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Intentional Love Candle with Crystal

Intentional Love Candle with Crystal

Each candle is hand-rolled and is made of 100% organic Canadian beeswax. At the bottom you will find a crystal for you to keep for manifestation of your goal. With the candle you will receive a more detailed description as well as an optional guide to a simple candle ritual to improve and intensify your working.More InformationPlease keep in mind that these candles burn for approximately 7 hours. Do not leave the candle unattended. If you need to leave the candle, it is best to put out the flame using a candle snuffer but avoid blowing on it to prevent your intention from being carried away with energy of the Air.Detailed Description of Products:Love Candle: Rose quartz was the stone of choice as a traditional love stone with versatile properties. You may use it to heal your heart after an emotional pain, to help open up yourself to new emotions and love or to re-ignite the feelings in your current relationship and help you express the love for each other on a deeper level.
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