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Sage Herbal Beeswax Candles

Sage Herbal Beeswax Candles


Sage candles for cleansing!


Pure sage beeswax candles can be used to cleanse your space from negative energy. You can also use it to cleanse yourself too.


*Each candle is hand-rolled and made of 100% organic Canadian beeswax. The herbs are rolled into the candle to prevent them from bursting out. However, the flame of the herbal candle is much more powerful than that of a regular one and sometimes bursting out will occur. For this reason, do not leave the candle unattended. Can be used both for interior decoration and for an intention of your choice. Candles contain no essential oils or other products to enhance the smell. Keep in mind that hand-rolled herbal candles differ from regular beeswax candles as they burn brighter and more powerful due to the burning of both wick and herbs. I make them in such a way that would minimize the flames bursting out, however, more care needs to be taken and it is best to light those candles in a candle holder or a metal plate. DO NOT light them on a ceramic plate or glass that may have cracks.


Each candle comes with a description of the herbs used and an optional guide to a simple candle ritual should you choose to use it to bring about more than just a light in your home.

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