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I am Health Bundle

I am Health Bundle

The bracelet is a combination of Green Aventurine and Russian Amazonite.Green Aventurine Properties:In Ancient China, Green Aventurine was said to be a sacred stone. At that time it was called “Azan Emperor’s Stone” and was used to create government stamps. 

The stone helps to acknowledge and release the burden of mental distress and anxiety.

Aside from the healing properties, this stone is able to protect against dark magical spell-work of any kind, envy and greed. 

Amazonite Properties: The Stone of Amazons, as it was called in ancient times got its beautiful name from the River Amazon. Well, according to another version, the name is connected to the Amazons - legendary and fearless warriors. Jewelry made of Amazonite were also discovered in  the graves of Skifs and confirms ritual use of Amazonite by female Skif warriors. 

Amazonite was known to women as a stone of youth. Amazonite has a positive influence on Heart and Throat Chakras.

The CANDLE is an Intentional Crystal Candle, meaning inside there is a crystal stone. 

Healing Candles: the stone of choice for this candle was Aventurine. As most green stones, it works with heart chakra; it has a very soothing energy and brings healing and well-being, balancing out your emotional state. 
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