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May 12, 2023
In Germanic Runes
Hello I have read how the Runes helps to unlock certain strengths or qualities that allow us to be better for our present and future (Here and also in other similar websites). Since then, I have felt attracted to certain runes that I think that can help me in my current state, where I feel stagnant in some aspects of my life, as money, self-care and self-esteem et al, and I feel my voice does not feel respected or taken into account by others, specially my family. Thus I want to use this bindrunes to empower myself and make possible the things that I want for my present and future as well, the runes that resonate with me are: Eihwaz: Because I know that I have a past where I come, a present where I'm living, planting the seeds and know about the bright future that lies ahead. A transformation process, where the insecurities are part of the past and a strong and new grow can happen. Fehu: The wealth rune, for my current and future projects can be harvested with abundance. Uruz: Because I want to move foward, facing the obstacles and surpass them, in order to become a better and determined person who doesnt want to be afraid to speak up the things that are unfair for me. And the "bind-positions" would be like this: Do you think is a good bind-position for those runes? Also, I have planned to tattoo it in my upper arm, is a good place to do it? Although I'm aware that certain places can set reversals, I want to do it in a place where I can get the best of it. Thanks for reading this post. Abe
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