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10 Magical Gifts for Your Loved Ones That Don't Practice Magick. Pagan Holiday Gift Guide.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

It's Christmas time, birthday or Mother's day but you have no idea what to give to your loved one because all you can think of is a huge amethyst crystal or new Tarot cards deck?

Been there and I've got you covered.

Many people think that rituals and magic are only performed by pagans and witches but in reality, they do them on a regular basis without realizing it.

People take herbal bath and light candles, decorate their homes for Christmas with elements that have been traditionally used in preparation for Yule, they have diaries and pray before going to bed. All there little things are rituals that are often meant to manifest or create something, be it a relaxation and peace or celebration.

Magical gifts I've selected are beautiful and practical because they are already a part of a daily person's routine. It is just an easy and subtle way to introduce them to the world of our Magick.

So, if you are down to gift magic, here are 15 witchy gifts that are perfect for those who know nothing of the world of witchcraft.

Image Credit: Unsplash/Lore Shodts

1.Planner Notebook...with Moon Cycles

Most people use some kind of planner. Why not gift your friend a planner that will help them to follow natural energy cycles?

I've got a few options that I found and absolutely fell in love with!

2022 COSMOPLANNER | As Above So Below | Productivity planner from Etsy

This planner is absolutely gorgeous and is aligned with Moon phases + Mercury cycles.

Click here to shop!


Click here to shop.

Then there is this more affordable but still pretty cool planner from Amazon. It actually has very good explanation and guidelines for how to work with Moon planner for those who know nothing about astrology.

2. Oracle Cards Deck

And here I think it's important to clarify that I personally wouldn't gift things like Tarot cards and Rune decks, simply because I highly doubt people will use them. Not only they require in depth education and knowledge, some view them as mystical and even scary.

Oracle cards are safe and usually go with a guidebook that contains short descriptions and messages that can even be in a form of an affirmation or short meaningful story.

Here are my favourite ones.


If you follow me on Instagram you guys have seen me talking about this one as I bought it for myself some time ago. It contains beautiful stories. proverbs and messages for every card and you don't have to follow a particular religion or path to enjoy it.

Click here to shop.

3.Affirmation Cards

If you still hesitant to give Oracle cards to your friend or family member, why not start with something simple like Affirmation cards? Affirmations are super popular right now and are used in business, motivation and even exercises.

How to Love Yourself Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations

-Each vibrant card invites you to look within and uncover the beautiful treasure that you are. You deserve to live in an atmosphere of joy and acceptance. Open your arms wide and say: "I am receptive. I am wonderful. I accept all good in my life." -

Click here to shop.

4. Herbs in Pots

potted rosemary
Image Credit: Paula Brustur/ Unsplash

This is a very affordable and accessible gift option for everyone and is a great gift for those who enjoy cooking. You can buy already grown herbs in pots or a kit for your friend to grow them. You can decorate a pot yourself if you have some free time or buy a handmade one from a nursery or Etsy. You can select herbs based on their magical properties since you know them!

5. Incense and Incense Burner

Who does love a gorgeous smell of good quality incense? Even before I became serious in my studies of divination and magick, I would occasionally pick up incense in Indian grocery store nearby along with my samosas (LOL).

Now, if your friend has never burnt incense, they would probably require a burner too, so I selected a few unique ones from my fellow Etsy creators.

Check out this cute owl incense holder

...or this

Mother of Pearl Rose Quartz Incense Holder

The seller also has incense and self-ritual kits!

6. Aroma Diffuser

If your friend doesn't care much for incense but still enjoys pleasant smells at home, you may want to check out Aroma Diffusers.

I myself own a Saje Wellness diffuser and I absolutely love it! They are usually very stylish and are a VERY nice treat for a especial occasion of your loved one. They are also incredibly helpful when you are getting through cold or a flu. I have a "breathe" blend of essential oils that I've been religiously using every night for two weeks when my son and I came down with a flu this year.

Check out this new arrival

I know that Saje diffusers have gotten really pricey but there are many alternatives on the market. Take a look at this beautiful one

At the end of the day, they all do the same job. Just make sure you read the reviews, see what people like and don't like. Also, make sure to find out what kind of essential oils you can use because using the wrong ones can damage or break the diffuser.

7. Face Roller

Are you obsessed with crystals but your friend doesn't really get the hype? Well, let's help them out to see what crystals are all about, starting with a simple face roller.

Oh, I'm telling you guys, this thing is a GAME CHANGER! I won one during my friend's bridal shower (I have successfully, with closed eyes, placed a sticker the closest to "male parts" on a poster out of all competitors) and I have been using it almost every day.

This is a Rose Quartz massage roller I found on Etsy.

And this is a Jade roller that I have.

Disclaimer: it has been suspected that what is claimed to be Himalayan Jade is green Aventurine crystal, as it is a more affordable type of stone. Nonetheless, I LOVE it and think that green Aventurine is a good material for a roller. I like the spiky side of the roller and use it to massage my face and neck.

8. Bath Bombs and Salts

Another great gift idea is bath salts and bombs.

I know Lush is what probably comes to mind if you live in Canada, but there are also many local artisans who create wonderful products that are actually sold on Christmas markets.

Take a look at this creative and absolutely beautiful Crystal Bath Bomb Gift Set from Etsy artisan.

9. Crystal and Herbal Candles

Everyone loves candles period

Seriously though, I was at the mall recently and there was some sale in candle shop and there was a massive line up, men, women, teenagers. So yeah. Everyone loves candle period

Candles are widely used in any type of magick but they are also a nice element of décor. Probably every person nowadays has a candle at home but if you want to give your loved one something special, why not try a herbal or crystal intentional handmade candle? I think they would appreciate the idea and it would also make them feel special finding out a little crystal inside the candle they can carry around as a charm.

As many of you know, I've been making candles for many years and in my shop you can find herbal and crystal handmade 100% Canadian beeswax candles. I also make Runic candles for those interested in keeping a Bindrune as a little charm.

For now I only have my Bindrune candles available on Etsy.

Feel free to check out my shop and don't forget to subscribe as I often give my subscribers exclusive deals and discount codes!

10. Intentional Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry combine so many great aspects: beautiful colours of natural stone, unique combinations and powerful energy created.

Stacked bracelets are absolutely still a thing and you can pick multiple bracelets that will not only look good together but also will help your friend to manifest their goals, be it to find love, get through anxiety or have strong protection against negativity.

You may find my bracelets rather simple but this is because I only use crystals and sterling silvers materials.

I offer many different bracelets to choose from but if you don't find something you like, Etsy has tons of beautiful creators!


Give gifts without expectations. Magic brings happiness and inspiration. It allows us to feel beautiful, creative and strong. Breathe in these qualities into the gifts you give your loved ones and allow them to feel the magickal world we live in.

Always make sure you don't force your believes upon people. At the end of the day, we all have our own path but life changes us, so you never know when your friend may suddenly blame Mercury retrograde for everything like I always do. :)

Happy Holidays!


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