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Rune and Life Journey & Studies Q & A

  • 30 min
  • 40 Canadian dollars
  • Toronto

Service Description

This service was created to answer all your questions about Runes but have now expanded onto other areas, such as Tarot, Divination, Magick and personal development & growth. Have questions about Runes? Do you want to start your Rune journey but are unsure where to begin? I can help you there. This service was created to answer any of your questions. I can help you understand where to begin and what to focus on, advise on necessary tools and literature and help you use the Runes in a safe and controlled manner. We can also talk about your Tarot journey, I can give you tips and suggestions as Tarot subject is massive and it is very difficult to navigate it without any support and guidance. If you are stuck on your personal development path, struggling to understand when and how to use Magick in life, this service will offer you great help as I have 10+ years hands on experience in Divination & Magick.

Contact Details

  • Toronto, ON, Canada

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