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Intentional Healing Candle with Crystal

Intentional Healing Candle with Crystal

Each candle is hand-rolled and is made of 100% organic Canadian beeswax. At the bottom you will find a crystal for you to keep for manifestation of your goal. With the candle you will receive a more detailed description as well as an optional guide to a simple candle ritual to improve and intensify your working.More InformationPlease keep in mind that these candles burn for approximately 7 hours. Do not leave the candle unattended. If you need to leave the candle, it is best to put out the flame using a candle snuffer but avoid blowing on it to prevent your intention from being carried away with energy of the Air.Detailed Description of Products:Healing Candles: the stone of choice for this candle was Aventurine. As most green stones, it works with heart chakra; it has a very soothing energy and brings healing and well-being, balancing out your emotional state. 
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