th and 17th centuries) were made of stone or clay material and were then filled with herbs, hair, earth, and sharp objects (broken pieces of stones, wood, metal). Their main job was to protect against evil and witchcraft performed by other witches, as well as illnesses and spirits.

Archaeologists found filled and sealed bottles buried in the walls of houses, under the porch, and at the corners of fences, surrounding the house.

Only later, people started to use glass bottles to make them. At that same time, it was popular to draw the symbol of the herb used or the image of Cernunnos (Gaelic God). But there actually were discoveries of bottles made of gold and silver.

There were and still are many methods followed to create Spell Jars. Understand this, during ancient times people used what was at their disposal. They used local herbs, stones, and crystals.

So, if you don't feel comfortable using certain herbs (such as Sage, commonly used for protection, cleansing, and banishing rituals), or a Rune (because you know nothing of them or don't work with them closely), you don't have to use them.

I list tons of different ingredients in my printables so that you don't have to break the bank.

Spell Jars: Their Traditional Use In Witchcraft and Magick

Spell or Witch's Jars/Bottle is the traditional PROTECTION arsenal of a Witch.

And while nowadays the use and significance of the jar can be literally anything, depending on the ingredients you use, the way you make them and your ultimate goal or intention, back in the times when Spell Jars were first used the goals were quite simple and limited.

People wanted health, protection and food on their table. They did not create Spell Bottles for self-care and anxiety but we can now use the concept of a traditional Spell Jar for just that.

protection spell jar
Protection Spell Jar with Norse Bindrune

What Is The Difference Between Spell and Manifestation Jars?

I think that you will not find a lot of information on the differences because the line between them has really blurred to the point that it would seem to many that they are just the same thing.

But the way I see the difference between them is the following:

Spell Jar is the traditional Ritual practice in Paganism (Wicca) or simply witchcraft.

It normally is part of a bigger Ritual where a structure is followed and by the time you get to the actual making of the Jar you have followed the steps of cleansing, opening, meditation, greeting the Elements and Gods, offerings, making Statement of Intent and theeeeeen you got to the part of the Craft. After which you continue with activation, chants and closure. This is the quick Pagan Ritual 101 for you.

Those Spell Jars are very powerful and the whole process will take you at least an hour to complete.

Manifestation Jars or Bottles are easier to do, in a way, because most often all the elements of the Ritual are absent.

Does this make your Manifestation Jar less powerful?

Not necessarily.

But a lot will depend on your Internal Resource and intention to manifest your desires.

It is simply a different practice used to obtain a similar result.

Normally, the steps of Manifestation Practice include:

  • Lighting a candle Meditation and grounding

  • Prayer or Mantra

  • Creation of the Manifestation Bottle

  • Another round of meditation and visualization work

  • Gratitude and closing

While all these usually are a part of any Ritual, manifestation work is simplified and does not require you to be a follower of any particular (or any at all) religion or tradition. You are not addressing Gods or ancestors and are not asking for their assistance. You are a free agent and the resource you are using is your own energy.

*In my printables, I clearly write if it is a Spell or Manifestation Jar. You can find a Mantra in Sanskrit on my Manifestation Jar printable but you will not find it on my Spell Jar cheat sheet. I hope you understand why by now, as you understand the differences.

How To Make A Spell Jar

How To Make A Traditional Protection Spell Jar?

First of all, if you have already made a decision to create your Manifestation or Spell Jar, choose a quiet time when you are not rushing anywhere or are being distracted. Also, as with most rituals, the best time to do it is when you are not ill (unless you are making a health bottle) or not in a mood or angry (unless making a protection spell jar, then it's good to be angry). But in most other cases, when you are trying to manifest something, you need to have a good energy resource.

All incantations, spells, or Mantras you are going to say should better be written down or memorized beforehand. During the ceremony don't mumble, be shy or show uncertainty. If YOU don't believe in your OWN work, the Universe or the Gods won't even look at you.

While you are making your jar, visualize the events as if they are already done (this is the key). Picture whatever you are trying to manifest, visualize yourself being healthy, loved and cared for, pregnant, etc.

For the purposes of this Blog post, I will cover a traditional Protection Spell Jar as an example.

You can take a look at my shop what spell bottles usually look like.

Also, check out my spell jar printable guides which will make the process super easy for you.

Main Spell Jar Rules

The basic Spell Jar rules are the following:

  • The jar or bottle is filled with ingredients, and sealed tightly with a cork or cup, depending on the type of jar.

  • It is further sealed with wax from the candle or regular melted wax.

  • The Jar should be hidden.

  • Sometimes, it is okay to bury the jar at your property but not always. Some types of Spell Jars or any other products of Ritual work should be taken out of your house.

  • If you live in an apartment, just find a place no one would stumble upon and hide your Jar there.

  • If you are freezing your jar, put it on a separate shelf or a container, so that it does not come into contact with food.

  • Spell Jars are either charged after all the ingredients are in the bottle or you can charge the ingredients separately, before adding. (Such as ask each herb, crystal, or Rune to aid you in your request).

  • Spell or Manifestation Jars are either done for a specific period of time (days, months) or until your goal is accomplished. But normally, if you haven't reached your goal within 6 months, it is best to either redo or assess your life.

Moon Phases
Moon Phases. Image Credit: Sanni Sahil

Best Time To Make A Spell/Manifestation Jar

Protection & banishing/cleansing jars are done at Dark or Waning Moon.

Manifestation, Career & Money jars are done at Waxing Moon.

Love & Relationship Spell jars are done at Full or Waxing Moon. Unless you are going through a breakup and want to work on releasing your relationship; then choose Waning Moon.

Health Spell Jars would depend on your intention and situation. Ideally:

  • If you want to get rid of an illness, or let go of something, you would choose Waning Moon.

  • If you are trying to improve or build your health, you can work on this during Waxing Moon.

EXCEPTION: If you need to accomplish something ASAP, throw the timing down the drain. These are “ideal” conditions but what matters the most is your energetical input, concentration and will.

Spell Jar Ingredients & Materials

  • Small glass jars, containers or bottles. Normally, any jar will do, unless you will be freezing your jar (some require this step). In such case, you will need the type of glass able to withstand ice cold temperature of your freezer.

  • If you are doing a Protection Spell Jar, you need to know the difference between an ACTIVE type of protection and a PASSIVE one. This changes how your Spell Jar will work.

  • For a protection Spell Jar, you can fill it with glass, nails, pins, pine needles, sand, ash, thorns and stones.

  • You can add protection crystals, such as shungite or tourmaline.

  • You can also add herbs, such as mugwort, dill and pepper.

  • You may add Runes if you are working with them closely (for example, Algiz), Sigils and any other elements.

  • You can add liquids too but make sure you seal your jar really well. For the Protection Spell Jar, you can add vinegar or salted water.

  • Finally, don’t forget your statement of intent. Either include a written note or burn it first and add ashes.

*The complete list of ingredients can be found on my "Protection Spell Jar" printable.

You may also choose to read out loud appropriate spells and incantations at any point while you are making your bottle. I have included examples of personal protection and child protection in my printable.

Bottles are sealed with wax from a candle that usually is left to burn through entirely unless it is a candle that is large and burns for hours. In this case, use a candle of the colour that corresponds to your bottle’s intention and reuse it in rituals with a similar purpose.

So, with our example of Protection Spell Jar, I recommend using a black candle.

If you have read that far, thank yourself, as I am going to give you some more useful tips:

  • If you need to use a colour glass jar, such as for a money spell jar, check out Antique Markets. They often have tons of glass containers, jars and bottles of different colours, shapes and sizes.

  • Don't use empty containers from medication, even for health spells jars. Modern medications, for the most part, are not to keep you healthy but to keep to afloat.

  • If you are reusing candles, always use a candle snuffer. Never blow on your candle's flame.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Spell Jars!

If you have read this Blog post and feel like it's too much work, check out my store for premade spell jars to purchase.

You can always reach out to me for a custom spell or manifestation jar.

What kind of Spell Jar printables would you want me to make? Leave a comment below!

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