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“I AM HEALTH” Spell Bottle

“I AM HEALTH” Spell Bottle

This spell bottle was done on 25% Waxing Crescent time, which is the perfect timing for accumulating energy and improving health.

The bottle contains herbs, green Aventurine crystals, incantation “I am health”, Germanic rune Symbol for healing. It is sealed with the beeswax from my handmade Healing candle and I placed a third Aventurine crystal on top.

Place the bottle on the area that needs healing or carry it with you. While it is popular to use spell bottles as keychains or necklace, I suggest keeping them away from stranger’s eyes.

Magic has always been a mystery, not available to those who are unwilling to open their mind, learn and create. Let’s keep it as such. 


P.s. if you wish to see the video of how this spell bottle was done, check out my Instagram or Tik Tok accounts. @zoryawellness
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