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I Am Love Bundle

I Am Love Bundle

The Bracelet is a part of my Serenity Collection and is intended to bring a sense of Peace to a person wearing it.

The intentional crystal bracelet is a combination of a light blue sponge quartz crystal & a rose quartz crystal with a tassel.

The candle is a herbal rose candle to aid you in setting up the intention and perform a simple Ritual to charge your bracelet and Rose Quartz Crystal that comes in a bundle. 

The candle is hand-rolled and made of 100% organic Canadian beeswax. The herbs are rolled into the candle to prevent them from bursting out. However, the flame of the herbal candle is much more powerful than that of a regular and sometimes bursting out will occur. For this reason, do not leave the candle unattended. Can be used both for interior decoration and for an intention of your choice. Candles contain no essential oils or other products to enhance the smell.
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